The Journey

It’s such a blessing to be a mentor.   I was talking with a group of people this morning about their Wealth Journey and sharing with them some information from one of my many journals.   This became the focal point of our conversation:

“To go somewhere you’ve never gone before, you have to become someone you’ve never been before, and do some things you’ve never done before.”

There’s such power in that statement!  Do you agree?  Talk to me…post your comment.



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2 responses to “The Journey

  1. Drama Queen

    A simple but profound truth. One, i persoally can relate to.

    A few years ago, for personal reasons; I packed my bags and bid good bye to the greatest city of the world. A city which had given so much to me, NYC. With a dual Ivy League degree in my bag, and an ego too large to pack, I headed to Europe. It is said, than any place in the world you make mention of my Alma mater doors would swing wide open, and opportunites could overwhelm. Thus, i basked in the folly, that Europe would lovingly, and readily embrace me, both personally and professionally.

    After several months of futile job interviews, networking and rejections; i mustered what was left of my bruised ego and secured an internship. My intent was, to be gainfully employed in a full time position at the end of the year. Needless to say, I was dealt another traumatic blow of rejection with catapulted me into depression and self doubt. Little did i know that what seemed to be the worst deays of my life “journey” would give birth to a new and bright begining.

    This down trodden period of my “journey”, forced me to stop looking without, and to start looking within. It was with this mind set that i started a home base buiness, that has evolved outside my home. I presently have four employess, and an ever expanding business.

    I am basically where i am today, because …”to go somewhere you have never gone before, you have to become someone you have never been before, and do somethings you have never done before!


  2. Mary Lou Ramos

    Hi T.
    Bless you T. for setting this in front of our eyes This statement is so powerful!!! And to think we have an awesome opportunity to do this very thing not only in our business but in every area of our lives.. This is really a keeper and a reminder of what we have to do different in order to achieve our journey and destiny God has already laid before us…
    Mary Lou

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