My Unicity Top 5 – #2: Freedom & Flexibility

Big Money from home.  Thousands of dollars on a monthly residual basis.  That’s the dream of network marketing.


The weekly hotel meeting and training and the home parties that you “have to do if you’re serious about your success” — that’s the NIGHTMARE.


I did it that way once already.    Getting into multiple 5-figures a month was a BEAST!  And that’s putting it lightly.


3 years of Thursday night meetings.  3 years of Saturday morning trainings.  3 years of 5 to 7 home parties a week.  NOT FUN!  I made the big money.  But that definitely wasn’t a home-based business.


Here’s what I’m finding, “MEETING FATIGUE” is real.   People are looking for the success that network marketing can bring.   But they don’t have the time or desire for all the meetings.


So my Top Personal Reason #2 for choosing Unicity is the Freedom & Flexibility that our system creates.


We’ve integrated today’s #1 information delivery vehicle — the Internet.    People can watch videos.   Ours are extremely well done.   They can listen to a conference call.   We record them all so we can send them to people who miss them or can’t make ’em.  They can listen to 6-minute sizzle call.


And they can do all of those things on their own terms.   7:30pm on Thursday just doesn’t work for everybody.   For many, 9:17pm after they get the kids to bed is the best time.  For others it’s 2:11p in the afternoon.


And while they’re getting a private presentation — at the time that works best for them — I’m doing something else.   Whatever I want to or have to be doing.


Now don’t get me wrong.   There’s still a place for meetings.   But they should be special.  An event.  Something to build up to.   Not something to dread.


And if you want to have people over your house — knock yourself out.   But there’s something magical in knowing that you don’t have to.    You can succeed without them.


If there’s one thing that’s attracting strong professional people and seasoned networkers to my business more than anything else — it’s this.


If there’s one thing that’s fueling the rapid growth & getting new people into the game faster than ever — it’s this.  


After all, there’s not much to learn to get started.   Just get someone to watch the videos or listen to the calls.


Freedom.  Flexibility.


The Dream is Alive Again.


Ready to dream again?   Think you can “Unleash the Beast” if you had a fast-moving, high-duplication system like this — where finally it’s true that ANYBODY can do it?   Let’s team up.  Call me today at 347.668.9484




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2 responses to “My Unicity Top 5 – #2: Freedom & Flexibility

  1. I wanted a new network business, but living 30 miles out in the country made nightly meetings impossible. Then Terrence asked me if I would like to stay home, have fun, make money. YES! Who wouldn’t want to do that?

    So I joined and found a great company with wonderful upline helpers. In my last networking company not one single upline ever offered to help. Unicity is just a utopia with all the state of the art videos and the caring, sharing uplines. Thank you Terrence for getting me involved in this great opportunity for helping people make their lives better.

  2. Pari Allen

    Meeting fatigue is REAL!! I am thankful for a system that works without the meetings. As a single mom with 3 children, I can’t imagine being in hotels on a weekly basis! Our system is perfect!!

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