A “Drama Free” Life

Wow!  I was just chatting it up with one of my good friends and mentors — who just happens to also be a Serial Millionaire.   It’s amazing the “bread crumbs” that fall from the table of greatness in the normal course of conversation.

CHECK THIS OUT: I ask him how life was.   He says, “Come on T.Gray, you know I keep a quiet and drama free life.  That’s how I’m able to do all the things I do and have the success that I have.  My biggest challenge is helping the people that I’m coaching to keep their drama down.”

I don’t know about you guys, but that’s MAJOR!   Drama creates distraction and confusion.   Distraction and confusion minimize your ability to succeed.

Evaluate your life.  Where’s the drama coming from?  Friends, Family, Spouses, Children ….  YOU?!!!  Handle it, people!  Get it under control.  Refuse to participate any further.   Require your world to conform — it’s amazing how much power you really have when you EMPOWER YOURSELF!

Recommit to a Drama Free Life today!

Whatcha think?  Talk to me….



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3 responses to “A “Drama Free” Life

  1. Chris

    yes I agree. I have built a moat around my drama and told many about it.
    It only stunted the growth I desperately needed. Let’s do this thing. CLW

  2. Drama Queen

    A “drama-free” life is something for us all to aspire to, though I am not sure it is all attainable. We live in a fast pace environment where our daily lives are filled with personal, professional, media (t.V., online, newspaper ) and social drama. So it becomes a major part of who we are–it’s a part of human dysfunction, therefore making it increasingly difficult to separate ourselves completely from it.
    My hope is that perhaps this year we all become a bit more conscious and aware of how all the “drama” negatively impacts our overall well-being, personal and professional relationships, and our financial success. Maybe then we will take necessary actions and commit ourselves to change!

  3. I like Zig Ziglar’s saying, “how can you soar like an eagle when your surrounded by turkey’s?”. I try to take this to heart. If you want to achieve greatness, surround yourself with greatness! Stay focused on your goals, and imagine them achieved alrady. (website under construction).

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