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The A/C Guy’s Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, and Weight are DOWN!

CHECK THIS OUT! Just got a phone call from Randall, the guy who fixed my A/C.   He’s been using Bios Life Slim since July, he just came from the doctor — his Total Cholesterol is down from 214 to 144; his Bad Cholesterol (LDL) is down from 149 to 86; and his HbA1C (Glucose) is down from 13.8 to 6.1!!! And he lost 10 lbs!

LISTEN, this isn’t just weight loss … this man feels infinitely better — he got his life back, his daughter got her daddy back, and his wife got her husband back — and, of course, he just joined my team!

Want some down arrows on your bloodwork? And some up arrows on your bank statement? LET’S TALK ASAP!

For more information about Bios Life Slim, contact T.Gray at 713.581.4555 or
T.Gray is looking for Sharp, Opportunity-Minded Professionals who wouldn’t mind creating a powerful income stream while getting the word out about Bios Life Slim, the Make Life Better Transformation Program, and Unicity International.   No Geographic Limitations.  Serious inquiries only.   Use the contact information above, or click here to learn more about T.Gray (

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Betty’s Blood Pressure — Down After 30 Years of Meds!

So Excited! My friend Betty from Dallas has been using Bios Life Slim … her Blood Pressure went from 150/90 to 110/66 — She was on Blood Pressure meds for 30 years & couldn’t achieve that! Now the doc is starting to take her off the meds! Plus her Cholesterol is down 10 points!


For more information about Bios Life Slim, contact T.Gray at 713.581.4555 or
T.Gray is looking for Sharp, Opportunity-Minded Professionals who wouldn’t mind creating a powerful income stream while getting the word out about Bios Life Slim, the Make Life Better Transformation Program, and Unicity International.   No Geographic Limitations.  Serious inquiries only.   Use the contact information above, or click here to learn more about T.Gray (

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Charles’ Blood Sugar down to 84 with Bios Life Slim!

More Documented Results: Charles in Charlotte, NC just got back from the doctor — After 90 days of using Bios Life Slim, he’s lost 40 lbs … his HbA1C is down from 6.5 to 5.9 …. his Blood Pressure is down from 145/85 to 116/65 … and his Blood Sugar levels are down from 106 to 84!

Bios Life Slim — Results that can be proven with a Blood Test!

Everyday = NEW stories of people Getting Their Lives Back with Bios Life Slim! IT’S TIME FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY/FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME! Contact me today!

For more information about Bios Life Slim, contact T.Gray at 713.581.4555 or

T.Gray is looking for Sharp, Opportunity-Minded Professionals who wouldn’t mind creating a powerful income stream while getting the word out about Bios Life Slim, the Make Life Better Transformation Program, and Unicity International.   No Geographic Limitations.  Serious inquiries only.   Use the contact information above, or click here to learn more about T.Gray (

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Save a Life: How to Identify a Stroke

I received this via email and thought it could be a blessing to one of my friends:

During a BBQ, a friend stumbled and  took a little fall – she assured everyone that she was fine  (they offered to call paramedics) .she said she had just  tripped over a brick because of her new shoes.

They got  her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she  appeared a bit shaken up, Ingrid went about enjoying herself  the rest of the evening

Ingrid’s husband called later  telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital  – (at 6:00 PM Ingrid passed away.) She had suffered a stroke  at the BBQ. Had they known how to identify the signs of a  stroke, perhaps Ingrid would be with us today. Some don’t die.  They end up in a helpless, hopeless condition  instead.

It only takes a minute to read  this…

A neurologist says that if he can get to a  stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the  effects of a stroke…totally. He said the trick was  getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed, and then getting the  patient medically cared for within 3 hours, which is  tough.


Thank God for the  sense to remember the ‘3’ steps, STR . Read and  Learn!
Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to  identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells  disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage  when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a  stroke.

STROKE:Remember  the 1st Three Letters….S.T.R.
Four letters…S.T.R.O.

Now  doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three  simple questions:

S  *Ask  the individual to SMILE.
T  *Ask  the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE  (Coherently)
(I.e. It is sunny out  today.)
R*Ask  him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

If  he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call  emergency numberimmediatelyand describe the symptoms to  the dispatcher.

New  Sign of a Stroke ——– Stick O*UT Your  Tongue

NOTE:  Another ‘sign’ of a stroke is this: Ask the person to ‘stick’  out his tongue.. If the tongue is ‘crooked’, if it goes to one  side or the other,that  is also an indication of a stroke.

A  cardiologist says if everyone who gets this e-mail sends it to  10 people; you can bet that at least one life will be  saved.


Save even more lives … take this important online survey:


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Summer Success Series: “… it’s because you THINK that way!”

The Summer Success Camp Team and I had a really good one last night.    This was the HOT question:

“Why do you make what you make?”

