Making Life Better — Real LEADership

“To lead people, walk beside them …”

— Lao-tsu (Ancient Chinese Philosopher)

Interesting.   We tend to think of leaders as being out in front.  Or on top.  Or up on high.   I guess that’s a mistaken perspective on leadership.   As a matter of fact, I know it.

Like Lao says, leaders walk beside their people.   They’re in the trenches.   Leading by example.   Doing the things they want their people to do.   Showing the way.

They’re “Tour Guides”.   NOT “Travel Agents”.   Travel Agents SEND you on a trip.    Tour Guides GO WITH YOU and SHOW YOU THE WAY.

And this is one of the strongest ways that Unicity is Making Life Better.   The leaders we’re attracting are Real Leaders.   Mature.  Seasoned.   Steady.    At the stage of their lives and careers where they’re ready to COMMIT.

To Commit to a Mission — and to the People that will follow them on that mission.

And they’re some really heavy hitters, too!   The kind of people you hear about, read about, and wish you could sit down and talk to one day.   Well, that day has arrived!

Dave & Samantha Janvrin

"One Billion Dollars!"

How many people do you know that have literally built a Billion Dollar Downline?   These guys have done it.  The success they’ve created over the last 20 years in INSANE!   Personal income as much as $400K/month.   And they’ve helped countless people make $10,000/month to $100,000/month.

Jim Fobair

What would it say about you if you built a downline to over 1 million distributors?  Twice?   How about this:

  • that you know how to build it BIG
  • that you’re a Master Duplicator
  • that you know how to CHOOSE companies where that is even possible

Jim was the first person in HerbalLife to get to $100,000/month — ever!   And he has developed / coached / mentored so many to millionaire status that Success Magazine (the real one) honored him with the title “The Millionaire Mentor”.

I have a special appreciation for those Jim Fobair mentoring sessions.   After being exposed to so many Over-Developed and Out-of-Control Egos, it blows me away that, someone of his accomplishments calls me — literally dials MY number — to say, “hey, it’s time for a coaching session”.

Rick Jordan

It’s always good to know that your leaders are in it for the long haul.   That they’re not gonna cut and run at the first sign of trouble.   That they’re not gonna be distracted by each “shiny new object” that flashes up on the network marketing horizon.  That they’re committed to making their decision the right decision.

That’s Rick.   And he’s got 17 years in Unicity to prove it.  Through the good times and the rough times — even when everyone else quit — Rick stayed the course.  And yes, sometimes staying is stupid.   But Rick has 12 Million Reasons why Staying was the Smartest thing to do.

And it’s not just that he made $12 Million + over the last 17 years with the company.   It’s that he still has his money.   There are so many leaders that have made the money but couldn’t hold onto it.   Rick’s not only held onto it, but he’s turned it into a very impressive portfolio — over 50 restaurants, an insurance business, a carwash, and other ventures.

I really want to learn from Rick!   The discipline to build it.    The discipline to keep it.  The discipline to invest it wisely for the future.     That makes him a very special leader.

And here’s the thing — they’re all in the same upline!   Join my team — our team — and you get ALL three.   And I’m talking about cell phone number, email address level access.   As in 3way calls with YOUR prospects.    As in Private Coaching calls with YOUR team.

These guys are leaders Lao would like — they’re walking WITH us.   No, I take that back.  They’re RUNNING with us.   Because we are ON THE MOVE!

Dave, Samantha, Jim, Rick — they’re hands and knees are dirty from getting down in the trenches with us to create success.    Together, we’re shaping the Unicity Success of tomorrow.

So seriously, it’s time for you to make an Intelligent decision.   Not just because you see something shiny and flashy.   Not because you’re caught up in the hype of a BIG, LOUD promotion.

But because you are seeking substance.  Because you’re ready to make a real “business” decision.   Because you want the complete package — not the surprise of an empty box or a mixed bag.

Unicity is Making Life Better with:

  • A Solid & Established Company that you can count on to be there 5, 10, 20 years from now.
  • Uniquely Qualified Corporate Management — battle-tested business acumen + field-proven ability
  • A Mature International Expansion Philosophy that has us in 30 countries — for Real!
  • A Complete Product Story — Sizzle that get ’em in AND Diversity that keeps ’em in
  • Aggressive compensation that rewards the people who do the work — $20,000 in bonuses for new people — $182,000 in bonuses for serious builders — 20 people already over $100K/month
  • And Hall of Fame level Leaders who are Ready, Willing, and Able to create the next wave of Unicity Legacies.

If you are done with the hype, nonsense, and embarrassment of so much of what’s out there.   If you are looking to build a Real Business.    If you’re desire is a short-term success AND a long-term legacy.

Come home!

Call me right away at 347-668-9484 and let’s have a “Grown Up” conversation about network marketing possibilities.

Unicity is Making Life Better — for Real.


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One response to “Making Life Better — Real LEADership

  1. Pari Allen

    T. Gray this is a great blog!! I know as the writer of the blog it may seem awkward to include your own resume. But you too are an AWESOME leader!! You roll up your sleeves everyday for the Team! Each of you have blazed the trail and freely share your insights with us. That is PRICELESS!!

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