HELP! I Need Somebody ….

I’ve heard it said that “the best way to get through a mine field is … FOLLOW SOMEONE!”   OK, that’s funny in a sick kinda way, but it makes a great point.  When you have someone to lead the way, you don’t have to make fatal mistakes.

That’s why having the right Leadership Support Team is so critical to your network marketing success.

The RIGHT leadership & support will make your process smoother.  They understand and present the business better than you.   They’ve made money so they understand how to maximize the comp plan.   They’ve heard all the concerns already so they know how to deal with them.

So the smart thing to do is “Ask For Help”.   Typically, this is all that’s required because they want to help you succeed.  They enjoy it.  It’s meaningful work for them.

But Not Everyone is Qualified to help you win.  Here’s how you can tell if someone is really a Leader, Support Team, Coach you should follow:

They’ve been a proven track-record of success.

They’re able to provide systems and support for you and your team.

Others respond well to their leadership.

They’re willing to put in the work necessary to support the team.

Believe it or not, this really narrows down the list.  But if you should ever find a truly exceptional leader or leadership group that’s willing to invest time in your success, make sure you jump on the opportunity!

I recently had this type of opportunity present itself to me.   Four leaders, all multi-million dollar earners, all industry veterans, offered to take me under their wing.  One has been able to earn as much as $400,000/month and has helped homeless people and single moms achieve financial independence.  Another has turned his $12M network marketing earnings over the last decade into a multi-million dollar portfolio of businesses.  The third is an industry icon who has become a million dollar earner in a number of companies and who’s even been featured in Success Magazine.  The fourth,  a 30-year old home-schooling mother of 6, has earned $13M+ in the past 9 years and has produced a laundry list of mentees who have earned $10,000/month or more.

Yep, I aim for the top when it comes to coaches and mentors!  And with a team like this behind us the only thing my team and I can do to fail is not listen.  So I’m listening!

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2 responses to “HELP! I Need Somebody ….

  1. drama Queen

    Mr. Gray,

    Your series on “Creating success in Network Marketing” has been insightful and thorough. I am not in the network marketing business, but have enjoyed the series-Sounds like you and your team are on the way to the top. Kudos to you and keep up the good work!

  2. Tgray, Thank you so much for sharing. You are an icon in this industry. I really appreciate your tenacity and your inspiration.

    Charles Redhead

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