The 5 Pillars Challenge – Pillar #2: The Products

Welcome Back!  If you’re just joining us, this is a series … a progression…. Yes, we’re going somewhere with this!

You’re like everybody else …  MORE MONEY is an appealing concept!  But it’s easier said than done.  Everybody’s pitching you an opportunity.  You might even be in one already.   But you wanna make sure you’re in the Right Place at the Right Time – for Real!

We’ve Got THE ANSWER. And we’re proving it this week.

Each day, I’m going to measure Unicity International up against one of the 5 Pillars of Success – The Company, The Products, The Compensation Plan, The System, and The Team.

Facts will be on the table. You’ll be able to make a Sound, Educated Decision by the end of the week. And you’ll be expected to.  We’ll keep it simple – In or Out.  Fair?

Enough chatter.   Let’s get to Pillar #2


When it comes to products and services, there are 5 key points to consider:

  1. Marketability
  2. Credibility & Effectiveness
  3. Longevity
  4. Variety
  5. Profitability


–       Are the products relevant in the current economy? Who’s the market?  Is it a niche market that leaves out big chunks of the population? Or a Big Mass Market? As in EVERYBODY!

–       Is it competitively priced? And is it something that people will buy no matter what the economy’s doing?

Credibility & Effectiveness:

–       Is the product a Gimmick or a Fad? If so, it will go out of style and embarrass you sooner or later!

–       Does it work?  Can you prove it? And don’t be fooled by studies on a product’s ingredients ….that’s ok, but studies ON THE PRODUCT ITSELF are the best! Ask for them!


–       Again, is this a fad? Flavor of the month? If so, be prepared to START OVER in 6 months to 2 years.  I’m speaking from experience here, folks! And I don’t know about you, but I HATE Starting Over!

–       Find yourself a “Timeless” Product or Product Line


–       Another lesson I’ve learned the HARD WAY!  Limited or Single Product Line companies have a built in problem – STOCKPILING! And when your baby distributor has a Pantry Full of your company’s product or limited group of products – and Re-Order time comes around – and Momma or Poppa’s getting P.O.’d ‘cause no money’s coming in – there’s only one choice – QUIT!

–            Multiple product lines – Variety — give your people other CHOICES – Just Get Something Else this month!   It’s proven, if your distributors try 7 to 10 different products, they’ll find one that they love and will use for the rest of their lives. And that means you’ve got Customers for Life!


–            Can you make money with the product? Can you create a MEANINGFUL recurring residual income stream?   $50 one time is great.  But  I’d rather get $5/month for the next 5 years.  Frankly, I’d like to get both.  This is why I’m not a big fan of services – the residual is usually a few pennies, versus an average $5 for products.


FACT #1:   Unicity’s Products are Highly Marketable!

Like we discussed yesterday, MASSIVE MARKETS = MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY!

And it doesn’t get more MASSIVE than:

Weight Management – 80% of America is Overweight & Obese

Cholesterol – Heart Disease is the #1 Cause of Death in America

Diabetes – Almost 50% of America is Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic

Unicity’s Flagship Product, Bios Life Slim is a solution to ALL 3!


How About This:  70 Million Energy Drinks are consumed every day in the U.S.! And you know they’re extremely BAD FOR YOU!

Unicity’s Smart Energy E has No Sugar.  No Caffeine.  And More Antioxidants than Acai.

[Watch the Bios Life Smart Energy Videos.  CLICK HERE.]

How’s that for Marketability?

Fact #2:  Unicity’s Products are Credible and They Work!

Unicity has an 18-year reputation for products that work.

11 Unicity products are featured in the Physician’s Desk Reference. You’ve gotta have Clinical Research to back your products to get in the book.   No other company comes close to 11 Products Listed!

We even have a site for Medical Professionals to evaluate the clinical studies behind the products!  []

And then there’s Ryan and all the other people like him.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW HE LOST 90 POUNDS WITH SLIM!

Use Slim for yourself and see.  You’ll notice more energy and less hunger.  Then you’ll see the pounds and inches drop.   And, if you measure it, you’ll see your cholesterol improve.

Diabetics have seen their blood sugar levels regulateMany no longer require medicine.  (Per Doctor’s orders, of course!)

And just in case your body is different, there’s an unconditional 90-day money back guarantee! How’s that for believing in our stuff!

Fact #3:  Unicity Products Represent a Long-Term Opportunity

The Juice of the Month craze may come and go.   And people may get tired of ratting each other’s license plates out.

But folks will ALWAYS be trying to Lose Weight. Heart Disease isn’t going anywhere.   And neither is Diabetes.

We’ll be doing a Good Work and a Good Business with Unicity’s products for years to come.

Fact #4:  Unicity Has Variety

With over 200 products to choose from, Unicity offers something for everyone. A remedy for almost every situation.

Categories include:

  • Anti-Aging
    Bone & Joint
    Bios Life E
    Personal Care
    Bios Life Slim
    Xxtra Fitness
    Weight Management

With this kind of choice, you can build a long-standing residual income as you and your team have plenty of variety for their monthly autoship.   And plenty of options for customer acquisition.

Fact #5: YOU Can Make Money with Unicity’s Products

Aside from participating in MASSIVE MARKETS with UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY for sales and repeat usage, Unicity’s products are priced to compete and to pay.

Unicity’s products are priced Competitively with their categories. For example, Bios Life Slim is in the price range of a monthly diet program or gym membership.   And using Smart Energy is competitive to the price of common energy drinks.

But add in that the products work and have real health benefits, and they become PRICELESS.

Proof of Profitability = People are buying them!

We’ve got over 100 NEW People who made between $3,000 and $20,000 in their first 30 days in business. And those stories are from November, December, and January!

That means PEOPLE ARE VOTING WITH THEIR DOLLAR – Unicity Products and Opportunity make sense in TODAY’S ECONOMY!

CONCLUSION: Unicity has a Powerful Product Story!  Highly Marketable.  Scientific Credibility.  They Work.  There’s Variety.  And You Can Make Money With ‘em.

DECISION TIME: I don’t want this to be One-Sided, Ok?  So talk back to me and let me know where you are on all this.  You said you were looking for a solid plan for 2010.

So are you a 1, 2, or a 3:

1 – “T.Gray, I had No Idea Unicity was Doing It Like That!  Science, Effectiveness, Variety?   Man, Count Me In.  Sign Me Up Today!”

2 – “Well, THAT was an Eye-Opener.  Where have you been Hiding this company?   I like what I’m hearing and I’m really coming around.  Hit me with Pillar #3 tomorrow.”

3 – “Baloney!  Who needs Credibility?!   I don’t care if the Products work!  I like Hype and Gimmicks and Starting Over!   Quick short-term money is My Thing.  I Don’t Care Who Gets Hurt!   Count Me Out, T.Gray!  Save It For Someone Who Cares!”

Just Pick One. Tell me. Click Here to Contact Me Now.   Use the Comment Box to tell me if you’re a 1, 2, or 3. Or call me at 347-668-9484.

Winners Don’t Wait!  Do it Now.

There’s More Information about Pillar 2: The Products at

Ok, that’s it for today.  Meet me back here tomorrow for Pillar #3 – The Money. Bring a Seat Belt –You’re Gonna Need it!

P.S., SPECIAL INCENTIVE: With so much response, I’m MATCHING ENROLLMENTS THIS WEEK! This will speed up your business growth and your money!

With the team growing the way it is, I’m not sure I can continue to match enrollments in March.  So take advantage of this Special Business Accelerator Now!

P.S.S., Congratulations to Everyone Who Enrolled Yesterday!


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