The 5 Pillars of Success – Pillar 1: The Company (Special Video Message!)


Perhaps, like many professionals, you’re either in network marketing or taking a look at the industry for the first time.  Every company says they’re the “Best”.  So how do you separate fact from fiction?   How do you know what’s really a solid opportunity?

Well this week, I’m issuing a Challenge.   Follow my blog each day this week and see how Unicity International stacks up against the 5 Pillars of Success (Company, Products, Compensation Plan, System, and Team).

Each day this week, I’ll compare Unicity to one of the 5 Pillars.  I’m gonna give you enough information this week to make a Sound & Educated Decision about teaming up with me and Unicity.

I’ll show you …

…how solid Unicity is as a Company. (Monday)

…what’s really special about Unicity’s Products (Tuesday)

… why Unicity’s Compensation Plan is paying so well (Wednesday)

… a Simple System that YOU Can follow all the way to the bank (Thursday)

… an All-Star Team that is Winning and will HELP YOU WIN! (Friday)

I’ll put the facts out on the table.  And then I’ll ask you for a decision.  A commitment.

All I’m asking you to do is Read My Blog and Watch My Video each day this week.  (It’ll be fun – there will be videos!)

And then at the end of the week, say “Yes” or “No”.  In or Out. Fair enough?

Enough chatter.   Let’s start with Pillar #1.

PILLAR #1: THE COMPANY – “Why Unicity International?”

I recorded a 2-Minute Video on Pillar 1 that you’ve gotta see!

(CLICK HERE to watch the video now.)

(…..ok, let’s take a 2-Minute video break…………….   Finished watching?… Great!)

CONCLUSION: Unicity is a Solid Company.   Unicity’s Timing is Perfect. Unicity is poised to be the next Billion dollar giant!

If you’ve been looking for a Stable yet Ground Floor company that you can call home and build a long-standing Residual Income at … Welcome to Unicity!

Meet me back here tomorrow for Pillar #2: The Products. We’ll see what makes Unicity’s products special.

Yours in Success,


P.S., Get a head start.  Go to now and review the 5 Pillars.  Then get ahead of the game and let me know your decision!

Just CLICK HERE to contact me. In the Comment Box, let me know if you’re a 1, 2, or 3:

1.            “I’m In! T.Gray, I’ve already reviewed the 5 Pillars on your site.  Unicity stacks up!  I’m confident and ready to start!”

2.            “T.Gray, I commit to evaluate the pillars seriously and make a decision this week.”

3.            “Pillars?  What’s that?  Do you mean Pillows?”

Go ahead.  Click Here. Take 30-seconds and let me know where you are.

[Prefer to contact me directly?  Call me at 347-668-9484.  Or email me at]


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