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Summer Success Series: “… it’s because you THINK that way!”

The Summer Success Camp Team and I had a really good one last night.    This was the HOT question:

“Why do you make what you make?”

As in, if you earn $50,000/year – why do you earn $50,000/year?    If you earn, $75,000 – 100,000/year — why?

The burning answer that nobody enjoyed:  “Because you THINK like a person who earns $50,000, $75,000, or $100,000/year!”

The follow-on question was even less fun:  “Why aren’t you a millionaire?”

The less delightful answer:


After letting the team stew and steam on this for a minute, we dug into the deeper explanation.

All of us are where we are because of our THOUGHTS — the way we THINK.  Most of us never realize it, but there is a direct link between the way that we think and the results we get.   It goes like this:

Your THOUGHTS — what you think about all the time — create your BELIEFS.

Your BELIEFS — what you think you KNOW to be True or Not True — determine your ACTIONS.

Your ACTIONS — what you DO or DON’T DO, WILL DO or WON’T DO — create your RESULTS — or lack of RESULTS — which, of course, are also …. RESULTS!

Your RESULTS — are what YOU GET or, you guessed it, DON’T GET!

We often ask the question,

“How did I get to this place?”

Now it’s time to realize the cause … it was your thinking.   And if you sit quietly and reflect honestly over the all the decisions you made (or didn’t make) on the path to your current situation, you’ll realize that it was your fundamental THINKING that lead you to your current results — good or bad.

Most people don’t want to believe this when the current result is a bad one.  They’d like to believe that there are other people and circumstances to blame.  I used to be that way too.   Accepting ultimate responsibility for a lack of results or a bad situation was a tough pill to swallow initially.

But I’ve come to love it this way.  Why?

Well, just think — if it’s SOMEONE ELSE’S fault, then you have to wait on THEM to fix it.   That means YOU are HELPLESS to effect a change in your situation.  And that pretty much makes you a VICTIM.

But if it’s YOUR fault … YOUR ultimate responsibility, then YOU can fix it.  You don’t have to wait on anyone.   The POWER to create change, and the ability to determine WHEN change will begin, rests entirely with YOU!

Now do you see why I like it this way?

So how do you create change?

First, realize that it’s not a Linear equation.   It’s actually a Cycle.  Like this:

This is very important to understand.   Since it’s a cycle, it REINFORCES itself.

Your THOUGHTS determine what you BELIEVE.

What you BELIEVE determines your ACTIONS — what you DO, DON’T DO, WILL DO, & WON’T DO.

Your ACTIONS create your RESULTS — what you GET or DON’T GET.

And your RESULTS either CONFIRM or INVALIDATE your THOUGHTS which determines whether you get more of what you been getting or make changes.

Since it all springs from THOUGHTS, the key is you have to Take Control and Change the way you THINK.

Let’s face it, when it comes to our THINKING, there’s not one of us who couldn’t use an upgrade.

And like I challenged the group, if you THINK BETTER, you’ll get BETTER RESULTS.

If you THINK BIGGER, you’ll also get BIGGER RESULTS.

Why are Millionaires millionaires?  Because they THINK like Millionaires.   Think like a Millionaire and you’ll start to get millionaire results.

So how do you get BIGGER, BETTER THINKING?


Programming is WHY WE THINK WHAT WE THINK.    We all got our initial programming from our parents, school, church, the books we read, the shows we watched, the movies we’ve seen.

It’s actually part of the cycle … like this:

So now that you’re an adult, the solution is simple:

Take Control of Your Programming

Wanna be a Millionaire?  Get some Millionaire programming.   There are tons of books, cds, and dvds out there by Napoleon Hill, T.Harv Eker, Brian Tracy and others that will enlighten you and help you learn new thoughts and change your beliefs.

Wanna be Successful? Get Success Programming!   Wanna be a better husband, wife, parent, friend, employee, gardener, whatever?  UPGRADE YOUR PROGRAMMING.



CHANGE your BELIEFS and YOU WILL TAKE DIFFERENT ACTIONS — you’ll have a NEW set of DOs, DON’Ts, WILLs, and WON’Ts.


