NO Meetings. NO Presentations. For Real!


“I can’t do all of those meetings!”

Times have changed. People are busy.  They want to create extra income.  But extra time just isn’t there.

So network marketing companies and opportunities that require meeting after meeting just don’t work anymore.

Come on!  It’s NOT just an hour! If I’ve gotta kill time after work because I get off at 6 and the meeting’s at 7… and I’ve got a 30-minute drive home afterwards, that’s 3 hours! Can’t you count?

My spouse is upset because they’re stuck with the kids and homework.  And then you want me to do what?  Have a meeting at MY house on Saturday?!

NOT gonna be able to do it!

GOOD NEWS! We’re keeping up with the times.  We’ve completely given up meetings.  And Presentations too! Because not everybody’s a good or confident presenter.

Yep, we’ve got people making thousands of dollars in their first month with NO MEETINGS, NO HOME PARTIES, and NO PRESENTATIONS!

And even if they have NO FRIENDS and FAMILY!

How are we doing it?

Uhhh… you’d better WATCH THIS VIDEO right away…[CLICK HERE]

CONCLUSION:  Our Unicity System is So Simple a 4th Grader Can Do It! No Meetings and No Presentations Keep You Home With Your Family.   Simple & Duplicatable means YOUR business can Grow – Fast!

Ok, it’s DECISION TIME again.  It’s as Simple as 1 – 2 – 3:

1 – “T.Gray, I’m SICK of Meetings!  And Presenting Makes Me Nervous!  So No Meetings & No Presentations? I Love It!
I’m Ready to Let the Videos do the Talking For Me!  Let’s Get Started TODAY!”

2 – “Wow!  I’m starting to think I Can Do This.  I Can send people to watch a video – or listen to a call.
It’s All Starting To Add Up for me!  Give me Pillar #5 tomorrow and I should be Ready to Go.”

3 – “No Meetings?  No Presenting? No WAY!   I LIKE Fighting Traffic, Getting Home Late Every Night, Paying $10 for the Hotel,
and Sweaty Palms!   How can you take that away from me?!!   Besides, a 4th Grader Beat Me Up Last Week!  Forget it, man!
I’m sticking to the Old-Fashioned Hard Way.   I’m Out!”

Just CLICK HERE to let me know which one of those describes you. Put 1, 2, or 3 in the Comment Box and we’ll go from there. (If you’re a 1, let me know the best time to reach you so we can get you in the game!)

Or Contact me directly to get the jump on things. 347-668-9484. Or email me at

Winners Don’t Wait!  Do it Now.

Want More Information about Pillar 4: The System?  Click Here

Ok, that’s it for today.  Meet me back here tomorrow for Pillar #5 – The Team. Who’s got YOUR back?


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