“Help enough people get what they want, and you’ll get everything that you want.”

We’ve all heard that more than a few times.

When it comes to business, the most important thing for me is that my people are having success.   I made it a practice a long time ago to keep track of what success the people on my team were having.  Because it can’t be about what I can do or achieve, it has to be about them.

Even now, in choosing a company, it was important to measure it by what the average person on the team could achieve – NOT what I could do.

That’s the reason behind the “Stay Home” system.  The people want to be home with their families.  They’re not able to do 4 and 5 meetings a week.  They’re not charismatic presenters.  So it’s got to be something that THEY can do.  I can’t measure it by my abilities.

Make sense?

It’s really about the people making money.  Having fun.  Taking care of their families.

So today when I think about my people, I’m excited about:

Pari –  She’s a single mom.  3 kids.  Full-time job.  And doing great.  She made over $3,000 in her first 3 weeks without missing a single basketball game, concert, honor roll society meeting or bedtime story!    And, on top of it all, she lost 4 pounds and 9 ½ inches – she’s Leading the weight loss challenge at her job!  Go Pari!

Richard – He’s been trying for a while.  3 companies in the last 2 years.  Juice.  Travel.  Coffee.  No results.  Losing credibility.   He got started in the last 12 days of February – and made $3,000 in those 12 days.  Credibility restored.  Richard’s back in the game.  Go Richard!

David – He’s got All-Star potential.  Sharp.  Aggressive.  He’s just been looking for the right vehicle.  And now he’s found his niche.  He’s off to a blazing start putting together a team of personal trainers and gym owners that “get it”.  David’s team has already gone coast to coast  — and just expanded to Australia.  Go David!

Janeth – She’s on the quiet side.  It’s easy for her to kind of slip through the cracks.  But she took the bold step and joined the team.  We’ve been staying in touch.  And Janeth has been plugging into the team trainings faithfully.  She followed the directions we gave her.  Last night she enrolled her first person!  Go Janeth!

There’s a lot more where that came from.  But this is what I think about all day.  “How can I help my people?”

So when you’re evaluating an opportunity, don’t think about yourself – focus on the people.

Don’t look at how well, YOU will do – look at what the average person in your group will be able to do.   How passionate can they get about it?  What can they achieve?

Put your people first and you’ll win.   Put yourself first and you’ll wonder why you’re always in Last Place!

Lock arms with a partner who cares about YOUR success today!  I’m in the business of going to work for YOUR dreams and goals.  Tell me what’s important to you … we’ll come up with a plan … and we’ll go after it – TOGETHER.

Contact me right away so we can create YOUR success story.  347-668-9484.  Or email me at

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One response to “IT’S ABOUT THE PEOPLE

  1. Pari Allen

    T. Gray you truly do put the people first. Thank you for you dedication and committment to me and my family as I build our Unicity dreams. You’re the BEST!!

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