And when they ask you why you get what you get, you can tell them ….

… it’s because I THINK this way!



Whew!  That was a lot!   But EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS REQUIRE EXTRAORDINARY ACTIONS … so this whole “Upgrade Journey” is both necessary and worth it!

As you grow and change, you’ll want an outlet for all of your newly developed positive energy.   You’ll want something where your results can truly be commensurate with your Thinking and Actions.

I’ve found such a thing.   We’re having fun.  We’re growing.   We’re making a difference in people’s lives.   And we’re making money.

Might be for you.  Might not be.   Take a look anyway.

Be sure to fill out the contact information form so that you can see the actual website…



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Summer Success Series: Failure Isn’t Final!

Missed me?  Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July weekend!  Let’s jump back into our Summer Success Series with a very important topic … FAILURE!

A friend of mine who’s considering getting involved with my networking business asked me a question this weekend,

“What does the average person make in your business?”

And he was shocked by my answer …. “NOTHING!”

I explained that Average People come into the business with Average People Habits and Average People Work Ethic and Average People Dedication.   This makes them do Average People Things — in spite of the fact that they’re receiving direction from Above Average coaches.

So as soon as they experience a “failure” — a setback, someone says no — or worse, gives them a hard time — what do they do?  They Quit!

Unfortunately, this is true on a widespread basis.   For the masses, Failure is indeed Final.    They’ll step out and give their own achievement one half-hearted try, experience failure, and pull back into their shell like a turtle.

Don’t wanna be “Average”?   Know in your heart and soul that you’ve got GREATNESS welling up inside you?   Ready to break out and truly be ALL that you can be?

Here are some quick words of wisdom:

‘Successful Millionaires have had on average 10 Failed Businesses on their way to Ultimate Success…’ — Rich Dad  (Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Ok, so you don’t actually have to fail 10 times.    You just have to be willing to.  You can’t be willing to succeed ONLY IF IT’S EASY!   You’ve gotta be willing to walk the tough road.   Like a woman who wants to joy of motherhood, you have to be willing to go through 9 months of pregnancy!  After all …

“…throughout human history, The Promised Land has ALWAYS been on the OTHER side of the Wilderness!” — Richard Flint

There’s no Success without Struggle, people.   It’s part of what makes the success SWEET!   You won’t win ALL of the battles on the way to your ultimate victory.   But as long as you keep getting back up, you have another shot at the BIG WIN!

If you follow me on Facebook, you saw this yesterday…

“Greatness lives on the edge of Destruction.” — Will Smith, on Oprah

Exactly, Will!   There’s no Reward without the Risk! You’ve gotta put it out there — put yourself out there — in order to achieve the reward worth having!

The late great, Jim Rohn, cracks me up when he says if you run down an empty football field and cross the goal line, THAT’S NOT A TOUCHDOWN! Like Jim says, “You’ve gotta have the 300 Pounders” trying to squash you in order for it to mean something!

It’s only when you’ve put it all out there … stepped out of your comfort zone … risked it all … and stayed in the game despite failures … that you can score life’s biggest victories!

So if you’ve scraped your knees and been knocked down on the battlefield of life …

… GET UP! 

Failure isn’t Final unless you decide that it is.

You’ve got Greatness in you!  Keep pressing on toward your dream and let’s realize that Greatness together!



5-Month Update: It’s been 5 months since we started our new business and it’s turned out to be everything we expected and more.   We’ve got all sorts of people winning at different levels.   Like my friend, Junelle — a 79-year old grandma in Farm Country, Texas — who’s earned $10,000+ in her first 4 months.

Want more info on what we’re doing?

Post a reply to this article or hit me at 347-668-9484 or


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Summer Success Series: Do The Work!

The top 2% work all day as if everyone was watching

— even when no one is watching!

Remember the children’s story of the little red hen who was going to bake a cake.  She went to all the other farm animals to see who would help her  — but everyone conveniently had something else to do.   But when the cake was ready — and they could smell the results — everyone wanted to eat some.

Isn’t it sad that most of us are like that?  We want the reward — but without the work?

