It’s All In The Choosin’ – How To Pick a Winner!

Choices.  Choices.  Choices.   All you want to do is make some extra money to relieve some of the pressure of this economy.   But you’ve gotta wade through a zillion different network marketing opportunities first.  Everybody’s screaming, “We’re the best”, “Our products are superior”, “People Make More Money Here”.  How do you know who to believe?

My coaches and mentors are a special group – they’ve all had mega-success in more than one company.   It trips me out that the group has been able to pick so many winners, so I asked them to share the secrets of how they choose.

Here’s are the goods:

1.            Management –  John C. Maxwell says it best, “Everything Rises And Falls On Leadership.”  Amen, John!  So you want to look for a company that’s credible – and with credible leaders.   Both the company and it’s management should be able to stand the “Google Test” – you should be able to make it through at least the first page of search results without finding negative results.  After all, when Momma signs up and Papa finds out – the whole thing can unravel over a bad rep.  Believe me, it’s happened!   So make sure these guys are clean.

2.             Product – Whether it’s a product company or a service company, you’ve gotta have credibility here, too.    My “Serial Millionaire” friends stay away from “Flavor of the Month” or faddish companies with gimmicky products.   Especially with health and wellness companies, you want scientific credibility – clinical research if necessary.   Without that you’ll always find yourself dancing around the question, “What does it do for you?”.   Or you won’t be able to say what it does without getting into trouble.

Some companies have such a solid reputation for product excellence that the medical community has even embraced their stuff. Neat, huh?   Who can argue with the Physican’s Desk Reference?

On top of that, the products have to be things that have a real and measurable impact.   Plus, they have to be things that people want, need and will buy – NO MATTER WHAT THE ECONOMY IS DOING!

3.              Compensation – We can debate whether the comp plan is the “meat” or the “potatoes”.  But one thing is true —  everyone who joins a network marketing company wants to get Paid!  Even those that say they’re in it for the greater good are looking for a greater pay day.   So Comp Plans are key.

What to look for?

– It’s gotta be easy for new people to make money!   Indisputable Fact: New People are the Lifeblood of your business.   And what keeps the “lifeblood” flowing?  Monetary Success.  Cash.   Making a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars and being able to show all their friends the check!   Come on, we’re not really impressed with the top earners being top earners.   But when Aunt Sally makes $2,000 in her first month – without even knowing what she’s doing – EVERYBODY PAYS ATTENTION!

This type of flow keeps new people joining and keeps them in.   It makes it easy for them to do a monthly order of products.    Hopefully, you’re seeing my point – being a Top Earner starts at the BOTTOM!  Make sure your babies can make money!

4.             System – If you want your business to explode, you absolutely need to have that “Anybody Can Do It” factor working for you.   Slick hotel and living room presentations are nice – even necessary sometimes.  But the problem is, how many people can do them effectively?  Professionally?

The best way to explode your business is to keep it simple and duplicatable.   So look for companies with a simple and duplicatable system.   Online marketing tools that don’t require additional purchases are always a first choice for my millionaire buddies.   Remember, you want it to DUPLICATE – as in grow without you.   And you want it to do it FAST!   So ask yourself, “Can Grandma do this?”

5.            Team – Who you do business with matters.  So you want to make sure you are hooking up with a team that can and will support you.  You want to make sure you are working with field leaders who have a track record of creating success for themselves and for their people.   After all, YOU NEED THEIR STORIES.   The story of their success is what you’ll be telling until you can create their own.

So there you have it.  Momma taught you how to pick tomatoes in the supermarket.  And my millionaire coaches just taught you how to pick a solid opportunity.   I’m loving life – I learn something new every day!

Wait, not so fast.   Make sure you come back tomorrow for “HOW TO CREATE YOUR 30-DAY SUCCESS STORY”

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One response to “It’s All In The Choosin’ – How To Pick a Winner!

  1. Mary Lou Ramos

    Very Good T., sometimes we get so caught up in the excitement, we forget to do our homework to the ninth degree!! Thanks for the blog!! Looking forward for tomorrow’s blog!!

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