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Summer Success Series: Failure Isn’t Final!

Missed me?  Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July weekend!  Let’s jump back into our Summer Success Series with a very important topic … FAILURE!

A friend of mine who’s considering getting involved with my networking business asked me a question this weekend,

“What does the average person make in your business?”

And he was shocked by my answer …. “NOTHING!”

I explained that Average People come into the business with Average People Habits and Average People Work Ethic and Average People Dedication.   This makes them do Average People Things — in spite of the fact that they’re receiving direction from Above Average coaches.

So as soon as they experience a “failure” — a setback, someone says no — or worse, gives them a hard time — what do they do?  They Quit!

Unfortunately, this is true on a widespread basis.   For the masses, Failure is indeed Final.    They’ll step out and give their own achievement one half-hearted try, experience failure, and pull back into their shell like a turtle.

Don’t wanna be “Average”?   Know in your heart and soul that you’ve got GREATNESS welling up inside you?   Ready to break out and truly be ALL that you can be?

Here are some quick words of wisdom:

‘Successful Millionaires have had on average 10 Failed Businesses on their way to Ultimate Success…’ — Rich Dad  (Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Ok, so you don’t actually have to fail 10 times.    You just have to be willing to.  You can’t be willing to succeed ONLY IF IT’S EASY!   You’ve gotta be willing to walk the tough road.   Like a woman who wants to joy of motherhood, you have to be willing to go through 9 months of pregnancy!  After all …

“…throughout human history, The Promised Land has ALWAYS been on the OTHER side of the Wilderness!” — Richard Flint

There’s no Success without Struggle, people.   It’s part of what makes the success SWEET!   You won’t win ALL of the battles on the way to your ultimate victory.   But as long as you keep getting back up, you have another shot at the BIG WIN!

If you follow me on Facebook, you saw this yesterday…

“Greatness lives on the edge of Destruction.” — Will Smith, on Oprah

Exactly, Will!   There’s no Reward without the Risk! You’ve gotta put it out there — put yourself out there — in order to achieve the reward worth having!

The late great, Jim Rohn, cracks me up when he says if you run down an empty football field and cross the goal line, THAT’S NOT A TOUCHDOWN! Like Jim says, “You’ve gotta have the 300 Pounders” trying to squash you in order for it to mean something!

It’s only when you’ve put it all out there … stepped out of your comfort zone … risked it all … and stayed in the game despite failures … that you can score life’s biggest victories!

So if you’ve scraped your knees and been knocked down on the battlefield of life …

… GET UP! 

Failure isn’t Final unless you decide that it is.

You’ve got Greatness in you!  Keep pressing on toward your dream and let’s realize that Greatness together!



5-Month Update: It’s been 5 months since we started our new business and it’s turned out to be everything we expected and more.   We’ve got all sorts of people winning at different levels.   Like my friend, Junelle — a 79-year old grandma in Farm Country, Texas — who’s earned $10,000+ in her first 4 months.

Want more info on what we’re doing?

Post a reply to this article or hit me at 347-668-9484 or



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The “SuperBowl” of Life


New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts
Sunday, February 7, 2010 – 6:25pm ET on CBS

Ahhh…. SuperBowl Sunday.   It’s like a holiday almost.   Today, all across America – and even in some other countries – people will gather together with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to watch the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts battle it out on the football field.

The Saints and Colts have arrived at this day after an intense season of Sunday skirmishes.   Draining workouts.  Grueling practices.  Endless planning sessions.  And sheer determination.

The teams they competed against held the same regimen.   But these two teams were just a little bit better.  They found the “Edge”.  And they held onto it fiercely.

And because of that, millions will watch them play the game of their lives today.  Advertisers will pay millions to promote their products / services / businesses to the millions.   Millions of the millions watching will subsequently spend millions with those advertisers.  And many of the players on the Saints and Colts will in turn, make millions.

Gotta love those millions.

But perhaps you didn’t realize that the Super Bowl isn’t just played out today.   The Super Bowl is EVERYDAY.   No, I haven’t lost it.   I’m talking about the Super Bowl of Life!

And YOU’RE on the starting team!

You see, every day, you face the skirmishes of life.

Successfully Dealing with a Family Matter – 1st Down!

Hurdling  Over a Business / Work Crisis – 2nd Down!

Didn’t Help Your Child with Homework – Penalty! Loss of 5 Yards.  3rd Down

Taking Your Success to Another Level – TOUCHDOWN!

Unfortunately for most, they don’t even realize that they’re in the game.  In the battle.  They don’t realize that that the stakes are high – that every day they’re playing for Their Future and Their Family’s Future.

And so they get beaten.

They make Bad Calls – Poor Choices.

They settle for Mediocre instead of Pushing for Great.

They Miss Practice and Fail To Plan.

They Lack Discipline and Determination.

And one day they wake up and the Game is Over.  No More Time on the Clock.

So what am I saying?  That the time is now for you to win your own personal SuperBowl!

What is that your family Needs?  Wants?  Deserves?  How secure is the future of your coming generations?

Have you been Wasting Time?  Procrastinating?   Putting off that struggle that will take you the Next Level of Success?

Friends, make the RIGHT choices in 2010!   Suit up and Get Into The Game!

There’s a SuperBowl of Life Trophy with your name on it waiting for YOU!


I’m enjoying the Super Bowl of Life RIGHT NOW!   My team is definitely WINNING!  To find out how we’re playing the game, go to


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Live Every Day …

Haitian survivor holding a picture of his dead son

Imagine the terror of a major earthquake in the night. Perhaps you are awakened by the first tremors. Maybe you have the presence of mind — and the blessing of time — to rally your family and get them to safety.

The less fortunate are more rudely awakened. They are pummeled by pieces of their home and add their voices to the screams of their family and neighbors. Maybe they survive but are trapped and hoping for rescue. Maybe not.

Woman in shock of the earthquake aftermath

I don’t know what that felt like for the people of Haiti. All I know is that the day before was a regular day.

You never know what tomorrow brings.  So you have to make today count.

I think it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “Yesterday is History.  Tomorrows a Mystery.  Today is a Gift.” She was right.  We have to ask ourselves, “What am I doing with today?”

This isn't the tomorrow I imagined when I went to bed last night ...

“Procrastination is a Killer.”  That’s one of my sayings.  It’s sad but true.  Far too many dreams, opportunities, relationships, even people have died at the hands of procrastination.  How many times have we put things off until “tomorrow”? I’ll apologize — tomorrow.  I’ll exercise — tomorrow.  I’ll forgive — tomorrow.  I’ll get started in a new opportunity — tomorrow.

Tomorrow has it's own agenda

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  How many people in Haiti do you think had something that they were waiting for “tomorrow” to do?  For some, Tomorrow brought its own agenda.  For others, Tomorrow never came.

There’s encouragement in this message.  Chastening, too.   Live today.  Live every day.   Live it to the full.

Maximize your opportunities — Today.

Go the extra mile — Today.

Say “I love you” to the people in your life who need to hear it — Today.

Forgive those who need to be forgiven — Today.

Chase your dreams — Today.

Live — Today.

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