Summer Success Series: Get Ready!

“It’s not the will to win but the will to prepare to win that matters most!”

Oh yeah,  that’s good!   That’s the good stuff, right there…

Kinda goes along with:

“Everybody wants the ring, but nobody wants to go to training camp!”

There are lots of people with talent out there.  There are many with skill.   But the one who will win the game is always the one who’s willing to put the most work into getting ready for it.

Just remember:

“You can never get more on the outside than you have prepared yourself for on the inside!”

So how do you prepare to win the game of life and business?  Invest in Yourself.

It’s been said that the greatest Return On Investment will come when you invest in yourself.   Here are a couple of ways to do it:

1. Commit to Personal Development

In life you will be the sum total of the People You Associate With, The Books You Read, and The CDs/DVDs You Listen to or Watch.   Bottom line:   You are who you hang around.   Best part is, YOU get to choose.  So why not choose to hang around super achievers in your industry? Why not choose to be in the company of some of the most positive people on earth, like Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Artemis Lampert, and so many others?

After all, for life to get better, you’ve gotta get better.  And we all get better by hanging around better people!

2. Team up with a Coach/Mentor who has achieved what you want and who has your best interests at heart

Michael Jordan and Kobe each had Phil Jackson.   Venus and Serena had Richard.   And Kareem Abdul Jabar had John Wooden.

Is it a coincidence that the “best” have had the best coaches?   Absolutely not!   It’s part of the success equation — you’ve gotta have a good coach.   And you’ve gotta be coachable so they can bring out the best in you.   So it’s important that you choose a coach who has your best interests at heart so that you can accept and surrender to their honesty, candor, and direction.

3.  Exercise

There’s something about getting your blood running that helps you think clearly … that energizes you … that gives you a fresh and positive outlook.   Completing daily or regular exercise gives you a sense of accomplishment that makes you feel better about yourself and your world.   And when you feel better about you + have a positive outlook, people want to be around you. Do business with you.   Follow you.

See how it all works together?

So this Summer, let’s take our game to the next level by putting in the time … putting in the work … making the investment …. in ourselves!

Prepare to Win!


What’s your secret to getting ready?   How do you get prepared to win?   Post a Comment and share with us!

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Note:   I personally believe that it’s a leader’s responsibility to provide an environment where people can succeed.  My partners and I have made that commitment and have been providing that environment for years.   The success stories are great.   And we’re helping many right now to realize their highest levels of achievement ever.

If you’ve been looking for a place where you can get the knowledge you need to succeed, access quality coaching with integrity, and have a genuine opportunity to win — we need to talk right away.

You can contact me at 347-668-9484 or

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2 responses to “Summer Success Series: Get Ready!

  1. Julie Krueger

    I certainly would like the ring! (my ring is a new house roof) So, it’s off to work I go, remembering that I must pay the full price. I am enjoying the summer success camp and like being held accountable for my goals. There is great power in having a true leader who leads by example. Thanks T. Gray for leading/training me and so many others!

  2. Pari Allen

    The mental fast that you suggested has really been helpful for me. I am replacing idle time with reading and listening to motivational materials. And when it comes to having a mentor/coach that has my best interest at heart; you are definitely the man! Now, that exercising…………… 🙂 Seriously, I accept and agree with your post and dream about the results that will come from working hard in training camp.

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