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Free Lamborghini Anyone?

Unicity’s a special company — solid and stable with 20+ years and 30 countries — but still virtually unknown — so the possibilities are ENDLESS! It’s like a new company, but with old company money!

Khun Joe built his income from less than $10K/mo to $500K/mo in just 4 years time. And for achieving Triple Crown, Unicity gave him a Lamborghini — NO LEASE …. just the KEYS & TITLE!

We’re working to create our next wave of success stories in North America, Europe, The Caribbean, and Africa. My team is one of the fastest growing and most exciting in Unicity. People who work with us, make money — and have fun doing it!

Let’s talk possibilities. 713.581.4555 or http://www.TerrenceDGray.com

(NOTE: The foregoing statements are not guarantees of income. Individual results vary based on effort. Your success will be determined by your work.)

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Creating Success – T.Gray’s Update (December 2011)

It’s been almost 2 years with Unicity, and WE’RE ROCKING! As Presidential Diamond, my business is expanding across the globe — and the number of people we’ve helped to regulate their blood sugars, lower their cholesterol & blood pressure, and lose weight is STAGGERING!


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Meet Jim

[Welcome to Part 2 of my Unicity Leadership Expose.    Simply stated: Bad leaders can really screw up a deal!   That’s why we carefully investigated the leadership at Unicity before signing on.   You won’t believe what we found — a deep bench of 4 exception leaders stacked all the way up the company itself!  Read on to learn about who you get to do business with at Unicity….]

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.

— Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate & 4-time Presidential Candidate

That’s right.   Real leaders duplicate themselves.     You can tell a “Real” Leader by how many leaders they’ve spawned.    How many they’ve empowered to do what they do — WITHOUT THEM.

And that’s what makes Jim Fobair “Exceptional Leader #2” at Unicity.

For as long as I’ve been in network marketing, I’ve heard about the legendary, Jim Fobair.   His accomplishments are major:

  • First became a Million Dollar Earner back in the 80’s
  • Has built multiple organizations into the hundreds of thousands of people — including 2 groups over 1 million distributors
  • Earned the title “The Millionaire Mentor” because of the sheer number of people that he has helped to earn millions in networking
  • Has owned and operated his own successful multi-million dollar network marketing company
  • Has served as a consultant to some of the best known companies in the industry

He’s one of those guys you read about and hear about, but wish you could meet.  Wish you could pick their brains.  Wish you could run with and learn what they know by watching them work their magic.   And he’s here…at Unicity!

The industry is literally scattered with people that Jim has mentored.  Many are top earners in other companies.    That attribute their success to coaching, guidance, and development that they’ve received from Jim Fobair.

Jim and I do a conference call together on Tuesday nights — yes, me! I’m amazed myself! — and one Tuesday, I get a FB message from a friend of mine who’s an industry executive.   He says, “T.Gray, I hopped on your conference call just to be nosy, and I couldn’t believe it.   There was my old mentor and idol, Jim Fobair!   How did YOU get hooked up with him?”

After the 2nd or 3rd time that happened, it became clear to me that I enjoy a special privilege, a rare opportunity, a unique blessing — the opportunity to work closely with and be mentored by a network marketing industry Hall of Famer!

Seriously, could you imagine getting basketball coaching from Michael Jordan?   Baseball coaching from Babe Ruth?    Or golf coaching (and just golf coaching) from Tiger Woods?

And here’s the best part — humility, accessibility, willingness, and service.   That’s Jim Fobair.

He doesn’t sit back with the “you need to call me” attitude.   Jim often calls me to initiate a coaching and mentorship session.

He’s available to the team for coaching and 3way calls.

And he doesn’t carry himself on high.   If you didn’t already know his reputation, you’d never know from his unassuming demeanor.  He’s no ego-maniac, like some I’ve met.  Still, like we say back in the South Bronx, “don’t let the smooth taste fool ya!” — Jim’s no softy either.

Bottom line:  Jim’s a BEAST in this industry!    A guy who’s repeatedly built groups into the hundreds of thousands — even millions — twice — surely knows how to PICK THE RIGHT COMPANY!!  I mean, would you really bet against this guy?!

So I figure, if Jim sees Unicity as a place where the conditions are ripe to build yet another group into the millions of distributors, well Heck!  I see it, too!   Show me the way, dude!

