Winning: What’s it Take? – WAKE UP!

Don’t read this if you want to feel good about your job!

2 brothers get hired by villagers to carry water from the river to the village.   They get paid $1 per bucket.   And all day they go back and forth carrying buckets of water to the village.

Pablo realizes quickly that this is a grind.   His brother thinks he’s made the big time.

So Pablo WAKES UP!   He recognizes that he’ll only get paid for as long as he can haul buckets.  And already his back hurts, his hands hurt.   To make matters worse, it’s blazing HOT!  And he can’t take a break, because he gets paid by the bucket.

But what if he built a pipeline from the river to the village?  What if he get the water to just flow continually into the village and have the villagers pay him by the gallon?

His brother couldn’t see it — told him he was crazy — and poo poo’d all over his dream.

But Pablo went to work on it anyway.   When he finished his day of hauling buckets, he would put in a few hours on the pipeline.

It was hard work.   It took a long time – more than a year.   His brother laughed at him and flaunted all of bucket hauling money in Pablo’s face.

But Pablo stayed the course.   He was AWAKE.  He realized that long-term gain was worth a little short term pain.

In time, Pablo finished building the pipeline.   The villagers were ecstatic and paid him very well for every gallon that flowed.

Because he held to his vision … because he didn’t quit … now Pablo was getting paid more than any villager imagined they could every make — without lifting a finger!  He was getting paid today — and would get paid tomorrow — on YESTERDAY’S work!   Better yet — his kids and grandkids would continue to get paid on the pipeline he built long after he was gone!**

What’s it take to win in network marketing?   First you’ve gotta Wake Up!

Trading time for money is a grind.   Traditional jobs don’t pay a residual.   When you can’t work — when you can no longer haul buckets — the money stops flowing.  When your “back” and “hands” hurt … too bad, keep hauling.  And what’s in your future — more buckets!  Think about that during your next commute…

Traditional jobs are not “safe, guaranteed money” as your mother would like you to think!   If Pablo didn’t build the pipeline, he and his brother would eventually have been replaced by some younger guys who could haul more buckets — faster and for less money.  Then what?  Can you say “downsizing”, “work force reduction”, “layoffs”?

Seriously people, I like Robert Kiyosaki’s perspective — jobs are for a season.  They’re purpose is to fund your business.

So what’s it really take to WIN in network marketing?   Step 1 is you’ve gotta wake up.   You’ve gotta realize that it’s the best way for you to build a pipeline that will pay your family for generations.  After all, which would you prefer — a weekly paycheck that’s not even close to what you’re really worth? Or one of these…Thought so.   That flowing faucet is what residual income is like for those that, like Pablo, stick it out and finish the pipeline.   Nice, huh?  You REALLY need a pipeline!

Let’s kick this around some more this week.   Today was very fundamental.   Tomorrow we’ll get even more specific about what it takes to WIN and WIN BIG!

See you then!



T.Gray has been WINNING and helping others WIN in network marketing since 2004.   Better yet, his partners have been WINNING for decades.

If YOU’RE AWAKE, and you desire to build a pipeline of your own — a profitable and long-term networking business with residual income — we should talk.

Our track record is impeccable.   Our company & management team have the highest credibility.   Our products makes sense, sell big, and really work.   Our compensation plan pays aggressively — for new people.   Our system is something YOU can do — even while you work your current job or business.

Call me today so we can DESIGN your success.  347.668.9484.

Or go to for more information.

** Special thanks to Burk Hedges for his story, the Parable of the Pipeline which I paraphrased here.   You should read the whole thing.  Buy it here



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4 responses to “Winning: What’s it Take? – WAKE UP!

  1. Gwendolyn Malone

    Great story and so true of the daily rigors and struggles of the J-O-B. I am so glad you have exposed these truths and very excited about my future with Unicity.

  2. Momma Sherry Giron

    One man awake can change the outcome of an entire country. Does anyone remember a man name, Paul Revere?
    One man awake can awaken another,
    The second can awaken his next door neighbor.
    Three awake can rouse the town,
    And turn the whole place upside down.
    And many awake can raise such a fuss,
    That it finally awakens the rest of us.
    One man up with dawn in his eyes,
    Hope is our message and Unicity is our Home. Now go awaken your Hopes and dust off your dreams, because Work is Love Made Visible, Everyday!!
    Where are you showing your love?

  3. Great story. These are the nuggets of the industry and real eye openers for those in bondage by corporate america. Been there, done that and burned out. I am much better on this side of the fence.

  4. Pari Allen

    Anything that is defined as the “grind” paints a picture of despair for me. I am looking forward to the days of flowing faucet! I am awake!!!

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