Keeping it “Real”

Let’s have “Real” talk.   You’re looking for an opportunity to create additional income for your family, right?  You have a real need — more money, more time, more possibilities.

So you need “real” opportunity.  Except for one small problem …. so much of what’s being presented to you just isn’t real.

You feel it in your belly when the HYPE machine gets rolling.  The presenters are overly excited — they’ve dialed their energy up to 1000 just for you.  Maybe you’ve been invited to an elaborate home to help you “dream big” and “see the possibilities”.  But something’s telling you that so much of this is a show — not “real”.  Not genuine.   You know what I mean?

What you’re looking for is a Real Opportunity.  A Real Business.  With Real Products.   Real Compensation.   A Really Simple System.   Where Real People are succeeding.   For Real!

We’re in agreement.   I believe that if it’s real, it will stand on it’s own.  You won’t have to sell it so hard.   It’ll speak for itself, and people will get the message.

If it’s real, Real People will be able to do it.  Like Junelle Rehmeyer.  She lives in a rural area near Dallas.   If big flashy weekly meetings and home parties were a regular requirement to succeed, she’d have to forget about it.  But since she found a Real Business, she’s been able to just share our award-winning videos about the company and the products with the people she has access to.  Guess what, she’s having more success than she’s ever had in home based business before.  She even grew her business by 2,900% last month!   Needless to say, she’s excited and very pleased with her business.   Real Growth.  Real Success.  By a Real Person.

If it’s real, you don’t need hype.  People will just get it.  That’s what Jason Ferrell is finding.   After totally struggling in his last company, he joined our Real Business.  He wasn’t sure it was totally real, so he kinda just watched for a few weeks.   He used the Real Products.  Attended our Real Conference and Training Calls.  And spent time with our Real and Successful Millionaire Mentors.  (He especially noted their significant lack of hype.   It’s just not necessary when you’ve really done it.)  And once he was convinced that it was real, he started sharing it with the people he really cares most about.  And they saw it.  They got it.  6 people in 2 days with no hype and no show.   And now they’re writing me and telling me how excited they are about finding a real business.

You should be tired of the hype, the show, the BS, and the drama by now.   If you’re ready for a real business with a real company, we should talk.

We’re 18 years old.  We’re one of the less than 30 network marketing companies doing over $200 Million/year in revenue.  We’re in 26 Countries — for Real.  We have Real Products that Really Work — we’ve got Real Proof.  And we have a “real” Ground Floor opportunity for “real” professionals in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico especially.

The people who join us now, and “really” get to work, will experience “real” results for their families — short term and long term.

Forget about the hype.  Check out our real business at   Or contact me or one of my partners right away for some “real” talk.   You can contact me directly at 347.668.9484


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One response to “Keeping it “Real”

  1. Pari Allen

    Having been with Unicity for several weeks now I can honestly say: There is no doubt, this is REAL!!

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