The 5 Pillars Challenge – Pillar #1: The Company

Ok, so you understand the rules.  Right? I’m under the assumption that, like the rest of America, you want to make more money. Everybody’s pitching you an opportunity.  You might even be in one already.   But you wanna make sure you’re in the Right Place at the Right Time – for Real!

I have YOUR Opportunity. And we’re proving it this week.

Each day, I’m going to measure Unicity International up against one of the 5 Pillars of Success – The Company, The Products, The Compensation Plan, The System, and The Team.

Facts will be on the table. You’ll be able to make a Sound, Educated Decision by the end of the week. And you’ll be expected to.  We’ll keep it simple – In or Out.  Fair?

Enough chatter.   Let’s start with Pillar #1.

PILLAR #1: THE COMPANY – “Why Unicity International”

Fact #1:  Unicity is a Solid Company

Unicity has stood strong for 18 years.

Over 50,000 network marketing have been founded.  Only 500 have gotten to $200 Million a year in Revenue.  Unicity is one of those “Elite” Companies.

Unicity is ranked in the Top 100 Privately Held Companies in America.  And it’s the #1 Privately Held Company in Utah.

Unicity has 550 employees and a Clean Reputation.

The infrastructure is Polished & Professional. You can tell from the Marketing.  Have you seen the videos?  Everything is First Class. Cutting Edge even!  [Click Here To Watch One of Unicity’s Telly Award-Winning Videos.]

Fact #2: Unicity  Has a Strong Corporate Leader – Stewart Hughes.

Here’s a CEO with Class, Confidence, and Capability.   15 years in Investment Banking experience. AND he was Unicity’s Top Distributor – having built his own business up to over $1 Million/year.

Stewart’s so passionate about the business that he BOUGHT the company back in 2006.

He’s a special CEO.  Superior business experience. Combined with knowing what it means to be a distributor.  He’s walked in our shoes.

Fact #3: Unicity is a Ground Floor Opportunity in the U.S.

Usually “Ground Floor” means some risky start-up with a gimmicky or faddish product.  They make a big noise.  Then they disappear and embarrass you – think iJango, eFusjon, and the list goes on…

Unicity’s putting a New Spin on “Ground Floor”.  A Ground Floor Opportunity in an Established, 18-year old, Highly Credible, Cash-Rich Company! What a combination!  No Risk.

Unicity’s biggest markets are Korea and Thailand. Business is BOOMING there – Top Money Earners in Thailand have already hit $400,000/month U.S.!

Over 25,000 people attended the Unicity Convention in Bangkok earlier this month.  [CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.]  But the average household income in Thailand is only 25% of that of the U.S.!

Meanwhile, back in America, Unicity is virtually unknown. 9 out of 10 people have never heard of it.  Just imagine the possibilities!

In 2010, Unicity has declared the U.S. a “Focus Market”. And with $200 Million /year in revenues + Strong Cash Reserves, IT WILL GET DONE!

Company & Field leadership are Actively Hunting for people and teams to rally behind to create Big Success Stories.   And they’ve identified our team as a major focus.

CEO, Stewart Hughes, even took time out on a Saturday, before a funeral, to share the company vision with our team!  [Click Here to Hear It For Yourself.]

Fact #4: Unicity is Playing in Markets that Represent MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY

What percentage of people are Overweight?

What percentage have Heart Disease?

What percentage are Diabetics or Pre-Diabetics?

And did you know that 70 Million Energy Drinks are consumed every day in the U.S.?

Unicity’s not playing a small game.  Unicity Markets are MASSIVE MARKETS.   Massive Markets = MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY.

Like CEO Stewart Hughes said to our team on Saturday, “when there’s a HUGE PROBLEM, there’s a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to associated with it.”

Obesity. Heart Disease. Diabetes.  Energy.   HUGE problems.   HUGE Opportunity.

Fact #5: Unicity Is Poised for Momentum

I know you’ve heard this before.  But this time you’re feeling it in your soul.

With a Solid Company … with Real Science behind the products … with Major CASH reserves and cash flow … with Strong Leadership … and Massive Markets to participate in … and More People than ever Looking for an opportunity …

… the Momentum Stage is Fast Approaching.

Position yourself AHEAD OF MOMENTUM and…


Momentum changes families.   When Stewart was a distributor, his income went from $300,000 to $600,000 to $800,000 to $1.2 Million in a 5-year period because of momentum.   That’s about to happen for people again.  In Unicity.

CONCLUSION: Unicity is a Solid Company.   Unicity’s Timing is Perfect. Unicity is poised to be the next Billion dollar giant!

Timing is everything in business.  And the timing at Unicity is exceptional.

How’s YOUR Timing?

If you’ve been looking for a company that you can call home and build a long-standing Residual Income at … Welcome to Unicity!

DECISION TIME.   It’s as Simple as 1-2-3.  Talk to me, people!

Which one of these describes you at this point:

1 –            “T.Gray, I’ve seen the Light!  Unicity IS a Solid Company that I can Explode With.  I’m in!  Let’s Get Started!”

2-            “Dude, this really cleared some things up for me.   I’m looking forward to Pillar #2.  See you Tomorrow.”

3-              “I Don’t Like Solid Companies that are about to go into momentum!  I only do Risky Start-ups that are likely to cause burnout and lasting embarrassment to my family.  I’m Nuts.  Count Me Out!”

Pick One.  Tell me. Just Click Here to Contact Me Now.   Use the Comment Box to tell me if you’re a 1, 2, or 3Or call me at 347-668-9484.

Winners Don’t Wait!  Do it Now.

There’s More Information about Pillar 1: Why Unicity at

Ok, that’s it for today.  Meet me back here tomorrow for Pillar #2 – The Products. Now THERE’S a story You’ve Gotta Hear!

P.S., SPECIAL INCENTIVE: With so much response, I’m MATCHING ENROLLMENTS THIS WEEK! This will speed up your business growth and your money!

With the team growing the way it is, I’m not sure I can continue to match enrollments in March.  So take advantage of this Special Business Accelerator Now!


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