Who Stays At A Company THIS Long Anymore?

[Welcome to Part 3 of my Unicity Leadership Expose.    Simply stated: Bad leaders can really screw up a deal!   That’s why we carefully investigated the leadership at Unicity before signing on.   You won’t believe what we found — a deep bench of 4 exception leaders stacked all the way up the company itself!  Read on to learn about who you get to do business with at Unicity….]

The ability to summon positive emotions during periods of intense stress lies at the heart of effective leadership.

— Jim Loehr (world renowned performance psychologist, co-founder of the Human Performance Institute, author)

I’m finding this quote very interesting.   Among other things, it seems to imply “Staying Power”.  The ability to stick with the mission when it gets tough.  When it’s not fun.   When something else that seems “better” is calling.   Every leader struggles with this.   I’ve struggled with it.   And like a lot of big leaders, I’ve even failed this test at one time or another.

This is what makes today’s Unicity leader special.   Rick Jordan has demonstrated exceptional “Staying Power”.   In a time when so many leaders — present company included — have bounced around more than any of us care to admit, Rick has …. stayed.   17 years.

Yes.   You heard me correctly.   I didn’t stutter.  17 years!   Who even does that anymore?   Apparently, Rick does.

If you’ve ever been with a company for more than 2 or 3 years, you know that you will experience ups and downs.   Hot times and not so hot times.   Periods of intense momentum and the dreaded doldrums.

One day, the company will be your best friend.   And then, seemingly, your enemy — working against you — or not working FOR you enough — or fast enough.  Real or perceived.

It’s invariable.   It happens.   And it’s a cosmic test.   Will you stay or go?   Weather the storm or abandon ship?     To be honest, sometimes staying is stupid.   But more often, it’s starting over somewhere else — where the grass seems greener — that’s stupid.   Especially in an industry that rewards consistency.   Where the Holy Grail is a residual income that lasts for decades.

Staying through the hard times.   Maintaining your focus.   Fixing the problems.   Riding out the storm.   It all takes exceptional leadership and vision.   And that’s what makes Rick Jordan special.

The reward for staying?

How about being the #1 franchise owner in North America?

Being on the Advisory Board?

The first Double Diamond in North America?

A massive international organization?

Having the networkers that are seeking a solid and stable haven (with major upside potential) join YOUR team?

Oh, and how could I forget?  ….

Over $12 Million in total earnings!

Rick and I have gotten very close since I joined Unicity.   For all his success, he’s “real”.   Unassuming.   Funny.  Available.   Family-oriented.   That’s how I’d describe him.

But when it comes to business — he knows his stuff (edited).   And not just about Unicity.  He’s leveraged his Unicity millions into an impressive portfolio of businesses — 54 restaurants, a commercial insurance agency, a carwash and more.

You could learn a lot from Rick.   I am.  And so is the team.

“Rick Jordans” are hard to find in this world.   Come and work with this one.   At Unicity.   Let’s do the next 17 together.

Want to meet Rick?  Call me at 347-668-9484 and I’ll set it up.   Or email me at tgray@terrencedgray.com.

You can get details on what Rick and I are doing … our mission and opportunity at www.SuccessFromHome100.com.

Remember, Leadership is the X-factor!

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!  We’ve only just scratched the leadership surface at Unicity!   Tune in on Saturday to meet another networking “All-Star” that will help you build a legacy at Unicity!   Hint: Complete Package.  Crossover Player.  Traditional Corporate Expertise Meets Top Building Money Earner.   You’re gonna like this one….
P.S., Want a sneak preview of the Grand Finale?  Listen to our May 2010 Global Leadership Call here  (hint: be sure to listen past the first 15 minutes….)



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4 responses to “Who Stays At A Company THIS Long Anymore?

  1. Jason Ferrell

    Staying Power is right! Sometimes change is needed, but only if that change makes absolute sense. With the 5 Pillars of Unicity and the Team that we have alligned ourselves with is truely a Blessing. I know that Unicity will be here for me and my family for a very long time. A Company that I can call home and be very proud of. Thanks…

  2. shae crawford

    Thanks Rick, for setting the example ,of staying the course and not quitting. That means alot!

  3. Ben Widener

    There are many of us that have stayed the course with Unicity. ‘MAKE LIFE BETTER’ Unicity has stood for that on the Product side, as well as the Business side. Good People are abundant throughout Unicity, and Rick Jordan is at the Top of My List!

    All companies have their struggles from time to time, and Unicity has experienced those struggles. However, our Product line did not struggle, but continued to evolve and has been the staying power of this company since the early 90’s.

    Rick Jordan is a great example of one who has stayed the course. He has climbed up the Unicity Mountain of Success over the years, always leaving anchors (Culture of Discipline), and ropes (Ropes of Motivation) for others who chose to make that trek up the mountain.

    When you thought that Rick had reached the Top, he found even more Energy and Determination last June to set his sights on another Peak. He laid out his Vision to go to another part of this Unicity Mountain that no one from the North America Team had been yet. That mission was accomplished as we all know. He has taken the Good to Great steps and left us anchors and ropes to make that same trek. It’s something I aspire to, although I have a long way to go.

    T.Gray, there are new leaders like yourself that have joined Unicity in the past few months, and I am very grateful for that inspiring Leadership. However, it is great to know that we have someone like a Rick Jordan, that is a successful Leader with humility, a team attitude, shares credit, and is extremely driven.

  4. Pari Allen

    17 years with anything is MAJOR nowadays!! 🙂 Thanks Rick for staying the course and leading the charge!!

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