And that’s the reason so many live average lives with average results.   And never achieve the greatness that is within them.

They simply fail to do the work.

Just like the farm animals in the story, they look busy.   But they don’t know the difference between “activity” and “productivity”.

In my industry of network marketing, EVERYONE CAN SUCCEED.   It’s the only truly level playing field I know of in business.   But sadly EVERYONE WON’T.  What’s the difference maker?  The determining factor?  DOING THE WORK!

So many are confused.  They behave as if they thought is was “Not-work marketing” instead of “Net-work marketing”.   They get in.  Pay their money.  Get their products/services.   Make one or two phone calls.    And go watch tv.   Then they start watching the mailbox for their million dollar check.

They want Success BEFORE Work!   And you’ve heard it already, but the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary!

Just like anything else, there’s work involved.   The work may be simpler, done from home, and get easier over time due to duplication — but it’s work, nonetheless.  And it needs to be done.   The equation must be satisfied.

Those that do the work — pay their dues — finish first and finish BIG.    They pay the price for success in full and upfront.  It’s the only way.

This applies in every industry.   You’ve gotta do the work.    And you have to do it well.

Whether you work for someone else, yourself, or both, you need to answer this question, “What kind of worker are you?”

Are you self-motivated, self-directed and driven?   Then you’ll go to the top for sure.

Do you need constant prodding, supervision, and reminders?  Until you make the decision to change this, you will put on a mediocre chase for success.

Opportunity comes dressed in work clothes.

This simply means that in order for you to realize your dreams and goals — and take your family to the next level — you’re gonna have to do the work.

Do you REALLY want Success?

Remember drag queen / pop star,  RuPaul.   Because he said it best,

“You Better Work!”

Coach T


What is T.Gray working on these days?

Call me at 347-668-9484 or email to catch up..


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“Help enough people get what they want, and you’ll get everything that you want.”

We’ve all heard that more than a few times.

When it comes to business, the most important thing for me is that my people are having success.   I made it a practice a long time ago to keep track of what success the people on my team were having.  Because it can’t be about what I can do or achieve, it has to be about them.

Even now, in choosing a company, it was important to measure it by what the average person on the team could achieve – NOT what I could do.

That’s the reason behind the “Stay Home” system.  The people want to be home with their families.  They’re not able to do 4 and 5 meetings a week.  They’re not charismatic presenters.  So it’s got to be something that THEY can do.  I can’t measure it by my abilities.

Make sense?

It’s really about the people making money.  Having fun.  Taking care of their families.

So today when I think about my people, I’m excited about:

Pari –  She’s a single mom.  3 kids.  Full-time job.  And doing great.  She made over $3,000 in her first 3 weeks without missing a single basketball game, concert, honor roll society meeting or bedtime story!    And, on top of it all, she lost 4 pounds and 9 ½ inches – she’s Leading the weight loss challenge at her job!  Go Pari!

Richard – He’s been trying for a while.  3 companies in the last 2 years.  Juice.  Travel.  Coffee.  No results.  Losing credibility.   He got started in the last 12 days of February – and made $3,000 in those 12 days.  Credibility restored.  Richard’s back in the game.  Go Richard!

David – He’s got All-Star potential.  Sharp.  Aggressive.  He’s just been looking for the right vehicle.  And now he’s found his niche.  He’s off to a blazing start putting together a team of personal trainers and gym owners that “get it”.  David’s team has already gone coast to coast  — and just expanded to Australia.  Go David!

Janeth – She’s on the quiet side.  It’s easy for her to kind of slip through the cracks.  But she took the bold step and joined the team.  We’ve been staying in touch.  And Janeth has been plugging into the team trainings faithfully.  She followed the directions we gave her.  Last night she enrolled her first person!  Go Janeth!

There’s a lot more where that came from.  But this is what I think about all day.  “How can I help my people?”

So when you’re evaluating an opportunity, don’t think about yourself – focus on the people.

Don’t look at how well, YOU will do – look at what the average person in your group will be able to do.   How passionate can they get about it?  What can they achieve?

