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So Simple a Caveman Can Do It — Pillar 4 (The System)

“It’s so simple anybody can do it.”

Right! How many times have we heard that in network marketing?  And when has it ever been true?  Never!

I mean, look at the results — or the lack of results, I should say.

Truth is, most companies / leaders / teams don’t really have a system.  At least not one that they can articulate.  No wonder most people can’t duplicate.

But if you really want to help people win… to create massive success in your organization … you’ve gotta have a system that the average person can plug into and get results.

It has to be something that ANYONE can do.

It CAN’T require skill or talent.

It CAN’T work better in some geographies than others.

It CAN’T require a special set of circumstances – like not working the night shift.  Or kids that don’t play soccer or football after school…

Try our system on for size:

Stay Home. Have Fun.  Make Money.  Combined with Approach – Present – 3way.

Stay home means you can build it completely from home.  No meetings necessary.  Replace meetings with High-Quality Online Videos / Conference Calls (Live & Recorded) / Sizzle Calls.

With Meetings and Home Parties optional, anybody can do it as long as they can say “Watch This” or “Listen to This”.   It doesn’t matter where they live, when they work, or how well they can present or not – everybody can find time to promote videos and calls.

(Of course, if you like home parties, do ‘em.  It’s just great knowing that you don’t have to.  You don’t have to leave your house or your family at all if you don’t want to.)

Busy professional.  Stay at home mom.  Urban or Rural.  Charismatic or Shy.  Doesn’t matter.  You can do it.

Approach – Present – 3way is about the process.

Approach: We teach a simple approach to get people in front of the videos or listening to the calls and recordings.  Essentially, “you gotta watch / hear this”.

Present: The videos, calls, and recordings do your talking for you and give a perfect presentation every time.  When and where the prospect wants to be.  And you get to maximize YOUR time.

3way: 3way phone calls seal the deal.  You leverage the experience and skill of the support team who will answer the questions, handle the objections, and close the deal for you.  Listen it enough times and YOU become the support team for your people.

Approach – Present – 3way leads to enrollments.   Only this system doesn’t require meetings and produces them from home.

“Watch this” “Listen to this” takes no time to teach or learn.  Which means it duplicates fast and it moves quick.

Now THAT’s a system.  10 words to describe it.  10 minutes to duplicate it.

That’s how we’re building at Unicity.  Combine it with the a solid company, a strong product story, and an aggressive comp plan – and it explains our explosion.  It explains why we’ve had over 200 people literally earn thousands in their first month.

Call me.  I’ll share the thinking behind the system and why it all works together so well.  347-668-9484.  No hype.  Just facts.  Call today.

[4 Down. 1 to go.  That was Pillar 4 of a 5 Pillars discussion of Unicity International.   New to the 5 Pillars game?  Well, we’ve each got a job here.  I’ll get the truth out.  Your job is to check back each day and take 5 minutes to read the Pillar of the day.   Then identify yourself at the end with a 1, 2, or 3.  What’s that?

1 – You’re right, T.Gray – that’s a solid yet simple system.  That’ll move fast.  So will I.  Sign me up!

2- You guys are keeping up with the times! I like it!  But I want to go the distance and read Pillar 5 before signing up.

3- Systems are over-rated.  Who needs ‘em?!  I like it when only the charismatic people who live in a city with a meeting make money and everyone else suffers.  No way, T.Gray.  I’m out.

Just post a comment to this blog with your status (1, 2, or 3).  Or reply to the email I sent you if that’s how you got here.  Either way, I’ll get back to all of you 1s and 2s.  If you’re a 3, thanks for listening…

See you tomorrow with Pillar 5 – The Team]


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