Summer Success Series: Refuse To Accept Failure!

On May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb Mount Everest.  It was the highest mountain then known to man — 29,000 feet straight up. He was knighted for his efforts. He even made American Express card commercials because of it!

What a great Success Story!   But when you read his book, High Adventure, you get the REST of the story….

In 1952, Sir Hillary attempted to climb Mount Everest, but failed. A few weeks later a group in England asked him to address its members. Hillary walked on stage to a thunderous applause. The audience was recognizing an attempt at greatness, but Edmund Hillary saw himself as a failure. He moved away from the microphone and walked to the edge of the platform. He made a fist and pointed at a picture of the mountain.

And what he said next, is the whole story:

He said in a loud voice, “Mount Everest, you beat me the first time, but I’ll beat you the next time because you’ve grown all you are going to grow… but I’m still growing!”  And he did.

There’s the lesson — keep growing.   Keep trying and keep growing.

This applies to life and business.   If you’ve experienced some level of defeat, fallen short of your goals, or flat out failed — the trick is to not give up.  Grow bigger than your challenge.  And then come back and WIN!

I find this especially true in network marketing.   We join this industry because we have the heart to win.    We choose a company.  And sometimes we fail.

We set a goal.  And sometimes we fail.

But the key to success is to Refuse To Accept Failure.   Don’t lie down in defeat.   GROW!  How?

1.  Seek Knowledge

This world is amazing!   Everything — and I do mean EVERYTHING — you ever need to know is in a book, on an audio, on a video.   And totally within your reach on Google, iTunes, somewhere in the public domain.   And much of it is FREE!

All it takes from us is EFFORT and TIME!   Will you put forth the EFFORT to seek out and obtain the knowledge?  Will you INVEST THE TIME necessary to consume it and apply it?

If so, you will grow!

2.  Seek Coaching

What’s the best way to get through a mine field?  FOLLOW SOMEONE!

The path to success is strewn with career-ending, psyche – destroying land mines.   And every day somebody’s getting BLOWN UP!   How do you get through?  Tap into the coaching of someone who’s made it through the mine field.   There are so many of us out there who are willing to share our experience — both positive and negative — with anyone who will listen, learn and apply.

All you have to do is Plug In.   That means value the coaching, cherish the relationship, and be accountable for your activity & productivity.

3.  Get M.A.D.:  That means Make A Decision.

Sir Edmund pumped his fist at Mount Everest and said, in essence, “I’ll Be Back!”  (Thanks Arnold)

I challenge you, pump your fist at this industry, the rank advancement or volume level that you missed last month, or whatever it is that beat you, and say with fiery passion, “I’ll Be Back!   And I’ll be BIGGER when I come so Watch Out!”

Refuse to Accept Failure!  Grow!   And WIN!



Note:   I personally believe that it’s a leader’s responsibility to provide an environment where people can succeed.  My partners and I have made that commitment and have been providing that environment for years.   The success stories are great.   And we’re helping many right now to realize their highest levels of achievement ever.

If you’ve been looking for a place where you can get the knowledge you need to succeed, access quality coaching with integrity, and have a genuine opportunity to win — we need to talk right away.

You can contact me at 347-668-9484 or

You can also see the vehicle that we’re using to create success and empowerment here:



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3 responses to “Summer Success Series: Refuse To Accept Failure!

  1. Gwendolyn Malone

    Inspiring and Challenging! Thanks for your coaching and leadership.

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  3. Pari Allen

    The entire story of Sir Edmund Hillary is inspiring and challenging. I have fallen several times in business and appreciate the environment that you and the Success Team have created; where falling is just a chapter, not the final chapter.

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