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Summer Success Series: “… it’s because you THINK that way!”

The Summer Success Camp Team and I had a really good one last night.    This was the HOT question:

“Why do you make what you make?”

As in, if you earn $50,000/year – why do you earn $50,000/year?    If you earn, $75,000 – 100,000/year — why?

The burning answer that nobody enjoyed:  “Because you THINK like a person who earns $50,000, $75,000, or $100,000/year!”

The follow-on question was even less fun:  “Why aren’t you a millionaire?”

The less delightful answer:


After letting the team stew and steam on this for a minute, we dug into the deeper explanation.

All of us are where we are because of our THOUGHTS — the way we THINK.  Most of us never realize it, but there is a direct link between the way that we think and the results we get.   It goes like this:

Your THOUGHTS — what you think about all the time — create your BELIEFS.

Your BELIEFS — what you think you KNOW to be True or Not True — determine your ACTIONS.

Your ACTIONS — what you DO or DON’T DO, WILL DO or WON’T DO — create your RESULTS — or lack of RESULTS — which, of course, are also …. RESULTS!

Your RESULTS — are what YOU GET or, you guessed it, DON’T GET!

We often ask the question,

“How did I get to this place?”

Now it’s time to realize the cause … it was your thinking.   And if you sit quietly and reflect honestly over the all the decisions you made (or didn’t make) on the path to your current situation, you’ll realize that it was your fundamental THINKING that lead you to your current results — good or bad.

Most people don’t want to believe this when the current result is a bad one.  They’d like to believe that there are other people and circumstances to blame.  I used to be that way too.   Accepting ultimate responsibility for a lack of results or a bad situation was a tough pill to swallow initially.

But I’ve come to love it this way.  Why?

Well, just think — if it’s SOMEONE ELSE’S fault, then you have to wait on THEM to fix it.   That means YOU are HELPLESS to effect a change in your situation.  And that pretty much makes you a VICTIM.

But if it’s YOUR fault … YOUR ultimate responsibility, then YOU can fix it.  You don’t have to wait on anyone.   The POWER to create change, and the ability to determine WHEN change will begin, rests entirely with YOU!

Now do you see why I like it this way?

So how do you create change?

First, realize that it’s not a Linear equation.   It’s actually a Cycle.  Like this:

This is very important to understand.   Since it’s a cycle, it REINFORCES itself.

Your THOUGHTS determine what you BELIEVE.

What you BELIEVE determines your ACTIONS — what you DO, DON’T DO, WILL DO, & WON’T DO.

Your ACTIONS create your RESULTS — what you GET or DON’T GET.

And your RESULTS either CONFIRM or INVALIDATE your THOUGHTS which determines whether you get more of what you been getting or make changes.

Since it all springs from THOUGHTS, the key is you have to Take Control and Change the way you THINK.

Let’s face it, when it comes to our THINKING, there’s not one of us who couldn’t use an upgrade.

And like I challenged the group, if you THINK BETTER, you’ll get BETTER RESULTS.

If you THINK BIGGER, you’ll also get BIGGER RESULTS.

Why are Millionaires millionaires?  Because they THINK like Millionaires.   Think like a Millionaire and you’ll start to get millionaire results.

So how do you get BIGGER, BETTER THINKING?


Programming is WHY WE THINK WHAT WE THINK.    We all got our initial programming from our parents, school, church, the books we read, the shows we watched, the movies we’ve seen.

It’s actually part of the cycle … like this:

So now that you’re an adult, the solution is simple:

Take Control of Your Programming

Wanna be a Millionaire?  Get some Millionaire programming.   There are tons of books, cds, and dvds out there by Napoleon Hill, T.Harv Eker, Brian Tracy and others that will enlighten you and help you learn new thoughts and change your beliefs.

Wanna be Successful? Get Success Programming!   Wanna be a better husband, wife, parent, friend, employee, gardener, whatever?  UPGRADE YOUR PROGRAMMING.



CHANGE your BELIEFS and YOU WILL TAKE DIFFERENT ACTIONS — you’ll have a NEW set of DOs, DON’Ts, WILLs, and WON’Ts.


And when they ask you why you get what you get, you can tell them ….

… it’s because I THINK this way!



Whew!  That was a lot!   But EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS REQUIRE EXTRAORDINARY ACTIONS … so this whole “Upgrade Journey” is both necessary and worth it!

