Summer Success Series: No Limits 2

Another great day has begun!   More Summer Success Camp.   More Walking.  More Mosquitoes!  (ok, that part’s not so great!)

And more listening to positive stuff on my iPod.  (A note to all “leaders”:  Remember what goes in comes out….)

Let’s chat a little more on where the limitations in our lives come from.  Why?  The first step is always Awareness.   When we can see the demon — when we know it’s there — we can SLAY it!

So let’s get to Slayin’!

Yesterday, we touched on the fact that most people want honesty — as long as it’s not too honest.   Akin to that is that most people don’t want to face themselves — to deal with their responsibility for creating their circumstances.   So what do they do?

They run!

When you can’t face yourself, you always run by blaming others.  It’s amazing how some spend their whole life avoiding themselves. They run from place to place trying to find the magic but they miss the truth — the magic is in believing in yourself!

Limitations also come from following the script that others have written for your life. Parents, society, even religious leaders — there are so many places where we find definitions for who we are supposed to be.    Write your own script.  Get with your Creator to see what talents he’s given you and put inside you.   And then walk in those talents to create a life with no regrets.

Indecision also creates limitations.
The inability to decide leads to paralysis — doing nothing.    And when you do nothing things don’t stay the same — the landscape is always moving … even when you’re not!   So you’ve gotta advance and get better just to maintain your position.   I have this little saying “Indecision is a Killer”.   And it really is!

So again, I’m challenging all of you — my friends — What would you do differently with your life if you weren’t afraid?

Live your life with No Limits!

This Summer, let’s take off the shackles and sow seeds of greatness that we will harvest this Fall and for the rest of our lives.   Call or email me, I’d love to help.



Note:   I personally believe that it’s a leader’s responsibility to provide an environment where people can succeed.  My partners and I have made that commitment and have been providing that environment for years.   The success stories are great.   And we’re helping many right now to realize their highest levels of achievement ever.

If you’ve been looking for a place where you can get the knowledge you need to succeed, access quality coaching with integrity, and have a genuine opportunity to win — we need to talk right away.

You can contact me at 347-668-9484 or

You can also see the vehicle that we’re using to create success and empowerment here



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3 responses to “Summer Success Series: No Limits 2

  1. I’ve read this post so many times this last month that I’ve lost count. I always go back to the man in the mirror! It’s good to reflect and see the a ha moment when I figured out I’m just hidding from myself and the abilities that I was given from above. It’s time to put work into action and create a better world for everyone. Summer Success Camp is a great place to be to grow personally and financially. Thanks, T. Gray

  2. Tallice

    Yes sir!!! No longer will I allow anyone else to write MY script!! I choose to become the MAN I was created to be!!

    Coach T – you are greatly appreciated!!

  3. Gwendolyn Malone

    Thank you for the inspiration and coaching, it is so freeing when you choose to make a decision and I have decided to win.

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