What is Residual Income?

Residual Income.  That’s the dream of network marketing.  To do the work to build it big – and then be able to walk away – and the money keeps coming.  Flowing. You can’t stop it even if you tried.

It goes by many names.  “Beach Money” is my personal favorite.

But TRUE residual income takes it one step further … it keeps coming even when there are no NEW sales.  That’s TRUE Residual!

Does that even exist?  Where can you find it?

Well, even if you can manage to find a Stable Company  … with Management that doesn’t Screw It Up … and a fair Pay Plan …

… there’s still this nasty thing called ATTRITION that nobody told you about!

How many of us have learned this lesson?  I DID!

I learned — the hard way — that the Retention Numbers are EVERYTHING!

…that when the smoke and the mirrors go away, the only thing that gives you REAL Residual Income is REAL Customers buying REAL Products that they REALLY want Every Single Month!

So when you choose a company, you’ve gotta know the

  • Monthly and Annual Retention Rate
  • the Average Price Point
  • the Average Lifespan of a Customer

(By the way, a “Real Customer” is someone who is NOT getting a check! Hello!)

Ok.  So now for the BAD NEWS:  Most MLM’s turn over 60-80% of their customer base every 12 to 18 months!

What does that mean for YOU:  That means you’re REBUILDING your business every 18-24 months!  OUCH!

So if you find a company that has a Better Retention Rate than that — and the average customer stays More Than 2 Years

Don’t Walk … RUN TO that company, fork over your card, and PLANT YOUR ROOTS!

That’s what we have at Unicity.

Come join me.  Let’s create REAL Residual Income together!

Call me today at 347.668.9484.


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