Everything Rises & Falls on ….. Leadership

Thank you, John Maxwell for giving us such a simple but powerful truism.  Leadership is everything when it comes to business.   And the success or failure of a good idea rides on who the leaders are.  It’s that simple.

Business Investors have a motto  — “don’t bet on the horse… bet on the jockey”.   The horse is the company and the idea.   The jockey is who’s riding it .. who’s in charge… who’s leading.  The investors know that it doesn’t matter how good the idea is.   If the jockey’s an idiot … inexperienced … unethical … or otherwise under-qualified, the ship is going down eventually.   And their money’s going with it.

Network marketing is no different.   Many great ideas have died an early death because of poor leadership — both at corporate and in the field.   Bad leaders, Poor Managers, Crooks, and Ego-maniacs has killed the dreams of many innocent distributors who bought into a company with a decent product and pay plan.

One of the things I like best about Unicity is the quality of the leadership.   After a few less than positive exposures to leaders in my networking career, I came to Unicity with a very scrutinizing eye.  Having such a strong, experienced, and capable group of leaders — at corporate and on the street — is almost surreal.

This week, I’ll share my findings.  Four exceptional jockeys.    Four exceptional leaders.

Like Dave & Samantha Janvrin — a dynamic duo.     Here’s what you get:

  • Over 20 years of industry experience
  • Expertise that has created a Billion Dollar Downline
  • Personal Income high of nearly $400K/month
  • Personally mentored by the late Jim Rohn
  • Success in 17 countries
  • and Success at home — married 12 years with 2 beautiful children

Unlike a lot of successful leaders, the Janvrins are still in the game … still pushing for that one last Big Win.   They’ve been available and involved.   Accessible and Willing.   Capable yet Flexible.

One company I was in, I bet on a leader who was a Top 5 money earner in that deal — making nearly $100,000/week.   But I missed something in my homework.    After over 3 years of building that check, that leader was tired — and hence, retired.    So that check, that credibility, that experience didn’t help me at all because I couldn’t leverage it.  They were just a name —  no longer “in the game”.

Dave & Samantha are different.   They’re knees and hands are dirty — because they’re down in the mud with me and the team.   Doing the work.  Taking the calls.  Leveraging their story and success track, so that we can win.

Bottom line: The Janvrins are a key part of a leadership foundation that’s putting Unicity on the map in North America.   Start with a solid company.   Add solid leadership.  And you can count on a solid future.

I like  it.

Meet Dave and Samantha Janvrin for yourself.   See if they’re the type of people you can partner with  … that you can trust … that you can learn from   … and lock arms with.

Call me today at 347-668-9484 and we’ll set up a introductory phone call.

You can get details on our mission and opportunity at www.SuccessFromHome100.com.

Leadership makes the difference.

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!  This leadership bench is so deep is insane!   Tune in tomorrow to meet another networking “Hall of Famer” that will help you build a legacy at Unicity!   This one will blow your mind….

P.S., Want a sneak preview of the Grand Finale?  Listen to last night’s Global Leadership Call here http://www.unicity.net/usa/enews/mp3/may10_globalcall.mp3 (hint: be sure to listen past the first 5 or 10 minutes….)



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3 responses to “Everything Rises & Falls on ….. Leadership

  1. shae crawford

    Wow!I am so exciting and blessed to be apart of such a professional, determined and confident group of leaders in this company. All the way from the top of leadership ,down to the team that’s deep in the trenches. Samantha and Dave certainly demonstrate great leadership by continuing on this journey with the team. I APPRECIATE all the mentoring and willingness to help from the Unicity team. Look forward to learning and growing each day in this company.

  2. Gwendolyn Malone

    Having this type of amazing leadership is truly refreshing and definitely not the norm. I can attest to the willingness to help because Samantha has graciously helped me without hesitation when I called on her. I am looking forward to a lasting
    relationship with Unicity and it’s leadership team.

  3. Pari Allen

    Dave and Samantha are amazing! They put their hands to the plow daily. I can honestly say I wasn’t sure they would be true to their words: accessible, approachable and willing to help. Past experiences have caused me to be somewhat skeptical; but the Janvrins are all that and more!! Unicity is home for me and my family.

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