The “SuperBowl” of Life


New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts
Sunday, February 7, 2010 – 6:25pm ET on CBS

Ahhh…. SuperBowl Sunday.   It’s like a holiday almost.   Today, all across America – and even in some other countries – people will gather together with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to watch the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts battle it out on the football field.

The Saints and Colts have arrived at this day after an intense season of Sunday skirmishes.   Draining workouts.  Grueling practices.  Endless planning sessions.  And sheer determination.

The teams they competed against held the same regimen.   But these two teams were just a little bit better.  They found the “Edge”.  And they held onto it fiercely.

And because of that, millions will watch them play the game of their lives today.  Advertisers will pay millions to promote their products / services / businesses to the millions.   Millions of the millions watching will subsequently spend millions with those advertisers.  And many of the players on the Saints and Colts will in turn, make millions.

Gotta love those millions.

But perhaps you didn’t realize that the Super Bowl isn’t just played out today.   The Super Bowl is EVERYDAY.   No, I haven’t lost it.   I’m talking about the Super Bowl of Life!

And YOU’RE on the starting team!

You see, every day, you face the skirmishes of life.

Successfully Dealing with a Family Matter – 1st Down!

Hurdling  Over a Business / Work Crisis – 2nd Down!

Didn’t Help Your Child with Homework – Penalty! Loss of 5 Yards.  3rd Down

Taking Your Success to Another Level – TOUCHDOWN!

Unfortunately for most, they don’t even realize that they’re in the game.  In the battle.  They don’t realize that that the stakes are high – that every day they’re playing for Their Future and Their Family’s Future.

And so they get beaten.

They make Bad Calls – Poor Choices.

They settle for Mediocre instead of Pushing for Great.

They Miss Practice and Fail To Plan.

They Lack Discipline and Determination.

And one day they wake up and the Game is Over.  No More Time on the Clock.

So what am I saying?  That the time is now for you to win your own personal SuperBowl!

What is that your family Needs?  Wants?  Deserves?  How secure is the future of your coming generations?

Have you been Wasting Time?  Procrastinating?   Putting off that struggle that will take you the Next Level of Success?

Friends, make the RIGHT choices in 2010!   Suit up and Get Into The Game!

There’s a SuperBowl of Life Trophy with your name on it waiting for YOU!


I’m enjoying the Super Bowl of Life RIGHT NOW!   My team is definitely WINNING!  To find out how we’re playing the game, go to



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2 responses to “The “SuperBowl” of Life

  1. Mary Lou Ramos

    Hey T.,
    Nicely put!!! I have been in every part of the game!! But now I’m playing the Super Bowl of life and hope everyone who is following you on this blog is doing like wise!! No matter which business one choose, the real test is are you going to do what ever it takes to get that touch down for your goals, dreams, and desires I say get in touch with your heart of hearts and listen to that voice telling you to push on… push on… push on… no matter how it hurts….to highest of hights….Then….TOUCH DOWN!!!!
    Love you Brother1
    Mary Lou

  2. Albert Watkins

    Hey T.Gray,
    I love the way you really express today`s Superbowl of Life. It`s such a awesome article. It give me a “Aha” moment.

    Much love bro,

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