Summer Success Series: Do The Work!

The top 2% work all day as if everyone was watching

— even when no one is watching!

Remember the children’s story of the little red hen who was going to bake a cake.  She went to all the other farm animals to see who would help her  — but everyone conveniently had something else to do.   But when the cake was ready — and they could smell the results — everyone wanted to eat some.

Isn’t it sad that most of us are like that?  We want the reward — but without the work?

And that’s the reason so many live average lives with average results.   And never achieve the greatness that is within them.

They simply fail to do the work.

Just like the farm animals in the story, they look busy.   But they don’t know the difference between “activity” and “productivity”.

In my industry of network marketing, EVERYONE CAN SUCCEED.   It’s the only truly level playing field I know of in business.   But sadly EVERYONE WON’T.  What’s the difference maker?  The determining factor?  DOING THE WORK!

So many are confused.  They behave as if they thought is was “Not-work marketing” instead of “Net-work marketing”.   They get in.  Pay their money.  Get their products/services.   Make one or two phone calls.    And go watch tv.   Then they start watching the mailbox for their million dollar check.

They want Success BEFORE Work!   And you’ve heard it already, but the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary!

Just like anything else, there’s work involved.   The work may be simpler, done from home, and get easier over time due to duplication — but it’s work, nonetheless.  And it needs to be done.   The equation must be satisfied.

Those that do the work — pay their dues — finish first and finish BIG.    They pay the price for success in full and upfront.  It’s the only way.

This applies in every industry.   You’ve gotta do the work.    And you have to do it well.

Whether you work for someone else, yourself, or both, you need to answer this question, “What kind of worker are you?”

Are you self-motivated, self-directed and driven?   Then you’ll go to the top for sure.

Do you need constant prodding, supervision, and reminders?  Until you make the decision to change this, you will put on a mediocre chase for success.

Opportunity comes dressed in work clothes.

This simply means that in order for you to realize your dreams and goals — and take your family to the next level — you’re gonna have to do the work.

Do you REALLY want Success?

Remember drag queen / pop star,  RuPaul.   Because he said it best,

“You Better Work!”

Coach T


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6 responses to “Summer Success Series: Do The Work!

  1. Annette Davis


    Your post is so very timely! I just put in a very long day for Allstate – first half of it in meetings and then I felt the need to make up the time away from my desk before leaving. I gave more than 110% to corporate America and didn’t do the exact same for Unicity. You are all in my face this week, but I thank you for that because the truth hurts but it helps and that is where my gratefulness is.
    And then you came back tonight and appreciated us, even with some of our shortfalls today, and brought us back to focus on what is really important to us, our goals and duplicating to SUCCESS. Thanks so much I really needed this.

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  3. It amazes me how I give 120% to my full time employeer and don’t think a thing about it. And when it comes to my own business, I’m only running on about 50%. Where’s my logic there. Yet I’m in the catagory of people expecting 110% return. Thanks for the wake up call T. I need to pay the full price at both places.

  4. Gwendolyn Malone

    Wow! Once again, you knocked it out the park. Keeping that consistent, persistent push on is the only way to make it to the top. Thanks coach.

  5. Jason Ferrell

    You are right T, everyone wants to eat, but no-one wants to cook. Your coaching has been a blessing and the one thing that I will always remember is when you said. “Rewards come to those that deserve it, not those who just want it”.

  6. Pari Allen


    Identifying the difference between activity and productivity will take my business to the next level. Your post are so “in my face” this week; I LOVE IT!! And the RuPaul reference will keep me smiling all day!

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