Live Every Day …

Haitian survivor holding a picture of his dead son

Imagine the terror of a major earthquake in the night. Perhaps you are awakened by the first tremors. Maybe you have the presence of mind — and the blessing of time — to rally your family and get them to safety.

The less fortunate are more rudely awakened. They are pummeled by pieces of their home and add their voices to the screams of their family and neighbors. Maybe they survive but are trapped and hoping for rescue. Maybe not.

Woman in shock of the earthquake aftermath

I don’t know what that felt like for the people of Haiti. All I know is that the day before was a regular day.

You never know what tomorrow brings.  So you have to make today count.

I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “Yesterday is History.  Tomorrows a Mystery.  Today is a Gift.” She was right.  We have to ask ourselves, “What am I doing with today?”

This isn't the tomorrow I imagined when I went to bed last night ...

“Procrastination is a Killer.”  That’s one of my sayings.  It’s sad but true.  Far too many dreams, opportunities, relationships, even people have died at the hands of procrastination.  How many times have we put things off until “tomorrow”? I’ll apologize — tomorrow.  I’ll exercise — tomorrow.  I’ll forgive — tomorrow.  I’ll get started in a new opportunity — tomorrow.

Tomorrow has it's own agenda

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  How many people in Haiti do you think had something that they were waiting for “tomorrow” to do?  For some, Tomorrow brought its own agenda.  For others, Tomorrow never came.

There’s encouragement in this message.  Chastening, too.   Live today.  Live every day.   Live it to the full.

Maximize your opportunities — Today.

Go the extra mile — Today.

Say “I love you” to the people in your life who need to hear it — Today.

Forgive those who need to be forgiven — Today.

Chase your dreams — Today.

Live — Today.


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One response to “Live Every Day …

  1. J. Turner

    Great read T. Gray! I am so guilty of this. My goal for 2010 is to not fall into the trap called ”procrastination”.

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