It’s Time For YOUR 1st Big Win!

Hope you enjoyed the Big Game yesterday!   The Saints pulled it off, huh?  Their very 1st SuperBowl Victory.

I think what’s most impressive is that their first victory came after 42 seasons – 42 years of trying!  42 years of not getting what they wanted.  But they didn’t give up.  They didn’t say I don’t know how I can do another one of those season things.  Nope, each year they suited up, came back, tried again.

But in 2010 they found the right combination of circumstances.  And now they’ve won.  And it feels great. The celebration is massive.

Well, just like the Saints, many of you have been waiting for your 1st Big Win.  You’ve tried your hand at this network marketing thing for years.  You’ve invested money you didn’t have.  Heck, you’ve still got a closet full of products.   You’ve suffered some heartbreaking defeats.   Perhaps your looking at the next season and saying, I don’t think I have another one in me.

In my mind that’s the biggest tragedy.  Because, I believe you can do it.  Just like the Saints – All you need is the right combination of circumstances.

Success in network marketing is actually very simple.   It’s a triangle.

At the center there’s YOU.  Your work ethic. Will you do the work?  I believe you’ll put the effort in.  But that’s not enough.

Then there’s the Right Company. It doesn’t matter how good of a jockey you are if your horse can’t win the race….  So you’ve gotta have the right company.    Sometimes a company that was right years ago, is no longer the right company.  Make sense?

One way to tell if you’ve got the right company is “Are other people winning?”  Specifically, “Are other NEW people winning?” You see, if NEW people are winning, that means the company is right TODAY … in Today’s Economy … in Today’s Environment.  See what I mean?

The 3rd point on the triangle is the Right Coaches/Support Team & System. I’ve been talking to you guys and you know what I hear a lot?  Nobody helped me.  Or this person was SUPPOSED to be my coach but didn’t really help me.  Sadly, there’s a lot of that in the industry.

So you’ve gotta find the Right Coaches.  Who are they?

Well, they’ve already experienced success themselves.  They’re not taking you on a journey they haven’t already gone on.

They’re in the trenches working with you today.  For your Success Journey, you don’t want a Travel Agent – You want a TOUR GUIDE! They go WITH you on the trip – NOT just tell you where to go & what to do.

They have recent success stories.  Simply put, what they’re doing is working.

And very often, they have the backing of other highly qualified coaches who can lend a helping hand.

Most importantly, they have a Simple and Highly Duplicatable System that ANYONE – emphasis on ANYONE – can follow. You shouldn’t have to become a skilled presenter or a hard closer in order for the system to work.  It really should be so simple that Grandma could do it.  It should be natural and easy.

Put all 3 of these points on your triangle and you’re prime for a Big Win!  If you’ll do the work.  If your company is Right TODAY.  If you’ve got the Right Coaches, Support Team, and System.  Get ready for Mardi Gras at YOUR house!  Your SuperBowl victory is imminent!

[I’ve recently realigned the points on my own triangle.  We’ve got a solid set of Winning Circumstances lined up.  It’s already proving to be “Right”.   New people on my team who’ve struggled over the past 12 months had VICTORY over just the past 2 days!  To find out more head on over to]

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One response to “It’s Time For YOUR 1st Big Win!

  1. Leanna Hynson

    Wow how powerful but true T. Gray the game was great you nailed it was there time they had the
    right coach with the right team to win. T that is how we feel about you, Thank for you inspiration and coaching we are ready to win in 2010.

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