Pillar 2: Products That Work – Products That Pay

[It’s 5 Pillars time again.   New to the game?  Well, we’ve each got a job here.  I’ll get the truth out.  Your job is to check back each day and take 5 minutes to read the Pillar of the day.   Then identify yourself at the end with a 1, 2, or 3.  What’s that?  See you at the end…]

When it comes to products what do we want to know?  3 Things:  Does it Sell? Does it Work? Does it Pay?

Basically, we want to know are the products relevant and marketable?  Will people buy and use them?   Do they really work?  Will people get a result?  That “Wow Factor” even?  And will they buy – and keep buying – so that we can create the long-term Residual Income that is the dream of network marketing?

Let’s see how Unicity’s Product line measures up:

Sizzle + Diversity

Unicity’s approach here is pure genius.  A couple of strong lead products to provide the Sizzle.  And an extensive product line to provide Diversity.

I’ll start with Diversity because my experience is that diversity wins over on sizzle where it counts – in the long haul.   As a business builder, you’ll ultimately see more volume, more products points – because as the loyalty increases, people simply buy more.

It’s happening in my business already.   People get started with the sizzle products.   But within weeks they’re placing a bigger order as they discover the rest of the line.   And this is not just the distributors – it’s the customers  too!

Unicity’s product diversity is also good because, let’s face it, sizzle wears off.  Companies come out with competing products – another juice… another gimmick.  But, rather than switching deals or losing interest, people in a company with a diverse product offering are more likely to fall back on the staples.   So diversity aids in retention.

This type of product trial and loyalty has been proven to create the Holy Grail of network marketing – Customers for Life.  Which, of course, equals Income for Life.

But wait… there’s sizzle too!  Unicity is On Target with two Lead Products – a versatile weight loss product and an energy product.   The weight loss product (Bios Life Slim) has got clinical research, is Doctor-friendly, and also helps with cholesterol and blood sugar management.  The energy product (Bios Life E) is clean – no sugar, no stimulants, no caffeine, no calories, no crash – just clean energy.

With 2 massive markets and, in most cases, immediate results – Unicity has got some major winners here.

Ok, they sell.  But do they Work?

I’ve gotta say that Unicity products have more science than anything I’ve ever seen … or that I’d ever want to know about.

But at the end of the day though, all that matters is that it works or it doesn’t.  People either see results or they don’t.

And this stuff flat out works.

The weight loss product tastes good – although a little thick.  But people are dropping pounds like crazy around here.   Heck, I’m one of ‘em.  (8 pounds in 4 weeks and my clothes don’t fit!)

I’m hearing about blood pressures being better than they’ve ever been.  And blood sugar levels finally being where they should be.  Doctors are fascinated – and recommending the products as a natural solution.  Some are even looking at joining the business.

The energy product is creating a lot of excitement too.   People trip out at first that it’s a green powder when you pour it in your water or juice.  But they love the taste.   Even more, they love the energy.  One of my most critical friends is now up to 5 a day!  And almost completely off of coffee!  (Coffee’s still bad for you, right?)

I don’t know how this stuff works.  There are videos that explain it, if you’re interested.  All I know is that they do work.  Real talk.  Real Results.  And that adds up to….

… a Real Payday.

Over the last 9 years, while Unicity has been quietly revamping in North America, an interesting experiment has been taking place.

With virtually no marketing and no sales push, Unicity’s U.S. product sales have held steady at well over $1 Million/month.  You know what that is?

It’s a rare thing in this industry called Real Customers.  People who are sold out on the products – and who don’t need to be sold.  Who don’t need a paycheck.   Who simply believe in and keep using the products.

And don’t go confusing your downline for customers – they get paid to use your product!  Real customers will use your products for years – without a paycheck.  And without a sales pitch.  And that’s what we’ve got at Unicity – Customers For Life.

Which means that at Unicity, you can achieve the dream – Long-term, Passive, Residual Income!

So that’s Pillar 2 and the Unicity Product Story.   Marketable products.  A diverse offering to cover your retention.  They work.  And you can get paid on them – for a long, long time.

Ok, so Unicity’s a Winner on Pillar 2.   So tell me where YOU are on this.   Take a minute to identify yourself as a 1, 2, or 3:

1)    Now THAT’S a product story!  I’m jazzed about Sizzle + Diversity.   I’m ready to start.  Let’s get me enrolled!

2)    Thanks for the education and perspective on products.   That’s some good stuff – I’m enlightened!  But I still need more info. See you tomorrow for Pillar 3.

3)    Who cares about Customers for Life?!  I LIKE Flash and Dash!   Gimme all sizzle – I don’t care if it works – because starting over every 3 years is my thing!  Forget it, T.Gray.  Count me out of long-term residual income!

Go ahead.  Post a comment and let me know if you’re a 1, 2, or 3.   If you prefer privacy, email me at tgray@terrencedgray.com and let me know.  Of course, you can always call me directly at 347.668.9484.  Just do something.

Meet me back here tomorrow for Pillar 3 – The Comp Plan.


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  1. Pari Allen

    Our products are amazing!! I have lost 19.5 inches as a result of Slim!! It’s so great to be representing the best in the marketplace!

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