Gettin’ the Word Out! How to Expose Your Business…

Ok.  So now it’s time to get into Action!  You’ve Chosen your Opportunity.  You have your 30-Day Game Plan so you can create your 30-Day Story.   What’s next?

Start talkin’.  That’s right, it’s time to start Exposing People to your business.   Yes, I mean talk to people.  After all, if you don’t get the word out who will?

“How” you ask?  Well let’s talk about Exposure philosophy and some Methods that are really working today.

First of all, Exposure simply means letting people know about your business.  Every business does this.  They put a sign over the door.  Ads in the paper and on TV.  An underpaid teenager standing by the side of the road in a chicken suit.   All of that is exposure – getting the word out – getting people to take a look.

And that’s what you want – people to take a look.  Of course, everybody that you expose, or approach, isn’t going to look.   And everyone who looks isn’t going to join you or buy your products.  So if you want to succeed, you’re going to have to play the numbers.

If you expose just a few people, you’ll have little to no lookers.  And likely no new business partners or customers.   You’ll be sad and lonely.  And one day you’ll say something crazy like, “Nobody is interested in my business.  Everybody is saying No.”  Of course, if your coach is worth his/her salt they’ll ask you to show them the list of people you exposed.  And when there’s only 3 people on the list – yes, this really happens – we’ll tell you “3 people ain’t everybody”.

If you expose a lot of people, you’ll get a lot of lookers.  And you’ll be very pleased at how many of them choose to join you or buy your products.  So put the law of large numbers on your side.

There are 2 primary ways of exposure – Warm Market and Cold Market.

Warm Market = People you know.  Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Church mates,  etc.  This is a good group to build from.  They know you.  Trust you.  Want to help you, even.  I’ve built a very strong business with warm market in the past.  It’s really simple – you go from warm market to warm market.  You start with yours.  And when people enroll, you help them work their warm market.  And so on and so on.

Professional warm market builders teach a simple approach – like “Do you keep your business options open?”  or “Remember how you were saying the other day that you wanted to make more money? Well, I found a way for us to both do that….” – and from there they direct people to a presentation.   True warm market builders tend to prefer Home Meetings because they bring people together in a personal and emotional environment.

What are the challenges?  For one, rejection.  There will be rejection in any business.  However, in network marketing – especially warm market building – people tend to take it much more personally.  I encourage you to remember that they’re not saying No to you, they’re saying No to your opportunity – and don’t take it personal.  Stay friends.  But don’t keep bugging them.

Another challenge is skill.  With all of this personal interaction, the people who do best have really high self-confidence and the gift of gab.  Everybody else tends to struggle to learn scripts as they figure out how to do something difficult for them – talk to people.

That said, warm market can work extremely well as there’s a high relationship value that can really help you keep your group together as you build your business.

Cold Market = People you don’t know.  Remember the list from warm market?  Well this is everybody else.  What’s good about Cold Market is that it’s a much bigger pond to fish in.  There are most certainly more people you don’t know than you do.

Also, the rejection isn’t personal.  You’re still gonna hear plenty of No’s.  But it’s typically from people you’ve never met and never will.

The challenges include that there’s still some skill to be developed.  You have to learn a different style of talking to people.  And, typically, there are additional expenses for the tools of the trade – landing pages (mini websites), auto dialers, emailing systems, etc.   However, a new trend is emerging – Co-ops.  This is where your successful upline allows the group to pay for “bite-sized” pieces of the process.  This is cool because they handle the set up of emails, recordings, etc.  and farm out qualified leads and/or replicated landing pages to the team.  The team members often pay for this, but it’s a lot less in money and time than if they did it themselves.

Which one is better?  Depends on what suits you best, really.   Each has it’s pluses and minuses.   So it’s best to figure out “who you are” and which style you identify with the best.

At the end of the day, what counts most is what’s Simple and Duplicatable.  Just remember, if you want to grow fast, you’ve gotta do things that everybody on your team can do.   Like play a DVD for a living room full of people.  Or send everyone to a web site with videos.

The numbers are gonna be what make it all tick though.  So whatever style you choose, run like crazy and expose 200 people in your first 30 days.  Do it for real, and everything else will be a piece of cake!

On another note, we launched our new business yesterday!  Our call was packed.  The energy was high.  And at the end of our launch call, the phone started ringing with people who were ready to enroll!   Now that’s kicking it off in style!

If you want to see what we’re up to, head on over to  We’re building a winning team and applying all of these great principles to create success.  We’d love to create success with you too!

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