Put your people first and you’ll win.   Put yourself first and you’ll wonder why you’re always in Last Place!

Lock arms with a partner who cares about YOUR success today!  I’m in the business of going to work for YOUR dreams and goals.  Tell me what’s important to you … we’ll come up with a plan … and we’ll go after it – TOGETHER.

Contact me right away so we can create YOUR success story.  347-668-9484.  Or email me at

DON’T MISS ANYTHING!   Subscribe to this blog Today.  It’s EASY.  And it’s Quick.

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The 5 Pillars Challenge – Pillar #1: The Company

Ok, so you understand the rules.  Right? I’m under the assumption that, like the rest of America, you want to make more money. Everybody’s pitching you an opportunity.  You might even be in one already.   But you wanna make sure you’re in the Right Place at the Right Time – for Real!

I have YOUR Opportunity. And we’re proving it this week.

Each day, I’m going to measure Unicity International up against one of the 5 Pillars of Success – The Company, The Products, The Compensation Plan, The System, and The Team.

Facts will be on the table. You’ll be able to make a Sound, Educated Decision by the end of the week. And you’ll be expected to.  We’ll keep it simple – In or Out.  Fair?

Enough chatter.   Let’s start with Pillar #1.

PILLAR #1: THE COMPANY – “Why Unicity International”

Fact #1:  Unicity is a Solid Company

Unicity has stood strong for 18 years.

Over 50,000 network marketing have been founded.  Only 500 have gotten to $200 Million a year in Revenue.  Unicity is one of those “Elite” Companies.

Unicity is ranked in the Top 100 Privately Held Companies in America.  And it’s the #1 Privately Held Company in Utah.

Unicity has 550 employees and a Clean Reputation.

The infrastructure is Polished & Professional. You can tell from the Marketing.  Have you seen the videos?  Everything is First Class. Cutting Edge even!  [Click Here To Watch One of Unicity’s Telly Award-Winning Videos.]

Fact #2: Unicity  Has a Strong Corporate Leader – Stewart Hughes.

Here’s a CEO with Class, Confidence, and Capability.   15 years in Investment Banking experience. AND he was Unicity’s Top Distributor – having built his own business up to over $1 Million/year.

Stewart’s so passionate about the business that he BOUGHT the company back in 2006.

He’s a special CEO.  Superior business experience. Combined with knowing what it means to be a distributor.  He’s walked in our shoes.

Fact #3: Unicity is a Ground Floor Opportunity in the U.S.

Usually “Ground Floor” means some risky start-up with a gimmicky or faddish product.  They make a big noise.  Then they disappear and embarrass you – think iJango, eFusjon, and the list goes on…

Unicity’s putting a New Spin on “Ground Floor”.  A Ground Floor Opportunity in an Established, 18-year old, Highly Credible, Cash-Rich Company! What a combination!  No Risk.

Unicity’s biggest markets are Korea and Thailand. Business is BOOMING there – Top Money Earners in Thailand have already hit $400,000/month U.S.!

Over 25,000 people attended the Unicity Convention in Bangkok earlier this month.  [CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.]  But the average household income in Thailand is only 25% of that of the U.S.!

Meanwhile, back in America, Unicity is virtually unknown. 9 out of 10 people have never heard of it.  Just imagine the possibilities!

In 2010, Unicity has declared the U.S. a “Focus Market”. And with $200 Million /year in revenues + Strong Cash Reserves, IT WILL GET DONE!

Company & Field leadership are Actively Hunting for people and teams to rally behind to create Big Success Stories.   And they’ve identified our team as a major focus.

CEO, Stewart Hughes, even took time out on a Saturday, before a funeral, to share the company vision with our team!  [Click Here to Hear It For Yourself.]

Fact #4: Unicity is Playing in Markets that Represent MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY

What percentage of people are Overweight?

What percentage have Heart Disease?

What percentage are Diabetics or Pre-Diabetics?

And did you know that 70 Million Energy Drinks are consumed every day in the U.S.?

Unicity’s not playing a small game.  Unicity Markets are MASSIVE MARKETS.   Massive Markets = MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY.

