Summer Success Series: The Choice is YOURS!

If you haven’t been listening to Jim Rohn’s stuff, I highly recommend you start yesterday!   This dude is blowing my mind every day.   Ok.  Ok.  I’m sharing…. here’s today’s bomb:

What makes human beings special amongst all living things on the planet?

We alone have the Power to Choose!

Unfortunately, it’s that power to choose that makes us special in another category:

Humans are the only species on the planet that grow to only Half of their full potential!

Ouch!   But it’s true.   Trees don’t stretch their roots halfway — they go as far as they can.  Alligators, birds, dogs, elephants all grow to their full potential.

Humans grow physically to their full potential — but only because that’s the one thing we don’t have any choice over.

However, when it comes to maximizing ourselves and our accomplishments — and doing ALL that we are capable of doing … being ALL that we are capable of being — the majority of us never realize our full potential.

Why?  Because we choose not to.

Now of course, nobody consciously says, “I’m only gonna be half of what I could be”.  (Maybe some do, come to think of it.)    But here’s how we stunt our development — by our Daily Choices.

You see, here’s what success is:

“Simple Disciplines Repeated Daily”

and here’s what failure is:

“Simple Errors in Judgment Repeated Daily”

Each day, we get to make choices — to do the things we should … or not to.   It’s really that simple.

The choice to get up early and exercise … or not to.   (I mess this one up wayyyy too often!)

The choice to listen to audios or read books that empower and grow you … or not to.

The choice to spend time with your children … or not to.

The choice to challenge your children … or not to.

The choice to share your product or your business opportunity … or not to.

The choice to go the extra mile … or to do just enough to get by.

The reality is, doing the things we should is “easy”.   Jim’s definition of “easy” is that it’s something that we can do.   If we can do it, then it’s easy.

We can do all of those things.   That means they’re easy to do.

The challenge is:

“What’s easy to do, is often easy not to do.”

And the thing about those simple errors in judgment is that you don’t get the results right away.   They kinda sneak up on you over time!   It’s like one day you wake up and your 25 pounds overweight … broke … fired … your kids in full blown rebellion … and you wonder how you got there.    Simple Errors in Judgment repeated daily — go back and check the list.

(The good news?   Simple Disciplines work exactly the same way…)

Geez!   What an indictment!

Ok, folks!  Time to get it together!  What do you say we make a pact?  A group commitment to each other?

“From this moment forward, I vow to be ALL that I can be.  To do ALL that I can do.    To choose Simple Disciplines Daily (Success) over Simple Errors in Judgment (Failure).  To make the “Easy” choice of doing the things that will help me realize my full potential!”

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel better, stronger, and more empowered already!  Do you?

Then let’s get back to creating Summer Success!

See ya tomorrow…


P.S., Seriously – Post a Comment — wanna hear what you’ve gotta say… it’s “easy” to do…

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4 responses to “Summer Success Series: The Choice is YOURS!

  1. I believe that the reason we are “here” is to learn to live up to the potential that God created us for. I believe that each of us has a mission here on earth that we were created to fulfill. And you are right, T, sometimes the things we are supposed to do seem hard. I know that I tend to put off things I deem “hard” and that I do the “easy” things instead.

    However, I have found that the things that seem hard to do for me, just seem that way because I think I “can’t”. So if I want to progress I have to train myself to be like the Little Engine that Could and train myself to “think I can”. And the best way for me to “know” I can is to just do it! Like just pick up the phone and call that person and not stop to think,”oh he/she is such an important person, what will he/she think of me!” You know, it doesn’t matter what he/she thinks of me. Because the only thing that matters is what I think of me and what God knows of me…..and that I keep on trying to live up to my potential without fear. Junelle

  2. Julie Krueger

    I’m in!

  3. Jason Ferrell

    Just like Jim Rohn said, its the setting of the sails that allows us to accomplish our goals. We do have choices that we all need to make and most the time we have no control of what gets in our way. It doesnt matter which way the wind blows and long as you make a choice to set the Sails to go in the direction you want to go. This is the EAZY choice that we need to make.

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