Charles’ Blood Sugar down to 84 with Bios Life Slim!

More Documented Results: Charles in Charlotte, NC just got back from the doctor — After 90 days of using Bios Life Slim, he’s lost 40 lbs … his HbA1C is down from 6.5 to 5.9 …. his Blood Pressure is down from 145/85 to 116/65 … and his Blood Sugar levels are down from 106 to 84!

Bios Life Slim — Results that can be proven with a Blood Test!

Everyday = NEW stories of people Getting Their Lives Back with Bios Life Slim! IT’S TIME FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY/FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME! Contact me today!

For more information about Bios Life Slim, contact T.Gray at 713.581.4555 or

T.Gray is looking for Sharp, Opportunity-Minded Professionals who wouldn’t mind creating a powerful income stream while getting the word out about Bios Life Slim, the Make Life Better Transformation Program, and Unicity International.   No Geographic Limitations.  Serious inquiries only.   Use the contact information above, or click here to learn more about T.Gray (

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