The Challenge: Do You Accept it?

So you’re like everybody else in America – You Want to Make More Money!  You’re looking for an Opportunity.   Or you’ve already got one but you’re not 100% sure it’s the “deal”.

Well this week, I’m issuing a Challenge.

Follow my blog each day this week and see how my company, Unicity International, stacks up against the 5 Pillars of Success:



Compensation Plan



Each day this week, I’ll compare Unicity to one of the 5 Pillars.  I’m gonna give you enough information this week to make a Sound & Educated Decision about teaming up with me and Unicity.

I’m gonna show you …

…how solid Unicity is as a Company. (Monday)

…what’s really special about Unicity’s Products (Tuesday)

… why Unicity’s Compensation Plan is paying so well (Wednesday)

… a Simple System that YOU Can follow all the way to the bank (Thursday)

… an All-Star Team that is Winning and will HELP YOU WIN! (Friday)

I’ll put the facts out on the table.

And then I’m gonna ask you for a decision.  A commitment.

Fear and Procrastination often hold us back from taking beneficial steps.   This week, I’m going to empower you to take that step.

And you want to Decide. Why?  We’re closing February out STRONG!  With such positive response, I’m MATCHING ENROLLMENTS.  That means, you enroll 1, and I’ll give you an enrollment.

But you need to make a move.  The team is growing so rapidly, I don’t think I’ll be able to MATCH ENROLLMENTS after February. You don’t want to miss out on what that could mean for your business.

But right now, all I’m asking you to do is Read My Blog each day this week.  Review 1 Pillar of Success each day.

And then at the end of the week, say “Yes” or “No”.  In or Out. Fair enough?

Of course, You don’t need to wait until Friday.   At any point that you feel like you have enough information, you can get started.  I’ll give you that opportunity each day.

You can even do it NOW.

Just et me know if you’re a 1, 2, or 3:

1.            “I’m In! T.Gray, I’ve already reviewed the 5 Pillars on your site.  Unicity stacks up!  I’m confident and ready to start!”

2.            “T.Gray, I commit to evaluate the pillars seriously and make a decision this week.”

3.            “Pillars?  What’s that?  Do you mean Pillows?”

Go ahead.  Click Here.  Take 30-seconds and let me know where you are.

Meet me here on Monday.   I’ll be there with Pillar One: The Company — Why Unicity?


P.S., Get a head start.  Go to now and review the 5 Pillars.  Then get ahead of the game and let me know your decision!


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