90 Days Is An Eternity!

Any savvy network marketing professional knows that 90 Days is an Eternity! With the combination of the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY, A SOLID PLAN, AND THE RIGHT COACHES/PARTNERS — You can CREATE MAGIC in 90 Days!  Yep, 90 Days is all it takes to create explosive growth, momentum and success.  That’s why you want to treat the next 90 days as being as precious as Gold!

A master taught me the value of a 90-day blitz early in my network marketing career.  We took what we learned and have been able to grow our teams by thousands in a 90-day period in a couple of different companies.   It’s an art.   It’s work.  But it’s very rewarding.

If you want to have a 90-Day story that people will talk about, you have to understand that like anything else, Network Marketing has its seasons.  And RIGHT NOW —  February through April — are the CRITICAL MONTHS that will define 2010.  Failure to make a big splash now, may cost you the ENTIRE YEAR!

I know people who have made anywhere from $5,000 to $250,000 in 90 days.  Powerful, huh?  When the timing, seasons, and opportunity are right – 90 Days can be everything.

Here are the network marketing seasons:

  • January – March = The HOTTEST months of the year for building!  (I know some people who started with a new company this January and who made between $2,000 and $13,000 in their first month!  Regular people.  NOT networking pros.
  • April = When things start to level off.
  • May – August = Kids are home from school.  Many people are distracted with family and vacations.  Building is slower and more challenging.
  • September – October = Things pick up again.
  • November – December = Thanksgiving and Christmas make it more challenging to create momentum.

Get the point?  NOW is the HOT time! If you don’t make a big run NOW, you might as well chalk 2010 up as another learning experience.  That’s why professional networkers most often make their moves right at the beginning of the year — so they can CAPITALIZE ON JAN – MARCH!

So what are YOU gonna do?  Will you run flat out RIGHT NOW with a CLEAR PLAN and a SOLID OPPORTUNITY?  Or will you be spending the next 90 days WAITING and watching the “RED ZONE” of network marketing float away until 2011?

Time for Step 1: Take Inventory. Do I have the 3 critical components to a successful 90-day blitz in place?

  • A Solid & Timely Opportunity?
  • A Clear Plan?
  • Qualified Coaches & Partners?


In the meantime, be sure to keep up on the latest developments at www.tgray.weebly.com!

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