Who’s In Your Corner? (Pillar 5: The Team)

This week, the “lights” really came on for me.  I’ve had number of major “Ah-Hah” Moments.   All of them have to do with the Support Team.

Question: Would you learn to play basketball better if Michael Jordan himself would coach you?  I mean, yes, personal skill and talent are individual factors.   But would your “chances” of achieving YOUR highest potential improve if you had that kind of a coach?


But what if you had 2, 3, or 4 Michael Jordan’s coaching you?

Always available.

Always willing to analyze your game.

Always willing to throw on a pair of shorts and get on the court and help you with your jump shot?

A dream?

My reality.  And YOUR potential reality.

You want to make more money.  Maybe you just want a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month.  Maybe you want a complete lifestyle change – tens of thousands a month.  Maybe you want legacy money – hundreds of thousands a month.

I’m just asking, “would your chances of success improve if you had a team of industry veterans and all-stars who were qualified, available, and willing to help you?”

Our Support Team is a “Dream Team”.   4 Michael Jordans.   4 Successful networking industry millionaires.

Michael Jordan #1: A multi-million dollar earning power couple.   Personal network marketing incomes that have reached close to $400K/month.  Have built large international organizations.   One of those groups has produced $1 Billion in sales revenue – literally.  They’re grounded.  Good parents.  Good people.

Michael Jordan #2: My vote for the network marketing Hall of Fame.  Has built 2 different organizations to over 1 million distributors.  Has been featured in Success Magazine.   Has earned the title “Millionaire Mentor” by creating so many throughout the industry.   Seasoned.   Calm.   But “don’t let the smooth taste fool ya” – there’s more wisdom here than you can imagine.  Quiet power.

Michael Jordan #3: 17 years with Unicity.  $12 Million + in earnings.  A true “Cross-Over” player with an impressive portfolio of “traditional” businesses – including 54 restaurants, a carwash, and an insurance agency.  Maturity.  Family values.  Well-rounded.  Learn how to build a business.   And learn how to build a life.

Michael Jordan #4: Close to $15M in earnings in the last 9 years.   Has earned in excess of $200M/month – all from home.   A marketing expert who knows how to make the phone ring and create qualified leads.  Take the shackles off.  Experience network marketing — and life — with no limitations and endless possibilities.  That’s what you’ll learn here.

I don’t know who’s coaching you today.  My experience has been that most people don’t have access to this type of successful mentorship, leadership, and assistance.

Either they’re not there.  Not available.  Not hungry anymore.   Not interested.   Or simply out for themselves.

It’s not just about having successful people in your upline.

I’ve had successful upline in the past that I couldn’t get to show up.  That wouldn’t return my calls for days on end.  That wouldn’t – and in some cases, couldn’t – help me.

I’ve even had successful upline in the past that was simply out for self.  Controlling.  Manipulative.   Even dangerous.

So this time, we “interviewed” upline – to make sure that we had the right support.

And we were led to this millionaire “Dream Team”.

They’re hard workers.  With diverse experience.  They’re still hungry to create more success.   They’re flexible and in the trenches working WITH you.

Most people would be hard pressed to find this kind of support.

They’d be even harder pressed to enroll it.

And it’s almost impossible to find 2 or 3 in the same upline.

But that’s what we’ve got here.

And this week, I’ve had personal coaching and mentoring from all 4 that’s already brought my game to a whole new level.

They can do the same for you.

And what would that do for YOUR chances of success?

[We’re done.  That was Pillar 5 of a 5 Pillars discussion of Unicity International.

I’ve done my part.    You now have all 5 Pillars – enough information to Make A Decision.

Yes or No.  In or Out.   It’s time for you to let me know.   Just do 1, 2, or 3

1 –            “Thanks for the 5 Pillars.   Unicity is my kind of opportunity.   I want to be a part of this.”

2 –           “This sounds good.   I have sincere questions.  Our conversations are going somewhere.  I would like to do this.”

3 –            “Thanks but no thanks.  This was good reading.   But it’s just not the deal for me.”

Any of those answers is good.   Just let me know.   You can post a comment to this blog identifying yourself as a 1, 2, or 3.

Or reply to the email I sent you if that’s how you got here.

If you’re a “1” or a “2”, tell me when and how to best reach you.   I’ll call you at that time, and we’ll get your “winning” started or your final questions answered.

If you’re a “3”, thanks for listening.   We’ll stay friends.  Occasionally we’ll check in with each other and keep the door open.

Now it’s your turn.  Nothing happens without action.   Take one.  Decide.]



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2 responses to “Who’s In Your Corner? (Pillar 5: The Team)

  1. TGray, there is absolutely no question! The only option for my wife and I is #1.
    Freddie & Tondalanea Scott

  2. Gerald

    T, you know i’m with you all the way, lets go.


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