The Key to Momentum: Get New People Paid!

You know how important new people are to your business, right?

And you know how important it is that they can get paid quickly?

And you know how hard it can be to keep them in sometimes?

Well, Unicity just released the answer.

Our Fast Start Bonus program allows new people to get paid as they personally enroll new people, AND as new people enroll through 6 levels of their business.  And it pays weekly!

Our Team Builder Advancement Bonus program pays them for stepping through the plan, and gives them a real incentive to STAY in your business.  There’s $20,000 on the table.  New people get the first $500 at an achievable 3,000 volume points.   And they can earn the first $5,000 on just 10,000 points — combined with Fast Start Bonuses and the regular comp plan payout, that’s at least a 55% to 60% payout on their first 10,000 points!  Unheard of.

Why is this important?  Because you want to have a business with low turnover and a high success rate for new people so that you can build on your results and create momentum.

We’re doing this right now at Unicity.   It’s just another thing that makes this opportunity special.

Serious about your business and financial future?  Looking for a solid, stable, and lucrative “home”.  Call me so that I can give you the inside scoop on the type of incomes Unicity’s programs will generate.

347.668.9484.   Or email me at



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3 responses to “The Key to Momentum: Get New People Paid!

  1. sylvi dulac

    thanks for your info will like to have moore

  2. Momma Sherry Giron

    Hey there, Tgray you are so right. Getting people in the money the first month out of the shoot sets the pace for the team. All I can say is “swoosh” it’s nothing but net with Unicity!! Seeing the weight just fall off doesn’t hurt either! 64lbs and counting! Great job getting the news out.

    • I can attest to that, this company provides a huge opportunity for cash flow in your first month. In my case I earned cash in my first 12 days. This is a real company, with real people, with great products and great mentors the best in the business and of-course a HUGE income opportunity REAL.

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