As in, if you earn $50,000/year – why do you earn $50,000/year?    If you earn, $75,000 – 100,000/year — why?

The burning answer that nobody enjoyed:  “Because you THINK like a person who earns $50,000, $75,000, or $100,000/year!”

The follow-on question was even less fun:  “Why aren’t you a millionaire?”

The less delightful answer:


After letting the team stew and steam on this for a minute, we dug into the deeper explanation.

All of us are where we are because of our THOUGHTS — the way we THINK.  Most of us never realize it, but there is a direct link between the way that we think and the results we get.   It goes like this:

Your THOUGHTS — what you think about all the time — create your BELIEFS.

Your BELIEFS — what you think you KNOW to be True or Not True — determine your ACTIONS.

Your ACTIONS — what you DO or DON’T DO, WILL DO or WON’T DO — create your RESULTS — or lack of RESULTS — which, of course, are also …. RESULTS!

Your RESULTS — are what YOU GET or, you guessed it, DON’T GET!

We often ask the question,

“How did I get to this place?”

Now it’s time to realize the cause … it was your thinking.   And if you sit quietly and reflect honestly over the all the decisions you made (or didn’t make) on the path to your current situation, you’ll realize that it was your fundamental THINKING that lead you to your current results — good or bad.

Most people don’t want to believe this when the current result is a bad one.  They’d like to believe that there are other people and circumstances to blame.  I used to be that way too.   Accepting ultimate responsibility for a lack of results or a bad situation was a tough pill to swallow initially.

But I’ve come to love it this way.  Why?

Well, just think — if it’s SOMEONE ELSE’S fault, then you have to wait on THEM to fix it.   That means YOU are HELPLESS to effect a change in your situation.  And that pretty much makes you a VICTIM.

But if it’s YOUR fault … YOUR ultimate responsibility, then YOU can fix it.  You don’t have to wait on anyone.   The POWER to create change, and the ability to determine WHEN change will begin, rests entirely with YOU!

Now do you see why I like it this way?

So how do you create change?

First, realize that it’s not a Linear equation.   It’s actually a Cycle.  Like this:

This is very important to understand.   Since it’s a cycle, it REINFORCES itself.

Your THOUGHTS determine what you BELIEVE.

What you BELIEVE determines your ACTIONS — what you DO, DON’T DO, WILL DO, & WON’T DO.

Your ACTIONS create your RESULTS — what you GET or DON’T GET.

And your RESULTS either CONFIRM or INVALIDATE your THOUGHTS which determines whether you get more of what you been getting or make changes.

Since it all springs from THOUGHTS, the key is you have to Take Control and Change the way you THINK.

Let’s face it, when it comes to our THINKING, there’s not one of us who couldn’t use an upgrade.

And like I challenged the group, if you THINK BETTER, you’ll get BETTER RESULTS.

If you THINK BIGGER, you’ll also get BIGGER RESULTS.

Why are Millionaires millionaires?  Because they THINK like Millionaires.   Think like a Millionaire and you’ll start to get millionaire results.

So how do you get BIGGER, BETTER THINKING?


Programming is WHY WE THINK WHAT WE THINK.    We all got our initial programming from our parents, school, church, the books we read, the shows we watched, the movies we’ve seen.

It’s actually part of the cycle … like this:

So now that you’re an adult, the solution is simple:

Take Control of Your Programming

Wanna be a Millionaire?  Get some Millionaire programming.   There are tons of books, cds, and dvds out there by Napoleon Hill, T.Harv Eker, Brian Tracy and others that will enlighten you and help you learn new thoughts and change your beliefs.

Wanna be Successful? Get Success Programming!   Wanna be a better husband, wife, parent, friend, employee, gardener, whatever?  UPGRADE YOUR PROGRAMMING.



CHANGE your BELIEFS and YOU WILL TAKE DIFFERENT ACTIONS — you’ll have a NEW set of DOs, DON’Ts, WILLs, and WON’Ts.


And when they ask you why you get what you get, you can tell them ….

… it’s because I THINK this way!



Whew!  That was a lot!   But EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS REQUIRE EXTRAORDINARY ACTIONS … so this whole “Upgrade Journey” is both necessary and worth it!

As you grow and change, you’ll want an outlet for all of your newly developed positive energy.   You’ll want something where your results can truly be commensurate with your Thinking and Actions.

I’ve found such a thing.   We’re having fun.  We’re growing.   We’re making a difference in people’s lives.   And we’re making money.

Might be for you.  Might not be.   Take a look anyway.

Be sure to fill out the contact information form so that you can see the actual website…


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Summer Success Series: The Choice is YOURS!

If you haven’t been listening to Jim Rohn’s stuff, I highly recommend you start yesterday!   This dude is blowing my mind every day.   Ok.  Ok.  I’m sharing…. here’s today’s bomb:

What makes human beings special amongst all living things on the planet?

