Summer Success Series: No Limits!

Went for my morning walk today and it was pretty eventful.   Spent the first 15 minutes coaching my Summer Success Camp group — awesome people!   The group is growing and the excitement is building.  Summer success is imminent.

I spent the entire walk battling Texas Mosquitoes!   Big as 747s!   They have FANGS!  Tenacious — like flying pit bulls!

The rest of the time was spent with my precious iPod — and today’s selection by Richard Flint was a major blessing.

Limitations — restrictions — are self-imposed and block our creativity.

Most people have designed their lives to avoid facing themselves.   Then they blame others for what they are not.  They deny responsibility for what really is.  They get upset with what’s not going right — but won’t stop to understand that they have been working against themselves.

Wow, Richard!   Tough pills to swallow so early in the morning.   Tough but true.   By the way, Richard touched on this also:

“Most people want honesty — as long as it’s not honest!”

Ready for the truth?



Yep.  We fully use that power to choose either to succeed to our full capacity.  Or to live within self-imposed limitations. 

It’s so important that we “listen” to ourselves and put ourselves in check.   Be careful when you start talking about your “Can’t Do’s”, “Won’t Do’s”, and “Don’t Do’s”.  You just might be painting that box for you to live in so that you don’t have to “face” yourself.

Each of us has talents — God gave ’em to us all.   Just don’t be afraid to use yours.   Are you “playing it safe”  or “playing to win”?

The seed of greatness has been planted in you — let it grow wild and free!

This Summer, I’m issuing the challenge — WIN BIG!  No Limits!



Note:   I personally believe that it’s a leader’s responsibility to provide an environment where people can succeed.  My partners and I have made that commitment and have been providing that environment for years.   The success stories are great.   And we’re helping many right now to realize their highest levels of achievement ever.

If you’ve been looking for a place where you can get the knowledge you need to succeed, access quality coaching with integrity, and have a genuine opportunity to win — we need to talk right away.

You can contact me at 347-668-9484 or

You can also see the vehicle that we’re using to create success and empowerment here



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3 responses to “Summer Success Series: No Limits!

  1. Tallice

    Today, I choose to remove the limits from my DREAMS…forget about the sky being the limit, I’ve adopted a NO LIMIT philosophy!!! Thanks T!

  2. Today will be a “Can Do”, “Will Do” Day! Time to step out of my Comfort Zone!

  3. I seem to live in this statement ” Are you “playing it safe” or “playing to win”? Mostly I play it safe! Time to take a leap of faith and play to win more out of life. Thanks for the help. T. Gray

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