My Unicity Top 5 – #3: All Star – Team

This week I’m answering the question, “Why did T.Gray plant his flag at Unicity?”  We’re doing a Top 5 Countdown of my biggest personal reasons.  Here’s #3:

Remember when we used to play games on the playground?

Remember that team that used to always win the games?

Remember how you used to always wish that they would pick you?

There’s nothing like being on a winning team.  When you’re playing with Pros, everything just flows better.  And YOU tend to play better — they pull you up to the next level.

My #3 Reason is this winning team that I get to be a part of.   It’s another one of those things that’s not supposed to be.  So many industry icons and all-stars in one company — and in the same upline.

Click here.  Watch the video.  See for yourself.  I’ll see you on the playground!

Ok.  You can be on the team, too!  Geez!  Just call me at 347.668.9484 and we’ll get you a spot.  Or email me at


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One response to “My Unicity Top 5 – #3: All Star – Team

  1. What a hot video Terrance!

    No wonder you have one of the fastest growing Teams, in Unicity!

    I am truly blessed to be able to help you and your leaders!

    May will be a big money making month for your leaders! How does it “feel” to get a big raise in income
    the Webinar Tuesday night will be so exciting!

    be blessed
    Jim Fobair

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