3 Steps to “Stay At Home” Success

Wow!  Yesterday’s post really got you guys going.   Quite a few of you reached out to find out more about how our Simple System works.  Way to get your 2010 on the Fast Track!

So today, let’s talk about the system in more detail.

Just like the Shampoo System – Lather. Rinse. Repeat – Our system is a simple one:

Approach. Present. 3-Way.

It’s powerful in it’s simplicity.  ANYONE can do it.  And it’s easy to teach to the next person who joins your team.


That’s all you’re responsible for.  Bring the prospects to the table.  How?  Just say…

“You’ve Gotta Watch These Videos!”  Or,

“Hey, Joe.  How’s the family? Great.  Listen, Joe.  I saw something that YOU really need to see.  You’ve Gotta Watch These Videos!”

A couple of people told me yesterday that they didn’t think that could work.  I could only chuckle.  Honestly, which is EASIER:

A)            To get your prospect – after a busy day at work, or worse, on a rainy day — to show up at a Hotel, your house, or someone else’s house for a meeting/home party/tasting party? (did we mention finding a babysitter or convincing the spouse to stay home with the kids and their homework?) OR

B)            To get your prospect to spend 20 minutes on a website on their own terms?  They get to go home.  Feed their family.  Do the homework.  Put their kids to bed.  And then sit down at the computer and watch your video – in their favorite bunny slippers!  No rush.  No anxiety.  Good attitude.

Think about it.  How do people get information today?  The Internet!   Every time we drag them out of their homes to a hotel meeting – we’re taking them back in time!

And what about the people who work nights?  Or the ones who live in cities where there aren’t any meetings ?  Or the ones who live in rural areas where pulling together a “home party” requires an act of Congress?

Having a prospect watch high-quality videos, on their own terms, makes a world of sense.

(Remember, any old videos or online presentation won’t do.  Some of our videos have won “Telly” Awards.  That’s the online video version of the Grammy’s.  It takes a lot of focus and corporate resources to put these together….)

Ok. So Joe agrees to watch the videos, what next?


This is where it usually dies.  What’s the problem?


You can talk about “Show the Plan” until you’re blue in the face.  They’ll sit in the audience with heads nodding in agreement.  But when it comes time to “pitch” their family and friends, Most People Would Rather DIE!

So what happens?  Charismatic leaders who CAN present well emerge.  And everyone gravitates to where THEY are showing the plan.  They’re good!  They’re smooth.  They’re entertaining.  They’re persuasive.

Problem is, They’re NOT:

–                Everywhere – what about the people who aren’t in that city? They lose.

–                Where the prospect wants to be – at their own home.

–                Duplicatable – how many times have you heard, “I can’t do it like she does”.  Or , “I wish I could present like he does.”   Turn on the subtitles!  What they’re really saying is, “I can’t do it like him/her, so I won’t even try.”  So if that charismatic presenter is showing the plan, the plan is not being shown!  And your business is NOT growing.

–                Dependable – It’s a fact of life and business.  Sometimes people leave.  It’s their choice and prerogative.  But when the person leaving is the Charismatic Leader/Presenter, it creates ripples through the entire business that’s connected to that individual.  That includes YOURS if you’ve been bringing all of your prospects to that individual’s presentations.  The big question that YOUR team will be trying to answer is “Why did they leave?” and worse, “Hey! That’s my meal ticket!  Should I be going with THEM?”

The old saying, “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt” comes to  mind…

Our system eliminates all of that.  EVERYONE can access a high-quality presentation AT ANY TIME OR PLACE.

You don’t have to leave YOUR home.  The prospect doesn’t have to leave theirs.

They don’t have to wait until Thursday at 7:15pm at the Hilton.

They don’t have to find their way to some stranger’s home.

They can get that presentation NOW if they want to.  Even if now is 3am.  And if they miss something or just want to see it again, they can keep hitting “Play”.

It’s a great feeling to get back on the phone with someone who’s seen our videos and says, “That looks great!  I get it!  I wrote down a couple of questions…”  NOW, we’re cooking!

We’re giving all the Charismatic Leaders a break.  We’ll save their talent for the 3-Way phone calls, training events, and conventions!

So how do we complete the process?


This is an oldie, but goodie.  3-way Calls work!   Why?

  • 3rd Party Credibility – Let’s keep it real:  your friends, family, and associates tend to believe what they hear from “somebody else” more than that what they hear from you.
  • It’s Duplicatable – You’re teaching your prospect that THEY don’t have to know ALL of the answers in order to win.  They just need to know someone who does.
  • YOU Don’t have to Close your friends – People don’t like asking their friends for money.  With a 3-way Call, your Support Team Expert does it for you.  YOU get the joy of hearing your prospect say “Yes”, without the sweaty palms.

And Where are YOU, when all of this takes place?  AT HOME.  In your office, bedroom, closet, whatever. But you’re in the comfort of your own home.

You can take an hour or two to build your business – and it’s REALLY an hour!

The hotel meeting or tasting party might only be an hour too.  But if you drive 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back, it’s REALLY 2 hours.   And if you do the “Meeting After The Meeting” at the coffee shop with the team, then it’s another late night away from your family.

I don’t know about you. But I’ve had ENOUGH of that!

Am I suggesting that we completely lose the social aspects of the network marketing business? That we become “Home Business Hermits”?  Absolutely not.

I AM suggesting that instead of requiring people to spend even more time AWAY from their families, that we should give them that time back.  Let’s save the “live” get togethers for special training events and team celebrations.  I’m looking forward to celebrating with the team over a “potluck” dinner!  Bring the kids and your success stories…

This system is really working.  New people get it – and they get going quickly.  You should see the results we had in just 3 weeks with this system.

Stop Struggling! Contact me right away to get more information about our System – and the Company, Products, Compensation, and Team that go along with it.   We can get you in the money quickly.

Just CLICK HERE to fill out the contact form. Or send an email to tgray@terrencedgray.com.  You can also contact me directly by calling my cell phone at 347-668-9484.

JUST DO IT! You and Your Family DESERVE Success THIS YEAR! And your kids deserve a story each night!  Don’t go another month struggling to keep up.  Contact me right away and let’s get you on a Simple System matched up with the Right Company so YOU CAN WIN!


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