Promises. Promises. Promises.

It seems like so many companies, teams, leaders make so many promises just to get you in their company and on their team.   In my daily conversations, it seems like I meet all the people who’ve been let down when these promises go unkept.  Who realized that the never really had a chance.  It was all just smooth talk to get them in.  So they could be part of someone else’s check.

And they tell me they’re just looking for Real Talk.   They say it just like that, too.   “Just shoot straight with me, T.Gray.   Don’t give me the hype speech and rally talk that So-and-so gave me.  I’ve had enough of that.”  If I don’t hear that at least 5 times a day….

So how’s this for Real Talk.  Promises Kept.  Real Results.

As people join our team, we share with them that one of the things that sets us apart is our Free Leads Program — where we generate high-quality, qualified leads and share them with the team.  All they have to do is enroll 3 people to qualify (which totally benefits them, by the way!).  They get excited about this program because it means that they’re no longer bound to their warm market.   They’re no longer limited by how many people they know or don’t know.   Or by how many times they’ve burned through their warm market contact list with another opportunity.

Now I’ve actually had some people tell me that they’ve been lied to about leads before.  That leaders have promised to help them.  But then they either got No Leads, Crappy Leads, or No Support and Training on How to Work the Leads.

Well, we’ve been keeping our promises.   Not only do we run a regularly scheduled Free Leads Program.  But the program includes clear instruction and training on how to make the most out of the leads, hands-on training in contacting and following-up with the leads, and on-going coaching/mentoring on seeing the leads all the way through to closure.

Results?   Last Thursday’s program produced hundreds of qualified leads.  The person who received the least amount of leads received 18.  The person who received the most received 41.  The participants are genuinely excited.   Their pipelines are full.   They’ve been enrolling people from the leads.   As a matter of fact, we enrolled 3 more just yesterday!  Can you hear the shouts of joy?

And just think.  Who knows where these new recruits will lead us?  What superstars may come through their lineage?   Or what countries their business will grow to?  Now that’s Real!  Real Good!

Tired of empty promises?   Ready for Real Results?   You can learn more about our opportunity at

And you can Contact me directly at 347-668-9484 or



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2 responses to “Promises. Promises. Promises.

  1. tiare weiss

    you rock t gray… if anyone is going to do business on the web it should be with you,,,honesty, loyalty, and greatness,,,, have a blessed day… always folllowing success. t

  2. Pari Allen

    Promises are definitely kept…………..finally I can exhale!! This Company has passed the test; the Results are REAL!

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