Summer Success Series: See It To Believe It!

“You’ve Gotta See It To Believe It!”

True!   When you can see the goal, you can reach it.   When you can see the target, you can hit it.   When you can see the prize, you can obtain it.

But what does “Seeing” it really mean?

The Dream.   You’ve gotta have one.   A Dream.  A Vision.  It needs to live in your mind’s eye first, and then you’ll be able to go for it.

Your dreams can pull you toward your goals.   They provide the daily drive — the daily fire — that will propel you to take the actions necessary for those dreams to become reality.

The problem:   Most people have stopped dreaming.

Remember when we were kids?   We had such BIG dreams!  Nothing was impossible.   Nothing was too grand or too far-fetched.

And then we grew up…

And suddenly there were “limitations”.  Somebody taught us to be “realistic”.  We forgot that we had the power to “create” reality.

It’s sad.  Without dreams — you’re dead.  You merely exist — going through the motions daily until you body catches up with your imagination and …. dies.

So I’m daring you to dream again.   In color.  BIG.  Unlimited.

And as clear as day.

You have to be able to see the future finished in advance.   You have to see the finish line while you’re running the race.   Only then will you be able to pay the price of success.

What is YOUR dream?   I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Take a minute to hit the comment button at the end of this article and let me know what you think about the struggle to dream and to make the dreams come true.



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4 responses to “Summer Success Series: See It To Believe It!

  1. From the “pink heart” attachment I received today (June23) here is a quote that goes along with the dream theme:
    If you want your dreams to come true, you mustn’t oversleep. (I needed that one!)

  2. When I really want a dream to come true I go over and over it in my mind. I write it on paper and write various ways it can be accomplished. Like in May. Each day I would print out my genealogy report and add up the ov of each team member and each leg. I would write it down and figure what we needed to do to bring up the volume. I made lists. I thought about my goal of 10,000 constantly, when doing other chores, when driving, shopping, it was always on my mind. I think when a person really really wants something, they find a way to get it. And I always knew that if it were something good, that God had put that goal in my heart and He would make it come true for me IF I would do my part. Just my way.

  3. Somehow I forgot that I had the power to “create” my own reality. I also quit dreaming, especially in color: It’s time to Dream of my coat of many colors again! Thanks for the reminder T. May we all Dream Big!

  4. Jason Ferrell

    You are right. I definately had Big Dreams as a kid. As I got older, I became content and without realizing it, I gave up on my Dreams. You know life got in the way, Im doing better than others, or I should be Happy with what I have. This is what I told myself. Thanks to you and Unicity, I can Dream Again, I now have hope, and faith that my Dreams will be a reality. Thanks…

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