3 Secret Weapons!

Everybody wants to know the secret – “How can you build it FASTER?”  “How can you get MORE people calling YOU to find out about your business?”

What if I told you that I’ve been introduced to 3 Secret Weapons that have totally transformed my business?  3 Secret Weapons that have turbocharged my results?

Paying  attention yet?

I have a millionaire mentor (Identity Withheld!).  My Mystery Millionaire Mentor has been teaching me how they’ve created close to $15 million of income in the past 10 years – using “Secret Weapons” that create explosive growth in their business.

Secret Weapon #1: Made my phone ring over 80 times yesterday with QUALIFIED people Calling Me to find out more about my business!

Yes.  80+ INBOUND phone calls! With people leaving messages like, “Hey, I’d love to catch up with you and find out what you’re into.”

Almost unbelievable, huh?

Secret Weapon #2: Drove over 500 people to my blog and website in the past 4 days!

And after reading about our Opportunity, System, and Results, they’re Contacting Me via the website, email, or social media.  Right! More QUALIFIED prospects.  2 people joined my business just yesterday – 100% because of Secret Weapon #2!

Secret Weapon #3: Helps me to get back to them all in Lightning Speed!  This secret weapon allows me to make 100 to 200 outbound calls a day in just a few hours!

Oh yeah, this is “the ONE”!  Because what’s the use of all the interest if you can’t get back to everyone, right?  Secret Weapon #3 is a “Follow-Up Accelerator”!

What’s the result? With these 3 Secret Weapons:

  • I’ve enrolled more people in the last 4 weeks than I’ve enrolled in 2 years in some companies!
  • And I’ve made more money in my first 3 weeks than I’ve ever made in my first month in any company I’ve ever been in!
  • I’m getting BETTER results FASTER than ever before WITHOUT running all over town to do meeting after meeting! I’m at my home with my family!

Want bigger results faster?  Want to know what the 3 Secret Weapons are?  Want to know how YOU can use them too?

I’ll show you how each day this week on the blog. You won’t want to miss a single post!

If you really want the Secret Weapons to accelerate YOUR income, I’ll teach you.  But here’s what you need to do right now:

SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG. 1) Click the Email Subscription link on the right hand side of the page.  2) Type in your email address.  3) Click the link in the activation email.  4) Confirm on the site.   Total time: 1 minute.  Do it now.

SUBSCRIBE TO THE RSS FEED. What’s that?  We’ve really gotta bring you up to speed! (Smile.)  It’ll put a fast link to this blog in your browser toolbar.  It’s very cool.  Click the RSS link.  Follow the directions. Total time: 30 seconds.  Do it now.

CALL ME DIRECTLY. 347-668-9484.  Everyone who calls me will find out in advance what the 3 Secret Weapons are and how YOU can use them TODAY.  Don’t wait for the blog posts.  Get ahead of the game. Call me.  347-668-9484. (Don’t forget to leave a clear & detailed message if you don’t get me.  I really will call you back!)

I’ll be mentoring a select group of people to use these tools to create extreme success in 2010.  Call now before all of the Secret Weapon Mentoring slots are filled!

See you tomorrow.  We’ll talk about more about the Secret Weapons then…


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