The System: Because People Matter The Most

Is ok to share my feelings with you as we go into the weekend?

We’ve been talking about systems this week.  But it’s really about The People.

So many good people who could’ve made it have been hurt and burned out because of the lack of truly duplicatable systems.  It hurts me every time I meet someone who has given up on their dreams of success – and even resigned themselves to an average life – because they never had a chance.

It breaks my heart every time I hear, “No thanks. Those things don’t work.”  Like jobs work?! Seriously, with over 2 million people laid off since 2007, jobs are about as risky as it gets!

That’s why I’m so glad for the system that we have.  It’s Simple.  Anybody can do it.  It keeps people home with their families while increasing their earning power.

Our System is designed for real people.  Today people.  And it Gets Results.  And it’s working for people who’ve had a rough time in networking in the past.

Real people like Pari Allen, in Columbus, Ohio.

She didn’t want to join my new company at first because of her previous bad  experience.  In 2008 and 2009 she totally floundered in her last business.  No coaching.  No system.  No results.  In 2009, she spent $2,000 but only made $200 – holding onto the dream.

She’s a single mom — three kids.  Money was tight.  So was time. Plus, after several years in her last company with no success, she had limited credibility with the people in her circle.

But there was still a tiny sparkle of a dream left.  When she saw the system, she couldn’t help but say, “I think I can do that.”

She robbed Peter.  (You know, something didn’t get paid…) And she got started.  She discovered that following our system really was simple.

The good things started happening quickly.  She had a result in 6 days that had evaded her for over a year – she enrolled not just 1 person, but 5.

Of course, it kept going.  Because anybody can say, “You’ve gotta watch these videos…” And 3 weeks later, when February ended, she had a business big enough to get her into our company’s bonus pools and earn her close to $3,000.

She still can’t believe that she achieved these great results without attending any meetings, hosting any meetings, or giving any presentations.  Throughout it all, she didn’t miss a basketball game, an honor roll meeting, or a bedtime story.

Pari’s doing a happy dance.  And so are her kids!   They’re finally seeing the type of results they had been praying for so long.

(By the way, Pari’s also excited about losing 4 pounds and 9 inches in 2 ½ weeks.  She swept the Biggest Loser Challenge at work!  Joy on all fronts!)

I checked our back office system this morning, and it looks like Pari’s just about matched her volume for last month in just the first 2 weeks of March.  At this pace, she’ll be in the bonus pools again.  Look for another big check.  And more dancing!

Pari and her kids are what it’s all about.  Helping people win who need to win.  I’m grateful that I get to be a part of Pari’s  Success Journey.   And I’m grateful for the system that we have.

It works.

Are you like Pari?  Have you been searching and hoping?  Our system can and will work for you.  It would be blessing for us if we could be a part of YOUR Success Journey too.

Just contact me and we’ll talk about where you are and what you want to achieve.  Like Pari and I did.  Together, we’ll put together a plan to leverage this system to finally get you the results that you and your family deserve.

Click here to get to the Contact Form.  Fill in your name, number and email.  And I’ll get in touch with you right away.   Or you can email me at  And, of course, you can call me directly.  Just dial 347-668-9484.

OR CALL PARI. I know she’d be glad to share her story with you.  She’s become a Pro at this in just 4 weeks.  (Not hard to do with our system, by the way…)  Ask her how she’s been able to work this business into her busy schedule (full-time job, 3 kids with activities, single mom).

Don’t forget to ask her how she feels about the future.  You deserve that feeling too!

Pari’s number is 614.746.9686.  Or you can email her at

Take your dreams back off the shelf.  Finally, there’s a real way for you to achieve them.  Go ahead, contact one of us today.



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