The Buck Stops Here!

[Welcome to the finale of my Unicity Leadership Expose.    Simply stated: Bad leaders can really screw up a deal!   That’s why we carefully investigated the leadership at Unicity before signing on.   You won’t believe what we found — a deep bench of 4 exception leaders stacked all the way up the company itself!  Read on to learn about who you get to do business with at Unicity….]

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

— Jack Welch (former CEO and Chairman of General Electric & one of America’s most successful business leaders)

One of the most important things that makes Unicity as special place for today’s professional to build a business is the leadership.   It’s not just in the field.  It goes all the way to the top.

Jack Welch’s quote couldn’t be a more fitting description of Unicity’s CEO, Stewart Hughes.    Stewart and I have been developing quite a relationship — a friendship.   And it’s very enlightening.

Stewart’s done a lot of growing that’s prepared him for the assignment of leading Unicity.   I like leaders that have “done it themselves” first.   Stewart’s that kind of guy.

Like me, he’s a crossover player.  He got his start in “traditional” business, was successful there, and then found success in networking.

Like me, he made the most of a high school education.  And with an incredible display of guts and drive, went into investment banking.

Like me, he made it his business to get his training from a pro.  Stewart told me the story of the training program for new money managers.   The instructor was an HR guy who — after speaking for just a few moments — made it quite evident that he had never DONE what he was teaching.   Stewart asked the question, “Who’s the top producer around here?”  Upon getting the answer, he leaves the training room, finds the top guy’s office, and knocks on the door.   He tells the guy that he’s a new trainee, but that he wanted to learn from the best.  “Will you teach me?” he asks.

Impressed at Stewart’s chutzpah, the top performer says something like, “Sure kid.  Just sit over there and don’t utter a word…”

And that’s what he did.  Stewart sat there day after day … listening to the top performer do his thing … taking notes … learning.

He went on to apply what he learned so well that he became a very successful investment banking executive — managing funds for some very successful companies.

But you’ll never believe this next part.  It seems like fate was grooming Stewart for today’s assignment.  His 2 biggest clients were 2 of the all-time greats in the network marketing industry — companies doing hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue then — even billions today.

This experience gave Stewart a front row seat — a special education — on what it takes to lead, develop, and grow a successful networking company.   A company that would stand the test of time.   A company that would be a blessing to thousands of families.

Well, you can guess what happened next.   He got the bug.   He saw the success first hand.  He had to get involved.

He joined Unicity in it’s 2nd year — back when it was Rexall.   He’s been here ever since.    Stewart demonstrated exceptional leadership and business acumen in the field and became the top distributor.

And he earned $22 Million during his tenure as a Unicity Franchise Owner.

He exploited the good times.   He weathered the storms.   This was his company.

And then in 2006, along with a close group of investors, he bought the company.

Exceptionally qualified by his own journey — his own growth — Stewart is the visionary behind Unicity’s next chapter.

In a time when so many networking companies are stuck at mediocre — or worse, disappearing — it’s great to be running with a guy who’s leading his company to the next level from it’s $200 Million/year current position to billion dollar success.

Bottom Line:  Let me just shoot this straight.  We’ve all seen Under-qualified losers screw up a good thing.   When that happens, dreams die.   Families suffer.  Friendships are ruined.   Man!  Leadership is soooo important.

Stewart’s high-quality.   Experienced.   In both traditional business decision-making AND what it takes to succeed in networking.

And that gives me confidence in the future!

Want that kind of confidence?   Want to meet Stewart for yourself?   Or any of the other leaders I’ve profiled this week?   Just call me.  347-668-9484.  Or email me at

You can get details on what Stewart and I are doing … our mission and opportunity at

Remember, Leadership is the X-factor!

Next week’s Blog will be a powerhouse.   Make sure you tune in for fresh posts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday!



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4 responses to “The Buck Stops Here!

  1. Gwendolyn Malone

    Great piece on leadership and to know that I am affiliated with a company that has Stewart Hughes at the top is very inspiring, reassuring and encouraging. Thanks for such a thorough expose’ on leadership at Unicity.

  2. Keith Francis

    TGray, you’re so dead on. I’m with Unicity for a lot of different reasons, but I can assure you: After 20 plus years in this industry, and seeing too much of the bad and ugly… I wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t a leader at the top of Unicity like Stewart.

    Not only are his integrity and and business skills unparalelled… Stewart “gets it.”

  3. Pari Allen

    Stewart Hughes’ leadership makes Unicity even more attractive to me!! I have a strong sense of security here. Having “weathered” the storms of egos gone mad in other companies; I have finally found a place where I can exhale.

  4. Jason Ferrell

    Leadership does rise and fall from the top. It is a great honor to have the Leadership from Stewart who knows how to Lead but also knows what everyone of us are going through in the field. He has built his own organizations and takes our best interest to heart. Just knowing how busy and how successful Stewart is, he still took time out of his schedule to talk with me personally. Now where and when does that happen. NOWHERE! but UNICITY…

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