Like CEO Stewart Hughes said to our team on Saturday, “when there’s a HUGE PROBLEM, there’s a HUGE OPPORTUNITY to associated with it.”

Obesity. Heart Disease. Diabetes.  Energy.   HUGE problems.   HUGE Opportunity.

Fact #5: Unicity Is Poised for Momentum

I know you’ve heard this before.  But this time you’re feeling it in your soul.

With a Solid Company … with Real Science behind the products … with Major CASH reserves and cash flow … with Strong Leadership … and Massive Markets to participate in … and More People than ever Looking for an opportunity …

… the Momentum Stage is Fast Approaching.

Position yourself AHEAD OF MOMENTUM and…


Momentum changes families.   When Stewart was a distributor, his income went from $300,000 to $600,000 to $800,000 to $1.2 Million in a 5-year period because of momentum.   That’s about to happen for people again.  In Unicity.

CONCLUSION: Unicity is a Solid Company.   Unicity’s Timing is Perfect. Unicity is poised to be the next Billion dollar giant!

Timing is everything in business.  And the timing at Unicity is exceptional.

How’s YOUR Timing?

If you’ve been looking for a company that you can call home and build a long-standing Residual Income at … Welcome to Unicity!

DECISION TIME.   It’s as Simple as 1-2-3.  Talk to me, people!

Which one of these describes you at this point:

1 –            “T.Gray, I’ve seen the Light!  Unicity IS a Solid Company that I can Explode With.  I’m in!  Let’s Get Started!”

2-            “Dude, this really cleared some things up for me.   I’m looking forward to Pillar #2.  See you Tomorrow.”

3-              “I Don’t Like Solid Companies that are about to go into momentum!  I only do Risky Start-ups that are likely to cause burnout and lasting embarrassment to my family.  I’m Nuts.  Count Me Out!”

Pick One.  Tell me. Just Click Here to Contact Me Now.   Use the Comment Box to tell me if you’re a 1, 2, or 3Or call me at 347-668-9484.

Winners Don’t Wait!  Do it Now.

There’s More Information about Pillar 1: Why Unicity at

Ok, that’s it for today.  Meet me back here tomorrow for Pillar #2 – The Products. Now THERE’S a story You’ve Gotta Hear!

P.S., SPECIAL INCENTIVE: With so much response, I’m MATCHING ENROLLMENTS THIS WEEK! This will speed up your business growth and your money!

With the team growing the way it is, I’m not sure I can continue to match enrollments in March.  So take advantage of this Special Business Accelerator Now!

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It’s Time For YOUR 1st Big Win!

Hope you enjoyed the Big Game yesterday!   The Saints pulled it off, huh?  Their very 1st SuperBowl Victory.

I think what’s most impressive is that their first victory came after 42 seasons – 42 years of trying!  42 years of not getting what they wanted.  But they didn’t give up.  They didn’t say I don’t know how I can do another one of those season things.  Nope, each year they suited up, came back, tried again.

But in 2010 they found the right combination of circumstances.  And now they’ve won.  And it feels great. The celebration is massive.

Well, just like the Saints, many of you have been waiting for your 1st Big Win.  You’ve tried your hand at this network marketing thing for years.  You’ve invested money you didn’t have.  Heck, you’ve still got a closet full of products.   You’ve suffered some heartbreaking defeats.   Perhaps your looking at the next season and saying, I don’t think I have another one in me.

In my mind that’s the biggest tragedy.  Because, I believe you can do it.  Just like the Saints – All you need is the right combination of circumstances.

Success in network marketing is actually very simple.   It’s a triangle.

At the center there’s YOU.  Your work ethic. Will you do the work?  I believe you’ll put the effort in.  But that’s not enough.

Then there’s the Right Company. It doesn’t matter how good of a jockey you are if your horse can’t win the race….  So you’ve gotta have the right company.    Sometimes a company that was right years ago, is no longer the right company.  Make sense?

One way to tell if you’ve got the right company is “Are other people winning?”  Specifically, “Are other NEW people winning?” You see, if NEW people are winning, that means the company is right TODAY … in Today’s Economy … in Today’s Environment.  See what I mean?

