Story Time

If you’ve been in network marketing for more than 15-minutes, you’ve already heard this a thousand times,

“Facts Tell, STORIES Sell!”

Stories create more buy-in than simple factual information because they provide “Social Proof”.  And the strongest social proof you can have is YOUR own story.

For example, which is more impactful?

A:  “My company’s compensation plan is a turbo-charged unilevel hybrid with both horizontal and vertical compression and Bonus Pools on the front-end.”


B:  “In the last 90 days, Over 100 New People made between $3,000 and $20,000 in their First Month! And most of them were first-timers to the industry or never made big money in networking before.”

“B”, right?  After all, that simple story says a lot.   It says:

  1. The Compensation Plan pays.  It pays Big Money.  And it Pays New People.
  2. The System must be Simple and Easy to Duplicate. If new people are having that type of success in their first month, they must be catching on quickly and getting in the game fast.
  3. People are Liking and Buying the company’s Products. After all, you can’t have people making money if nobody’s interested in the products.
  4. The company’s Products are priced appropriately for their categories.  If they were too expensive, people wouldn’t buy them.  If nobody bought them, you wouldn’t have any stories…
  5. People are Liking and Buying the company’s Opportunity. It’s making sense to people.  They’re excited about it.  And they’re voting with their dollar.  After all, you can’t have those stories if nobody’s enrolling.

Do you see the Power of that Simple Story?  Plus, people REMEMBER stories more than they remember facts!

Now think about how much More Powerful it becomes when it’s YOUR Story!

“When I heard that, I knew this was something special.  So I jumped in.  I was a little nervous at first because I had flopped so many times before.  But this turned out to be so much better and so much simpler.  And I ended up making over $3,000 in my first 3 weeks.”  (This story actually belongs to two people on my team.   One is a Single Mom of 3 with a full-time job.  The other was in 3 companies in the last 2 years with no success.)

Now you’ve taken the Social Proof to a whole new level by showing them that someone they know has been able to do it. And if YOU can do it, THEY can do it, right? Right.

So make it a PRIORITY to create a story for yourself.   You’ll need to get going quickly as you can’t create a story while maintaining your normal pace of life — there is some short-term sacrifice involved.  But it’s worth it, because building your business in the months after your story is a piece of cake when you have a story!

To create YOUR story, use OTHER PEOPLE’S STORIES.  Tell them well.   And tell them a lot until YOU have so much success that now YOU and YOUR Team can use YOUR story to create WINS!


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