As you grow and change, you’ll want an outlet for all of your newly developed positive energy.   You’ll want something where your results can truly be commensurate with your Thinking and Actions.

I’ve found such a thing.   We’re having fun.  We’re growing.   We’re making a difference in people’s lives.   And we’re making money.

Might be for you.  Might not be.   Take a look anyway.


Be sure to fill out the contact information form so that you can see the actual website…



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Summer Success Series: Ask and You Shall Receive!

“Why does this always happen to me?”

Sound familiar?   Ever ask this question?  Did you know that questions have power?

You better believe it!    Questions direct your life, and if you know how to use their power, you can control your destiny!

Your sub-conscious mind is designed to answer questions.   You put questions in.   Answers come out.   It’s that simple.

But there’s 1 little problem:   It doesn’t differentiate between Good Questions and Bad Questions.    If you put in a Bad Question — a Dis-Empowering Question — like “Why Me?” or “Why does this ALWAYS happen to me?” — it doesn’t spit it out and say, “you don’t really want to ask that”.   Nope!   Instead, it does what it does — it answers it.

And those answers can be Brutal and Debilitating!

“…because you’re fat”    “… because she’s better than you”   “… because you’re uneducated”     “… because you’re black / white / asian / hispanic / male / female / too old / too young / too martian”    “… because people don’t like you”   “… because you’re always too late”    “… because you can’t speak well”

Get the idea?   Have you heard any of those answers in YOUR head?  If so, I promise that it’s because GIGO is true and real — Garbage In Garbage Out!   Put Bad Questions in and you will get BAD ANSWERS!  Answers that take away your power.   That cut you down.   That make you want to crawl up into a hole and die.   That make you want to give up the fight and live out the rest of your days working in someone else’s factory!

So what do you do?

You Have to Learn to Ask The Right Questions!  Empowering Questions!

That’s right.   If GIGO is true, so is the converse.   Put Good Questions in and get Good Answers Out!

Good Questions are Empowering Questions.   Questions that, the answers to them, are solutions, ways, means, avenues … open doors.

And there are 2 really good questions, that if you learn to ask them whenever Life challenges you, you can WIN any battle:

“How Can I ______________________________?”


“What Can I Do to ____________________________?”

Whatever your challenge is goes in the blank.  And it’s amazing what happens next!   Your mind starts searching for answers.   Solutions.

Sometimes they come immediately.   Sometimes they come later.   Sometimes a friend will “randomly” start talking about the solution to your challenge without you even bringing it up.   Your Pastor / Priest / Rabbi / or Other Religious Leader may preach on the answer to YOUR challenge on Sunday!  Or you may get one of those “hunches” in the middle of the night — better get up and write it down!

Other times the answer comes in the form of opportunities that seem to just “land in your lap” at just the right time!

This one happens to me all of the time — so much so that it no longer freaks me out — I’ll spin the dial on my iPod and land on a motivational audio where the speaker is talking about the solution to my Question Du Jour!   It just happened yesterday — WILD!

But that’s the way it works.   And if you learn to use it to your advantage — by learning to CONTROL the questions — you can become POWERFUL!

Bad questions give you answers that close doors.    You ever hear someone immediately run down the list of reasons why they CAN’T achieve something?  Like, “This sounds like a really good opportunity.  And I agree that this product/service is the answer to people’s needs.   But I’m too busy with my job, kids, church, and bowling league.”

You know what just happened there?   They’ve trained themselves over the years to ask themselves “What are all of the reasons why this won’t work for me?” instead of “How Can I make this work even with my busy schedule?”    Asking “How Can I __________?” forces the mind to start Googling the universe for solutions!  To find a way.  To Empower!

So here’s a challenge:   Think about your biggest hurdles that you need to overcome right now.   Or your next level of achievement.   If you’re reading this and your in my Summer Success Camp, think about your goal for the month and the fact that you have less than half the month remaining.

Now ask yourself, “How Can I ___________________?”    “What Can I Do to ____________________________?”   Insert your hurdle, next level of achievement, goal for the month in the blank.   And BE SPECIFIC!

Here’s what I mean:

“How Can I Achieve my goal of generating X amount of sales or volume in the next 2 weeks?”

Get it?

Just keep asking yourself this question over and over throughout the day — especially before you go to bed (your subconscious is most active then).   And be on the lookout for the answer.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Take a minute to hit the comment button at the end of this article and let me know what you think about the power of questions and how this might apply in your life.



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