The 3rd point on the triangle is the Right Coaches/Support Team & System. I’ve been talking to you guys and you know what I hear a lot?  Nobody helped me.  Or this person was SUPPOSED to be my coach but didn’t really help me.  Sadly, there’s a lot of that in the industry.

So you’ve gotta find the Right Coaches.  Who are they?

Well, they’ve already experienced success themselves.  They’re not taking you on a journey they haven’t already gone on.

They’re in the trenches working with you today.  For your Success Journey, you don’t want a Travel Agent – You want a TOUR GUIDE! They go WITH you on the trip – NOT just tell you where to go & what to do.

They have recent success stories.  Simply put, what they’re doing is working.

And very often, they have the backing of other highly qualified coaches who can lend a helping hand.

Most importantly, they have a Simple and Highly Duplicatable System that ANYONE – emphasis on ANYONE – can follow. You shouldn’t have to become a skilled presenter or a hard closer in order for the system to work.  It really should be so simple that Grandma could do it.  It should be natural and easy.

Put all 3 of these points on your triangle and you’re prime for a Big Win!  If you’ll do the work.  If your company is Right TODAY.  If you’ve got the Right Coaches, Support Team, and System.  Get ready for Mardi Gras at YOUR house!  Your SuperBowl victory is imminent!

[I’ve recently realigned the points on my own triangle.  We’ve got a solid set of Winning Circumstances lined up.  It’s already proving to be “Right”.   New people on my team who’ve struggled over the past 12 months had VICTORY over just the past 2 days!  To find out more head on over to]

Liked this article?  Take a minute to post your comments.  I want to hear from you.   Please subscribe on the right.

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The “SuperBowl” of Life


New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts
Sunday, February 7, 2010 – 6:25pm ET on CBS

Ahhh…. SuperBowl Sunday.   It’s like a holiday almost.   Today, all across America – and even in some other countries – people will gather together with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to watch the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts battle it out on the football field.

The Saints and Colts have arrived at this day after an intense season of Sunday skirmishes.   Draining workouts.  Grueling practices.  Endless planning sessions.  And sheer determination.

The teams they competed against held the same regimen.   But these two teams were just a little bit better.  They found the “Edge”.  And they held onto it fiercely.

And because of that, millions will watch them play the game of their lives today.  Advertisers will pay millions to promote their products / services / businesses to the millions.   Millions of the millions watching will subsequently spend millions with those advertisers.  And many of the players on the Saints and Colts will in turn, make millions.

Gotta love those millions.

But perhaps you didn’t realize that the Super Bowl isn’t just played out today.   The Super Bowl is EVERYDAY.   No, I haven’t lost it.   I’m talking about the Super Bowl of Life!

And YOU’RE on the starting team!

You see, every day, you face the skirmishes of life.

Successfully Dealing with a Family Matter – 1st Down!

Hurdling  Over a Business / Work Crisis – 2nd Down!

Didn’t Help Your Child with Homework – Penalty! Loss of 5 Yards.  3rd Down

Taking Your Success to Another Level – TOUCHDOWN!

Unfortunately for most, they don’t even realize that they’re in the game.  In the battle.  They don’t realize that that the stakes are high – that every day they’re playing for Their Future and Their Family’s Future.

And so they get beaten.

They make Bad Calls – Poor Choices.

They settle for Mediocre instead of Pushing for Great.

They Miss Practice and Fail To Plan.

They Lack Discipline and Determination.

And one day they wake up and the Game is Over.  No More Time on the Clock.

So what am I saying?  That the time is now for you to win your own personal SuperBowl!

What is that your family Needs?  Wants?  Deserves?  How secure is the future of your coming generations?

Have you been Wasting Time?  Procrastinating?   Putting off that struggle that will take you the Next Level of Success?

Friends, make the RIGHT choices in 2010!   Suit up and Get Into The Game!

There’s a SuperBowl of Life Trophy with your name on it waiting for YOU!


I’m enjoying the Super Bowl of Life RIGHT NOW!   My team is definitely WINNING!  To find out how we’re playing the game, go to


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