The 5 Pillars of Success – Pillar 2: The Products (Watch the Video!)


Welcome Back!  If you’re just joining us, this is a series … a progression….

We’re on Day 2 of measuring Unicity International against the 5 Pillars of Success (Company, Products, Compensation Plan, System and Team).

Let’s get to Pillar #2


When it comes to products and services, there are 5 key points to consider:

  1. Do people want or need ‘em?
  2. Do they work and are they credible?
  3. How long will they be around?
  4. Is there Variety or just one or a short list?
  5. Can you make money with ‘em?

When we compared Unicity’s products against those 5 points we were more than pleased.

And when we took a look at Unicity’s track record for Real Customer Retention, we were flat out blown away.

Click Here to Watch this 3-Minute Video to Get the Inside Track on Unicity’s Products.

CONCLUSION: Unicity has a Powerful Product Story!  Highly Marketable.  Scientific Credibility.  They Work.  There’s Variety.  And You Can Make Money With ‘em.

DECISION TIME: I don’t want this to be One-Sided, Ok?  So talk back to me and let me know where you are on all this.  You said you were looking for a solid plan for 2010.

So are you a 1, 2, or a 3:

1 – “T.Gray, I had No Idea Unicity was Doing It Like That!  Science, Effectiveness, Variety?   Man, Count Me In.  Sign Me Up Today!”

2 – “Well, THAT was an Eye-Opener.  Where have you been Hiding this company?   I like what I’m hearing and I’m really coming around.  Hit me with Pillar #3 tomorrow.”

3 – “Baloney!  Who needs Credibility?!   I don’t care if the Products work!  I like Hype and Gimmicks and Starting Over!   Quick short-term money is My Thing.  I Don’t Care Who Gets Hurt!   Count Me Out, T.Gray!  Save It For Someone Who Cares!”

Just Pick One. Tell me. Click Here to Contact Me Now.   Use the Comment Box to tell me if you’re a 1, 2, or 3. Or call me at 347-668-9484.

Winners Don’t Wait!  Do it Now.

There’s More Information about Pillar 2: The Products at

Ok, that’s it for today.  Meet me back here tomorrow for Pillar #3 – The Money. Bring a Seat Belt –You’re Gonna Need it!


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One response to “The 5 Pillars of Success – Pillar 2: The Products (Watch the Video!)

  1. Pari Allen

    KNOWING that our Products are the best makes this a very rewarding Opportunity!

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