A Simple System and Your Wealth

Networkers have been telling their groups for years, “Just Follow The System”.

But what really is “The System”?  And why should you follow “it”?  Will a “system” really make a difference in your network marketing success?

S.Y.S.T.E.M. = Save YourSelf Time Energy and Money

If you judge based on results, most companies are lacking here.  A good system is something that ANYBODY can do.   The newest person can come in, understand the system, duplicate it, and get the DESIRED RESULTS.  They don’t have to waste, time or energy — or spend their hard-earned money — trying to figure out what works.  It’s laid out for them.

When you have a system that is Easy to Articulate and Easy to Duplicate (Follow), then your business can GROW very FAST.  New people can get in the game very quickly.  This is how you’ll get MOMENTUM.

The best systems are easy to describe.  Just think about the Shampoo System.  It’s easy to remember, easy to do, and easy to teach to the next person — Lather. Rinse. Repeat.   Is your system that simple?

A Good System is also something that people can do ON THEIR OWN.  Unfortunately, many companies have a system that hangs on a few talented presenters.  They do all the presentations.  The new people have to bring all of their prospects to a venue where these “leaders” put on a show.  They might pack out rooms, but these People-Dependent and Personality-Dependent systems eventually collapse. Leaders leave.  Leaders get tired.   Leaders retire.  Sometimes Leaders Even Get In Trouble.  When this happens, the business stops.   Also  people in remote or outlying markets tend to be handicapped as they don’t have ready access to the “talented presenter”.

Is your group growing?  Are new people becoming profitable quickly? If not, revisit your system.   Or find someone who has a system that is working and Join Them.

I don’t recommend just duplicating their system in your current company because the System, Company/Opportunity, Products, Comp Plan, and Support Team work together to create a perfect set of circumstances. (Note: I’ve tried this before and it did NOT work!  I eventually ended up joining the company and having great results.)

How do you know they’ve got something going on?  Look at the new people — are they succeeding quickly?  You won’t have to dig too hard — the stories will be MANY and LOUD.

We recently found a “Perfect Combination” that includes a Solid and Simple System. Approach / Present / 3-Way is working like a charm.  Especially since the “Present” part involves NO MEETINGS and NO PRESENTATIONS.  With award-winning videos produced by an established Company with strong cashflow — even Grandma Sally in Iowa can access a “Perfect Presentation” at any time — for any prospect. Her only jobs are “Approach” the prospect and get them to the Presentation (online, phone, conference call).  And then to get the prospect on a 3-way call with her Support Team.

See how it all works together?  See why you can’t just adopt a System and slap it on any Company or Opportunity?

Like I said earlier, proof of a good system isn’t that it sounds good or catchy.  It’s the RESULTS. Our System has 100’s of new people earning between $250 and $20,000 in their first 30 days (November – February results).  Not too many companies can say that nowadays.

And that’s the Power of a Simple System!

Perhaps you realize that the absence of a Simple System is holding up your progress in YOUR Success Journey. Maybe you realize that you’re missing more than just the System piece  — but that the combination of Company, Products, Compensation Plan, System and Team is off in your case.

If so, or if you just want to talk about how to implement simple and effective systems, contact us right away.  Just Click Here to Fill Out My Contact Form.   Or you can simply email me at tgray@terrencedgray.com. If you’d like to speak to me directly, call my cell @ 347-668-9484. It would be great to hear from you.  Don’t Wait – Contact me today.



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  1. Pari Allen

    This is a great post T. Gray! Having the “right” system has proven priceless for me in just a few weeks!! There is truly no substitute; the proof is in my results!

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