Making Life Better – Real UPside

“He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he had failed.”

William James (American Philosopher and Psychologist)

… and Unicity truly is a Unique Opportunity!

There’s something in each of us that want to be first.  To time it just right.    To get in on the next big thing just before everyone else does.  To be telling the story of being in the right place at the right time to our grandkids as how we created the family wealth.

Unfortunately, being first — being early — being on the cutting edge — can also be very risky.

In business in general, 85% of NEW companies go out of business in the 1st 5 years.    And 85% of the survivors go out of business in the next 5.

And the failure rate for NEW companies is even bigger in network marketing!

Check out these numbers:


That’s the number of networking marketing/direct sales companies that have been started since 1950…


That’s the VERY SMALL number of network marketing/direct sales companies that have achieved the critical mass stage of $100 million/year in Sales


Those are YOUR chances of picking a winner from all the “great sounding” NEW companies that pop up every year.

1 – 3 years

That’s how often you’ll be starting over if you don’t use your “business” brain to cut through the hype and evaluate opportunity rationally.

What are you into NOW?!!

That’s what your friends, family, and associates will be saying when you’re approaching them with yet another new deal that’s the greatest idea since sliced bread!

When I thought about this, I woke up!  I started using my professionally trained business development mind to help me make the right choice.   And after digging for a minute, I found it ….

…. Real Upside!

Like William James says in the opening quote, Unicity represents “Unique Opportunity”.

A solid business choice …

Unicity’s 18 years old and in the exclusive $200 Million/year club.   30 countries.   20 people over $100,000/month already.

That’s a strong business. Not going anywhere.  Established.   Low-risk.

Unfortunately, that often = BORING.   DONE!   LOW-UPSIDE.

But that’s when the Real opportunity crystallized:

… with Major UPside Potential!

Unicity’s business is strongest in Korea, Thailand, and Germany.

North America — The United States, Canada, and Mexico — are Virtually UNTOUCHED!

9 out of 10 people HAVE NEVER HEARD OF UNICITY or Unicity’s products!

Major markets like The Philippines, The UK, and Central America are all wide open as well.

I started thinking — What a SPECIAL opportunity!   A solid, established, low-risk player.   With the cash and experience to make things happen.   And the biggest free markets in the world are still wide open — and just waiting for …


Go ahead and chase the risky startup players if you want.   Take a chance on what my friends call “the shiny new object” — be my guest.

But if the network marketing storybook ideal is what you’re really after — the long-term residual income of $50,000/month, $100,000/month, $500,000/month, or even $1,000,000/month and beyond — then UNICITY IS THE PLACE!

Because for that you need a company that will go the distance.   With solid management. With experience and expertise.  With Staying Power.

And because Unicity has all of that — when I look at the top of the mountain, the Holy Grail, the Pinnacle of Success — I know I’m in a company that won’t self-destruct before I get there. That won’t embarrass me with the people I care about and damage my reputation.  That won’t waste my most precious asset — my time!

It’s no wonder that so many seasoned networking professionals who’ve built monster organizations — and so many high-quality business professionals — are GETTING OFF OF THE NETWORK MARKETING ROLLER COASTER and choosing Unicity as THE PLACE TO BUILD THAT FINAL, LASTING, REWARDING LEGACY!

Want Real Upside?  Come build the United States, Canada, UK, Philippines and many other countries with us! With a company that’ll last.  Where you can build upon your previous results.   Where you can invite your friends, family, and associates with CONFIDENCE and CREDIBILITY.

We’re making the run NOW!  THE MOMENTUM IS BUILDING!  We’re getting the word out!   So NOW is the time to MAKE YOUR MOVE and stake your claim on THE NEXT BIG LEGACY!

What are you waiting for?   Get the information you need to make an educated and rationale decision.    Call me right away.   347-668-9484.

Or get more information and fill out the contact form at

Just stop watching and TAKE ACTION!

Tune in tomorrow for how Unicity is Making Life Better with Real Leadership…



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8 responses to “Making Life Better – Real UPside

  1. shae crawford

    With this posts and the comments, I feel like with UNICITY, the sky is LIMIT OR whatever you want your LIMIT to be!

  2. shae crawford

    This is some great information! You know your stuff! This is very simplified but strategic. It covers all the basics. And lays a great foundation. I really enjoyed reading this! All I can say is keep it comin!

  3. Gwendolyn Malone

    Wowwee! Kazowwee! Talk about upside, this covers all the bases and the facts speak volumes. I know I am in the right place at the right time. Thank you so much for making it plan and keeping it real.

  4. Tallice

    T. Gray,

    Reading this post reminds me how AMAZING it is to have ALL 5 Pillars in one place!!! I’m still trying to figure out how you found Unicity…but I am SO THANKFUL that you shared this TREASURE with me and my family!!

    Great post!

  5. WOW!!!! I love this post!!! It really brings it all full circle. The right company, great products, committed leadership, and THE RIGHT TIME! If you are debating whether this is the right “fit” for you, look no further, and join this winning team.

  6. Terrence,
    This is incredible!
    What a great tool this is!
    The facts speak loud and clear!
    Unicity is our Final Dynasty!

    Jim Fobair

  7. Pari Allen

    Although I have heard all of these facts many times; reading this today is soooooooooooo reassuring!! Thanks T. Gray!!

  8. Pari Allen

    Unicity is solid, stable,
    established……………………there is no other place for me and my family! This field is even and we’re playing to WIN!!!

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