We alone have the Power to Choose!

Unfortunately, it’s that power to choose that makes us special in another category:

Humans are the only species on the planet that grow to only Half of their full potential!

Ouch!   But it’s true.   Trees don’t stretch their roots halfway — they go as far as they can.  Alligators, birds, dogs, elephants all grow to their full potential.

Humans grow physically to their full potential — but only because that’s the one thing we don’t have any choice over.

However, when it comes to maximizing ourselves and our accomplishments — and doing ALL that we are capable of doing … being ALL that we are capable of being — the majority of us never realize our full potential.

Why?  Because we choose not to.

Now of course, nobody consciously says, “I’m only gonna be half of what I could be”.  (Maybe some do, come to think of it.)    But here’s how we stunt our development — by our Daily Choices.

You see, here’s what success is:

“Simple Disciplines Repeated Daily”

and here’s what failure is:

“Simple Errors in Judgment Repeated Daily”

Each day, we get to make choices — to do the things we should … or not to.   It’s really that simple.

The choice to get up early and exercise … or not to.   (I mess this one up wayyyy too often!)

The choice to listen to audios or read books that empower and grow you … or not to.

The choice to spend time with your children … or not to.

The choice to challenge your children … or not to.

The choice to share your product or your business opportunity … or not to.

The choice to go the extra mile … or to do just enough to get by.

The reality is, doing the things we should is “easy”.   Jim’s definition of “easy” is that it’s something that we can do.   If we can do it, then it’s easy.

We can do all of those things.   That means they’re easy to do.

The challenge is:

“What’s easy to do, is often easy not to do.”

And the thing about those simple errors in judgment is that you don’t get the results right away.   They kinda sneak up on you over time!   It’s like one day you wake up and your 25 pounds overweight … broke … fired … your kids in full blown rebellion … and you wonder how you got there.    Simple Errors in Judgment repeated daily — go back and check the list.

(The good news?   Simple Disciplines work exactly the same way…)

Geez!   What an indictment!

Ok, folks!  Time to get it together!  What do you say we make a pact?  A group commitment to each other?

“From this moment forward, I vow to be ALL that I can be.  To do ALL that I can do.    To choose Simple Disciplines Daily (Success) over Simple Errors in Judgment (Failure).  To make the “Easy” choice of doing the things that will help me realize my full potential!”

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel better, stronger, and more empowered already!  Do you?

Then let’s get back to creating Summer Success!

See ya tomorrow…


P.S., Seriously – Post a Comment — wanna hear what you’ve gotta say… it’s “easy” to do…

Had fun with T.Gray today?   Feeling empowered and looking for a vehicle to channel your positive energy into Real Results?
Click here


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Summer Success Series: Protect Your Mind!

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

Remember that slogan from the Anti-Drug use campaign?   Simple but powerful.

But you don’t have to be on drugs to waste your mind.   Your mind can get wasted just as bad — if not worse — by negativity and bad influences.

The most important asset you have in your success journey is your mind, your psyche.    If you become what you think about all the time … if what you focus on expands … if you’re ultimate results are driven by how you respond and think about what happens to you …

… then your mind and the “shape” that it’s in is critical.

Attitude is everything.

You’ve heard that one a million times.   But what determines attitude?  Your mind.  Your predominant thoughts.   Your beliefs.   Your feelings.    All of which determine your Actions (or Inactions).   Which, of course, create your Results.

But it all starts with Thought.   And when it comes to Thoughts, GIGO is unforgivingly true — Garbage In Garbage Out.

Where does the “garbage” come from?   This list is painfully long — television, movies, radio, music, trashy novels, negative people (friends, family, spouses, co-workers, religious leaders, etc.), negative life experiences that you haven’t put in context, and the list goes on.

The battle for your mind is constantly raging….


Here’s the good news:  Each of us can take control of what goes into our mind.   We can hire a new gatekeeper — a Goalie even! — to keep the Garbage and the Negativity out.   And only let the Empowering and Positive stuff in.

After all, your ultimate outcome in life will be the sum total of the people you associate with and the books/audios/videos you read/listen to/watch.    But YOU are in control!

This Summer I challenge you to Clean House!   Eliminate and/or limit all sources of negativity.   And make an “Active Choice” to identify sources of Empowerment and Positive Personal Development — and FEAST on that!

With a strong diet of Positive & Empowering, you’ll be amazed at your results.    Your life will change almost before your eyes — first, because you’ll be Seeing your world differently, and later because it will actually BECOME different.

You’re world and results will be different because you will be different — more positive, more enthusiastic, more encouraging, more solution-oriented, more possibility-minded — and, ultimately, more attractive.   And that attraction will begin to draw to you the people, circumstances, and opportunities that will create your best results ever!

Protect Your Mind — it’s your ticket to ride!


(Go ahead, Post a Comment!   Share your thoughts on this topic …. )


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