Why did this Hall of Famer choose Unicity?  Click Here to watch his 5 Minute Video, “Why Unicity.  Why Now.”

Looking for experienced leadership?   We’ve got it in spades at Unicity.   It’s a veritable “Dream Team” of leadership, experience, and success history.

To Join the Dream Team and be coached and mentored by the industry’s best, or to get more information, call me today.  347-668-9484.   I’ll get you a phone introduction and we’ll start a dialogue that could be the start of your greatest legacy.

You can get details on our mission and opportunity at www.SuccessFromHome100.com.

Leadership is the X-factor!

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!  We’ve only just scratched the leadership surface at Unicity!   Tune in tomorrow to meet another networking “All-Star” that will help you build a legacy at Unicity!   Hint: Who stays at the same company for 17 years anymore?   This leader did and made millions…
P.S., Want a sneak preview of the Grand Finale?  Listen to our May 2010 Global Leadership Call here  (hint: be sure to listen past the first 15 minutes….)

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Everything Rises & Falls on ….. Leadership

Thank you, John Maxwell for giving us such a simple but powerful truism.  Leadership is everything when it comes to business.   And the success or failure of a good idea rides on who the leaders are.  It’s that simple.

Business Investors have a motto  — “don’t bet on the horse… bet on the jockey”.   The horse is the company and the idea.   The jockey is who’s riding it .. who’s in charge… who’s leading.  The investors know that it doesn’t matter how good the idea is.   If the jockey’s an idiot … inexperienced … unethical … or otherwise under-qualified, the ship is going down eventually.   And their money’s going with it.

Network marketing is no different.   Many great ideas have died an early death because of poor leadership — both at corporate and in the field.   Bad leaders, Poor Managers, Crooks, and Ego-maniacs has killed the dreams of many innocent distributors who bought into a company with a decent product and pay plan.

One of the things I like best about Unicity is the quality of the leadership.   After a few less than positive exposures to leaders in my networking career, I came to Unicity with a very scrutinizing eye.  Having such a strong, experienced, and capable group of leaders — at corporate and on the street — is almost surreal.

This week, I’ll share my findings.  Four exceptional jockeys.    Four exceptional leaders.

Like Dave & Samantha Janvrin — a dynamic duo.     Here’s what you get:

  • Over 20 years of industry experience
  • Expertise that has created a Billion Dollar Downline
  • Personal Income high of nearly $400K/month
  • Personally mentored by the late Jim Rohn
  • Success in 17 countries
  • and Success at home — married 12 years with 2 beautiful children

Unlike a lot of successful leaders, the Janvrins are still in the game … still pushing for that one last Big Win.   They’ve been available and involved.   Accessible and Willing.   Capable yet Flexible.

One company I was in, I bet on a leader who was a Top 5 money earner in that deal — making nearly $100,000/week.   But I missed something in my homework.    After over 3 years of building that check, that leader was tired — and hence, retired.    So that check, that credibility, that experience didn’t help me at all because I couldn’t leverage it.  They were just a name —  no longer “in the game”.

Dave & Samantha are different.   They’re knees and hands are dirty — because they’re down in the mud with me and the team.   Doing the work.  Taking the calls.  Leveraging their story and success track, so that we can win.

Bottom line: The Janvrins are a key part of a leadership foundation that’s putting Unicity on the map in North America.   Start with a solid company.   Add solid leadership.  And you can count on a solid future.

I like  it.

Meet Dave and Samantha Janvrin for yourself.   See if they’re the type of people you can partner with  … that you can trust … that you can learn from   … and lock arms with.

Call me today at 347-668-9484 and we’ll set up a introductory phone call.

You can get details on our mission and opportunity at www.SuccessFromHome100.com.

Leadership makes the difference.

BUT WAIT!  THERE’S MORE!  This leadership bench is so deep is insane!   Tune in tomorrow to meet another networking “Hall of Famer” that will help you build a legacy at Unicity!   This one will blow your mind….

P.S., Want a sneak preview of the Grand Finale?  Listen to last night’s Global Leadership Call here http://www.unicity.net/usa/enews/mp3/may10_globalcall.mp3 (hint: be sure to listen past the first 5 or 10 minutes….)


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