2010 Goals & Resolutions

BullseyeCan You Believe It?  It’s already 2010!   Where did the time go?   I don’t know about you, but 2009 was definitely “action-packed” to say the least.   Got a lot done, but can’t say that I got it ALL done!  Know what I mean?

So here we go, my Top 5 Goals for ’10:

1. Get back to 210 in 2010!  Yes, it’s time to get serious about Trimming it Down!!!

2. Explode into the $100K/Month personal income category.  (Yes, the Ambitious New Yorker has a solid plan for this! Coming along for the ride?)

3. Grow as a Leader in all categories.   (Home, Family, Business, Community, …)

4.  Be a Better Friend – Maintain Stronger “Connections”

5.  Be a Better & More Impactful Dad.

Ok, now it’s YOUR TURN: What are YOUR Top 5 Goals & Resolutions?



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2 responses to “2010 Goals & Resolutions

  1. Connie Romines

    Goals for 2010….

    1. To be able to get my husband home and off the road so that we have more time together.

    2. To grow our Business, Sales and Profits this year.

    3. To eliminate relationships and activities that cost me time and money.

    4. To align my thoughts and beliefs with my goals.

    5. To become the person that God intends me to be…..A Leader with integrity, sensitivity, courage, sound judgement and successful.

    6. God brought this Business into my life and I am so grateful…I need to be a better witness for my Lord and constantly set new goals and attain things that I never dreamed were possible.

    I have a worksheet listing specific goals and how I will obtain them. If you would like…I will email to you. Thank you for being so patient and kind to us. Dobie and I appreciate you so much!

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